When the Wolves Come


So you’re several hours in to a drive to visit family for a nephew’s graduation. Your bladder has been telling you that it’s time to make a pit stop for the last thirty minutes, and your pregnant wife’s craving for the mini donuts found in rest stop vending machines served as the impetus needed to pull in for a stretch when you saw the sign on the highway. Read the rest of this page »


The Show Goes On!


After months of debate, soul-searching, Peyote fueled vision quests rife with interpretive dance, and extensive polling of people on the street who have no idea who I am, I’ve finally decided the fate of the JPL (formerly StrengthVillain) forum. Read the rest of this page »


Stand By… LP3 Coming in Hot!


As some members of my inner circle list are already aware, the Greyskull LP: Third Edition is in the pipeline for release, and is nearing completion. Read the rest of this page »


“The Look”


What is “the look”?

The look is what I consider to be the default physique that I’ve found to be most desirable by the males whom I have coached and worked with over the years, as well as the most desirable physique for a male according to extensive polling we’ve conducted with those of the fairer sex.

The look is also what one can expect to develop while training hard in the Greyskull methods. Read the rest of this page »


Killer Summer Fitness Opportunity


Ok, so I’m back to the office here after being hip-deep in a handful of contract cases for the last several weeks.

I’m taking this time to introduce to you an awesome opportunity that a handful of readers will be able to take part in and benefit from.

As I work to push out the three installments of my “farewell trifecta” of S&C releases, work is continuing here to develop ways of better serving the needs of the JPL reader. Read the rest of this page »


Your Personal Gold Mine


Wouldn’t it be great to own the deed to a gold mine that was recently discovered, and not yet mined for gold?

Would that not be a pretty amazing discovery, with almost limitless upside potential in your quality of life?

What if I told you that you DO own such a gold mine, and that you more than likely have not begun to harvest from it the riches that lay buried within its boundaries? Read the rest of this page »


Ducks in a Row


Waiting to embark on a new journey that will benefit you and enhance your personal success until you’re “ready” and have all of your proverbial “ducks in a row” is one of the most crippling, and counterproductive things that you can do.

Recently I had a session with a new client who told me that he hated his job (all too common), and that he really wanted to start a personal training business. Read the rest of this page »




Do you want to make more money than you’re currently making?

Would You like to increase your monthly income by 10%? 25%? 50%?

How about 300%?

Would that help things? Read the rest of this page »


Lean Body, Fat Pockets


There are certainly worse ways to go through life, are there not?

What man would not want those words to describe his conditions?

Given the choice, would you rather be carrying 15-30lb more body fat than you probably should, with far less muscle than the person you envision when asked what your ideal body would be Read the rest of this page »


Setting the Ships Ablaze


I’m frequently asked what prompted me to get tattooed to the level that I am (as if it was a decision that I made on one given day). Recently, while visiting some friends in a neighborhood bar after leaving my office, I was asked that very question by a rather inebriated young girl. Read the rest of this page »