Podcast: Sometimes Your Words Just Hypnotize Me


In today’s podcast I provide an introduction into the world of conversational hypnosis; a method that I use extensively with my clients to aid them in producing their desired outcomes. Read the rest of this page »


“Dave’s” Story

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This is the second in this new series of Tuesday posts where I highlight some of the accomplishments of my Coaching clients by posting their provided success stories. This week’s story comes from “Dave”. If you have a success story from working with me, please send it to me, and I will happily post it on here, anonymous or attributed based on your wishes. Read the rest of this page »


Your Millionaire Lifestyle Part Two


I recently received a lot of great feedback from last week’s post “Your Millionaire Lifestyle”. The concept of developing an identity of abundance and wealth is extremely important if you desire to increase your financial wealth in the literal sense. I’ve decided to create a mini-series of posts on this topic. Here is part two: enjoy. Read the rest of this page »


Failing at Failing


“There is no failure, only feedback”.

This is one of the accepted presuppositions of NLP, and the topic of this; the next installment in the Blueprint to Beast Toolbox series of posts. Read the rest of this page »


Podcast: A 30 Second Fix to a Negative State

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Today’s episode deals with a simple, effective, linguistic fix to a negative state. Learn how to use the technique of “double dissociation” to snap out of any “bad mood” in less than thirty seconds. Read the rest of this page »


“J’s” Dramatic One-Month Progress


Today I’m deviating from my recently adopted Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule to introduce a new series of posts. I frequently receive client testimonials, and I’ve decided to feature them here on Tuesdays. Read the rest of this page »


Your Millionaire Lifestyle


The desire for financial wealth is a largely universal sentiment among human beings. This is for good reason; financial abundance brings with it a sense of freedom, creates new opportunities, and often affords one greater privileges in some aspects of their lives. Virtually every one of my Coaching clients shares a desire to become more financially abundant. What is important to understand however, is that the process by which one achieves this objective begins with a shift in the patterns of thought and habits of the individual. Read the rest of this page »


Blueprint to Beast Live Experience: July 19-20!


That’s right, registration is now open for our July event here in Philadelphia, PA.

Come join me as and invest two long, dynamic, and powerful days as we dive into the material presented in “Blueprint to Beast”, and solve problems in real time. Read the rest of this page »


Podcast: “If This, Then That” Overcoming Mental Blocks


I recently asked my social media following what they would like to hear addressed on this podcast episode. One of my Twitter guys, Klein, suggested the topic of “overcoming mental blocks”. This is, of course, a recurring theme in my work, and a broad topic in nature, so I asked him to elaborate. I was able to discover a limiting language pattern that he was using, and which indicates problematic, limiting patterns of belief. Read the rest of this page »


What is The Greyskull LP?

whatisgslp copy

The Greyskull LP is the strength training program to which my name, and the Greyskull brand is most strongly associated. Since the release of the first edition book in 2011, countless people around the globe have benefited from this program. I decided to create this post, addressing some frequently asked questions, for those of you who might have shown up to the dance a bit late. Read the rest of this page »