Do you want to make more money than you’re currently making?

Would You like to increase your monthly income by 10%? 25%? 50%?

How about 300%?

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Lean Body, Fat Pockets


There are certainly worse ways to go through life, are there not?

What man would not want those words to describe his conditions?

Given the choice, would you rather be carrying 15-30lb more body fat than you probably should, with far less muscle than the person you envision when asked what your ideal body would be Read the rest of this page »


Setting the Ships Ablaze


I’m frequently asked what prompted me to get tattooed to the level that I am (as if it was a decision that I made on one given day). Recently, while visiting some friends in a neighborhood bar after leaving my office, I was asked that very question by a rather inebriated young girl. Read the rest of this page »


Are You a Self Made Man?


Everyone has used or at least heard the term “self made” at one point or another in describing someone who has accomplished something remarkable in their life. The term is used nearly exclusively in speaking on those who succeed, to the point that the term itself carries with it a strong linguistic association with success.

During a recent lunch outing with a good friend and client of mine, I chose to conduct an experiment on this very idea, in an impromptu manner, because it was relevant to the work that we were doing. Read the rest of this page »


What You Don’t Want Requires No Effort


James Allen, in his classic book “As a Man Thinketh”, makes the observation that weeds will grow in your garden, in your lawn, or through cracks in the sidewalk in spite of your lack of effort to provide them with water, sunlight, or proper soil. Conversely, if you should want to grow roses, orchids, tulips, or any other sort of plant, you will need to put some serious effort into the process if you are to develop your crop.

This idea is profoundly metaphorical of our lives, and is one of the most impactful lessons that a person can learn. Read the rest of this page »


Progress, Not Perfection


Last night I did a rare thing for me these days… I watched a movie.

Between working with my Personal and Business Growth Consulting clients, writing, training, spending time with my kids, and just being an all-around handsome man, I don’t get much time these days to kick back and watch a movie just for enjoyment.

The film in question was “The Equalizer”, starring the black JP, Denzel Washington.

Ultimately, I thought it got off to a solid start, but it lost me towards the end (I have the attention span of a two-year old kid when I’m not actively working on something that pertains to my businesses).

One part, or one line more specifically, that stuck out to me however echoed something that I say to my clients on a regular basis. Read the rest of this page »


To New Beginnings


I remember it like it was yesterday, getting bathed and in my pajamas, ready to make the short walk across the street to my neighbors house to celebrate the coming new year. This had been a bit of a tradition for my family, watching Dick Clark in the company of close friends, sharing the moment and creating new memories, unbeknownst of their lasting legacy at the time. Read the rest of this page »


Three Valuable Tips for Maximum Results

torso copy

Recently I was able to catch up on the phone with a few of my TEAMPAIN guys from the first, experimental class which is nearing the end of its run.

After listening with a smile while they told me how great it feels to have accomplished what they have over the last few months, how empowering the increased attention and positive feedback on their appearance from their wives, girlfriends, and/or total strangers is, and how awesome it is to be throwing around their old maxes for reps while at much lower body fat levels,  I took the opportunity to ask them each what were the most significant lessons that they had learned over the course of this program.

Their answers were many, but a few key ideas were shared as common threads across the board. The three most common responses were derivatives of the following: Read the rest of this page »


Five Things Every Guy Over 35 Ought to Know About Building Muscle and Losing Fat


This post is intended to shed some light on a few things that I’ve discovered in my years of successfully helping guys who thought it was too late to start, or who had minimal hopes for progress due to their age, build truly impressive bodies.

I’ve highlighted five of the most common misconceptions that represent shared beliefs that these great guys, just like you, have picked up along the way.

Enjoy. Read the rest of this page »


Podcast: The Intelligence Investor


The title of this post is intended to pay homage to one of my favorite financial books, “The Intelligent Investor”, authored by Warren Buffett’s mentor Benjamin Graham. This classic book focuses on timeless principles of investing that are as relevant today as they were when Graham penned this work in 1949.

In response to reader submissions in my Content Requests thread on the forum, I decided to make this post to address my thoughts on investing for you, my reader.

You’ll notice that I’ve chosen the word “Intelligence” in my title in place of “Intelligent”. This is not a typo.

I’ve recorded a podcast episode to explain what I feel to be the investment strategy that always provides the highest return on investment (ROI), and enables you to invest more money in the more traditional methods with minimal risk. Read the rest of this page »