Five Things Every Guy Over 35 Ought to Know About Building Muscle and Losing Fat


This post is intended to shed some light on a few things that I’ve discovered in my years of successfully helping guys who thought it was too late to start, or who had minimal hopes for progress due to their age, build truly impressive bodies.

I’ve highlighted five of the most common misconceptions that represent shared beliefs that these great guys, just like you, have picked up along the way.

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Podcast: The Intelligence Investor


The title of this post is intended to pay homage to one of my favorite financial books, “The Intelligent Investor”, authored by Warren Buffett’s mentor Benjamin Graham. This classic book focuses on timeless principles of investing that are as relevant today as they were when Graham penned this work in 1949.

In response to reader submissions in my Content Requests thread on the forum, I decided to make this post to address my thoughts on investing for you, my reader.

You’ll notice that I’ve chosen the word “Intelligence” in my title in place of “Intelligent”. This is not a typo.

I’ve recorded a podcast episode to explain what I feel to be the investment strategy that always provides the highest return on investment (ROI), and enables you to invest more money in the more traditional methods with minimal risk. Read the rest of this page »


Why My Business Partner Thinks I’m an Idiot (Audio Included)


It’s true, he does. And not just because I recently changed his laptop background to the above photo when he left it unattended in my office for a few minutes to tear up the bathroom.

He’s a great guy, and certainly valuable in terms of providing “checks and balances” to some of my more unorthodox business methods, but sometimes he just plain thinks I’m moronic for some of my actions in business.

Before I get into what I’ve done today that has him scratching his head, let me tell you what I did that he DID NOT think was idiotic. Read the rest of this page »


Stuff Those Sleeves: Bigger Arms in 60 Days


A few years back I authored a post entitled “Bringing up the Back”. In it I templated a program that would help you add slabs of muscle to your back by focusing on this all-important area for a period of twelve weeks.

To date, that is one of my most visited posts on this site. Loads of people have had great success, and a lot of fun, by taking on that challenge. Since then I’ve been asked numerous times to release a similar post targeting the ever coveted arm measurement.

This is that post…you’re welcome. Read the rest of this page »


The Deadlift: Hook or Alternate Grip?


In keeping with the theme of my last post “The Squat: High Bar or Low Bar?”, I figured I’d throw in my two cents on another commonly debated topic in the internet strength and conditioning world. Read the rest of this page »


The Squat: High Bar or Low Bar?


This is one of the most widely debated topics in the strength and conditioning world… wait, let me correct myself, this is one of the most widely debated topics in those corners of the internet where people who are interested in strength and conditioning tend to congregate. Read the rest of this page »


Seeing it Through


One of the largest obstacles to an individual’s success, particularly in today’s age of constant bombardment of media, is the unnecessary and often counterproductive deviation from a proven strategy for the sake of seeking the “next best thing”.

This is true whether we’re talking fitness, diet, business, or personal finance.  Read the rest of this page »


The Forum is Up! Join the Discussion


The forum is now up and running!

You can post questions to me on the topic(s) of your choosing in my Q&A section, interact with the community in the Lateral Discussion section, or keep yourself accountable to yourself and the others in the Online Progress Logs which feature both beginner, and “Vet” posting areas.  Read the rest of this page »


Would You Buy $15,000 for $49.99?


$15,000… That’s what I figure I have invested in this book at this point.

I arrived at that number by taking my hourly coaching rate, which is currently $150, and multiplying it by the near 100 hours that I’ve spent working on this behemoth of a book so far. Read the rest of this page »


Are You in Dramatically Better Shape Than You Were Four Weeks Ago?

slymickeyA couple of TEAMPAIN members discussing this coming week’s training

A few weeks ago I made it known that I was running an experimental program where I would be managing all aspects of the training regimens of six, select individuals. I did this because I miss this kind of work, having moved on a bit professionally, and working mainly with people on their overall success via my Personal Coaching services.

So far this program has been an overwhelming success. I am thrilled to be working with such a solid team of guys, and am impressed by their individual progress each and every week. I am extremely excited to see the changes that they make by the end of their time with me in this first class. Read the rest of this page »