Push Your Way to a Bigger, Stronger Upper Body


After yesterday’s post on the importance of bodyweight exercises in any well organized program designed to build a stronger, more aesthetically pleasing body, I decided to write this post outlining what I consider to be some basic guidelines for an intelligent progression with the simple push-up. Read the rest of this page »


“Assistance Work”: Are You Getting it All Wrong?


A couple of days ago I conducted a call with one of my Personal Coaching clients whose primary area of focus for this session was his lack of progress in training his body. This man had been unable to establish the requisite consistency in his training to really produce the results that he desired in terms of improvements in his levels of strength and conditioning, and in his physical appearance. My conversation with him inspired me to write this article, and to include a clarification of sorts in my soon to be released book “By the Power: The Ultimate Guide to the Greyskull Methods” on this topic as well. Read the rest of this page »


NEW Limited-Time Offer on Four-Week “Jump Start”


Ok guys, so on the heels of the success of the #TEAMPAIN program which is now in its second week, I’ve decided it’s an appropriate time to offer my next new service, one that I was originally planning on waiting to offer until the first of the year. This one is designed to help the average reader of my material get a “jump start” on organizing their life and establishing several solid daily habits designed to produce results in the areas of their lives that they wish to experience a greater level of success. Read the rest of this page »


JP as Your Personal Trainer for Pennies- TIME SENSITIVE


Ok, so I’ve decided to take on a new project, and announce a new, truly awesome service. With my work these days being largely centered around writing, and Coaching others in a variety of manners, the one thing that I miss the most about previous years is working hands on with individuals to make them just plain nasty, strong, capable, and outright intimidating human beings. In order to “scratch this itch” that I have, and also to allow a handful of people to receive an otherwise much more unlikely opportunity logistically, I’ve decided to select a small group of you to personally train for the next eight to sixteen weeks (more on the subject of duration in a minute).

What this program will entail is essentially having me as your personal trainer, micromanaging each aspect of your training, day after day. The mission here is to take a few, selected people, strip them down to bare metal, and rebuild them as physically and mentally hard, beastly human beings, the kind that I used to create in my infamous backyard gym, and in the early days of the Greyskull Gladiator Academy, when only those who wanted to be reborn as monsters sought my services.

My plan is to implement this as a quarterly program, accepting applicants, and selecting each based on their desire to make significant progress, and my impression of their work ethic. The first “full blown” class will begin on January 1, 2015. However, I have decided to do a “test run” for this program while some of the logistical considerations are being worked out and put into place for the later classes. The result of this decision is an unprecedented opportunity for just a few of you to participate in this “test run” for a very small percentage of what the ultimate price will be for the later classes.

Here is my offer:

I will accept a handful of you (I’m thinking no more than six) as personal clients, meaning that your training is laid out by me day after day for the next eight weeks. For this, you will pay a mere $299. That’s less than what it would cost for two personal Coaching sessions with me, to have a program laid out for you, adjusted, and further tailored, day in, day out, as well as providing feedback and interaction regarding your progress and performance.

NOW… IF you demonstrate to me that you are putting in the requisite effort, and following instructions to the letter (as I would hope you would), I will continue to train you for the next eight weeks (a total of sixteen weeks) ABSOLUTELY FREE!

That would mean that you would be paying less than $75 per month for the next four months to have me in your inbox as your personal trainer, taking ALL of the guesswork out of your training, and aiding you in transforming yourself into a leaner, more muscular, more capable, beast of a human being, with iron lungs, and an unbreakable will.  You will become what Greyskull was created to construct in terms of those who chose to bury their egos and be reborn as monsters within its walls.

The price will increase significantly from 2x the small, $299 amount for the subsequent classes as the program develops as a more “polished” service. For now however, six of you will have the opportunity of a lifetime to get the personal attention and training necessary to take yourself beyond any preconceived limit for your own personal progress, and join the ranks of those who have done truly amazing things in the Greyskull name for less than the cost of one personal training session with me per month.

These spaces will surely fill quickly, so if you are interested in taking advantage of this awesome, one time offer, click here to lock in your spot in this first, experimental class.

This class will kick off on October 1, 2015, before which time you and I will correspond and cover some ground rules for the weeks ahead. If for some reason I feel that this program will not be the best route for you to take, I will issue you a refund of your tuition promptly.

The official deadline for admission to this program is Wednesday, September 24, 2104, in order to allow a full week for initial correspondence with the class members prior to the kickoff date, however I expect that these slots will fill much sooner than that.

If you are ready for the challenge, and want to take advantage of this one-time offer, register NOW and guarantee your spot in this first class.

I look forward to getting to work with you soon!


New Greyskull and Villain Apparel Gear!


After a long and drawn out process, my new facility for the production and fulfillment of Greyskull and Villain Apparel merchandise is now operational. The first offerings are now up in the store for purchase. Read the rest of this page »


The Five Major Life Headings


In my book “Blueprint to Beast” I outline in detail what I call the “Five Major Life Headings”, or the five most important areas of your life that require constant development and progress if you are to be successful. This post is designed to provide an overview of those headings, as well as to discuss how regression or a lack of progress in just one of the five can negatively affect your life as a whole. Read the rest of this page »


C.RE.A.M. Part Two: A Passive Yet Powerful Savings Strategy


One of the most frequent things that I hear from Coaching clients when discussing the topic of Personal Finance is “I can’t save money”, or “I don’t make enough money to save money”. The above images were sent to me by clients who said those words to me at one point or another. As you can see, they’ve seemingly been able to overcome their former financial shortcomings. Read the rest of this page »


When You Hurt the One You Love

hurt copy

At some point we all do or say something that upsets or hurts someone whom we truly love or care deeply for. This is an inevitability in human relationships; one that can often be avoided through a better understanding of the dynamics of interpersonal communication, but which cannot be removed entirely as a possibility in our experience. This post will address the topic of hurting someone you care about or love through your actions or your words, and what to do in these troubling situations. Read the rest of this page »


C.R.E.A.M. Part One


This will be the first installment in a series of Friday posts addressing the topic of personal finance. As you can imagine, finance is a topic that I spend much time working with my Personal Coaching clients on by request. Read the rest of this page »


Why You Probably Don’t Want to Work with Me Live- and an Incredible Opportunity

A few shots from the seminar weekend and a few of the participants.

On July 19-20 I conducted another of my infamous Blueprint to Beast Live Experiences. As predicted, this event was extremely memorable, and proved immensely valuable to all who attended, including myself. Read the rest of this page »