“By the Power”: The Ultimate Guide to the Greyskull Methods- Now Available for Pre Order with Special Audio Bonus


Ok people, I have been working towards the release of the most comprehensive look at the training ideologies and methods that I have employed to build my legion of monsters around the globe for some time now. “By the Power..”: The Ultimate Guide to the Greyskull Methods is absolutely loaded with information on the nuts and bolts of the programming, and dietary components that make up the “Greyskull Methods”. Read the rest of this page »


Podcast: An Appreciation for the Beauty in Life


In today’s podcast I talk about the importance of recognizing and appreciating the beautiful things in your life. This represents a proactive approach to operating from a place of gratitude, which influences your representations of your situation, in turn affecting your state positively and therefore enhancing both your effectiveness at producing your desired outcomes, and also the overall quality of your life’s experiences. Read the rest of this page »


Sharing the Wealth on a Wednesday Morning


Today has been an excellent day for me so far. As those of you who know me are aware, I keep very irregular and erratic hours. There isn’t much about JP’s schedule that can be considered “normal”. As I write this it is about 9am and I am still up from yesterday. You may have also noticed that my posting frequency has been less regimented as of late, this is always a sign of big things taking place behind the scenes. As I write this, there are a few awesome projects in the works, all of which you will be made aware of very soon.

This morning has been a great one for several reasons, but the two that I’d like to share with you today (and the inspiration for this awesome opportunity that I’ve created for you) came to me in the form of two separate emails. Read the rest of this page »


The Greyskull Manifesto


While some of you may have recently become readers of my site and other materials, many of you were originally exposed to me through my creation of, and involvement with the international institution that is the Greyskull Barbell Club. Read the rest of this page »


Let’s Ask Your Appearance…


How you present yourself to the world can have a profound effect on the relationships that you form, the opportunities that you are afforded, and the outcomes that you produce. While your physical appearance should matter a  lot less than what’s “on the inside”, people judge books by their covers each and every day. Read the rest of this page »


Blueprint to Beast is Here!


The wait is officially over people. My book “Blueprint to Beast” is now complete and ready for immediate download. Read the rest of this page »


Podcast: Eliminating Bad Habits Part Two


Today’s podcast episode is an elaboration on the method that I used with my client “Jen”, in the article “Eliminating Bad Habits”, to assist her in quitting a decades-old habit of smoking cigarettes. Read the rest of this page »


Is Your Thermostat Set to Mediocre?


I learned about thermostats and how they worked at a very young age. My Pop Pop was a plumbing and heating contractor, and I went to work with him, my Dad, and my Uncles from the time I was five years old. By the time I was seven or eight years old, I was wiring the classic Honeywell round thermostats that you probably picture when you hear the word “thermostat”. Read the rest of this page »


Eliminating Bad Habits


Today’s post is an excerpt from my book “Blueprint to Beast”. It is a transcript of sorts of my work with a female client of mine, Jen, who came to me for assistance in smoking cessation. The method that I used with her is one that I frequently use with clients to help them eliminate bad habits, or learn to replace an undesirable state with a better one automatically by using a simple technique in their mind.  Read the rest of this page »


The Sacred Six

If you know why I chose this image for this post, you are cool.

Today’s post highlights one of the simplest and most effective tools for increasing your personal productivity from day to day that I have ever come across. It is not a “revolutionary” or proprietary concept at all, but I can assure you that should you adopt this practice in your everyday life, you will notice the profound effects that it can have on your personal progress towards your desired outcomes. Read the rest of this page »