A Case for Anabolic Steroids


Testosterone is what makes a man a man. It is the hormone responsible for all of the features, attributes, and characteristics that are classically associated with masculinity. Today more than ever, more and more men of a greater variety of age brackets are making the move towards hormone therapy, whether via a prescription, or the more traditional “dark side” route.

The public is becoming more accepting of testosterone use, largely due to the proliferation of the “Is it Low T?” television commercials and magazine ads, touting the benefits of hormone replacement therapy for those whose natural testosterone levels are less than optimal. More and more males are speaking with their doctor’s and being prescribed patches and gels to reap the benefits of the hormone that others have been acquiring for injection on the black market for years.

What is interesting is that direction of the marketing campaigns for these HRT drugs. While testosterone use has long been associated with increased muscle mass, decreased body fat, and increased athletic performance, the push for HRT centers around many of testosterone’s other benefits which many who are uneducated on the matter are not as aware of.

These benefits include:

  • Increased Libido
  • Increased Energy
  • Enhanced Mood
  • Enhanced Cognitive Brain Function
  • Longevity
  • Depression Prevention/treatment

In addition to these lesser known benefits, testosterone is of course known to have a profoundly positive effect on body composition by way of increased muscle mass and decreased body fat.

Testosterone use (not abuse) is something that I feel to be universally positive, barring very few exceptions. I don’t feel that anyone should use the drug until they’ve matured hormonally obviously, though I have worked with some people who were treated early because of a severe lack of the hormone that was not going to be naturally corrected in the years to come. In those cases, it was a simple quality of life problem, in which waiting until they were a specific age to begin their treatment would have done little but force them to live several of their more “formative” adult years as a person with low testosterone, something that I do not wish on anyone.

For an adult male, who has reached hormonal maturity, the intelligent use of testosterone enables an increased quality of life via all of the above benefits. Obviously if a person is naturally low, bringing levels up to normal is a good thing, but what about if you’re not low?

It should stand to reason that a person with normal testosterone levels, who goes the exogenous (man made) route would also experience an overall quality of life enhancement, and that has been the case with each and every person with whom I have dealt who elected to go that path.

Men with high testosterone levels excel in many areas. They possess a level of confidence that their low T counterparts do not, they are more proactive in all matters, from business decisions to interacting with women, they tend to be more successful in business endeavors that stem from personal achievement (there are several interesting studies which cite the performance of brokers who have been given testosterone treatment vs their previous numbers), and they tend to have a much greater overall feeling of well-being.

Speaking strictly anecdotally here, I can report that the “love lives” of these “T Men” take a significant uptick whether they are in a committed, monogamous relationship, or single and on the prowl for available women. These men report a new found ability to attract women, and to be proactive and outright “manly” in the course of such matters.

So if testosterone use can make one more proactive, potentially more wealthy, more effective and influential in business, more attractive and successful with the opposite sex, as well as “bigger, faster, and stronger”, why would anyone not want to get on the “T Train”?

Well, here’s where you probably expect me to do the “responsible” thing and list for you the plethora of negative side effects that occur with testosterone use.

No such luck today.

Are there (possible) side effects? Yes.

Are they as terrifying as the media would have you believe? Not even close.

Will you lose hair at a more rapid rate, if you are genetically predisposed to do so, than you would if you weren’t using testosterone? Maybe, but lo and behold there is an easy fix to this if it is a concern.

Will your balls shrink while using testosterone? Yes. Imagine those guys at about 65-70% of their normal size, something that is not an issue unless you are a person for whom testicular aesthetics are immensely important.

Will you grow body hair where you didn’t have it before? Probably.

Will you break out in acne? Maybe (this one again is tied to genetic predisposition, and largely effected by dosage).

Will you “hulk out” and smash everything in your wake in a fit of “roid rage”? Most likely not, if you do that’s just your natural asshole peaking out, don’t blame it on the test.

Ultimately the decision to take the plunge and begin a course of testosterone, whether the medically backed route, or otherwise is yours and yours alone. I simply encourage everyone to educate themselves on the subject and make an informed decision one way or another, not simply be influenced by the media talking heads who stigmatize a hormone that can dramatically increase one’s quality of life when intelligently used.

To learn more about the benefits and side effects of testosterone (as well as the other commonly used anabolic/androgenic compounds), as well as their appropriate use and loads of “case studies”, I encourage you to pick up my good friend Brent Larson’s book “The SV Beginner’s Guide to Anabolic Steroids”. This is without a doubt the most simple, yet comprehensive primer on the subject that is available in print.

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If you are dead set against the idea of using man made compounds, then I highly encourage you to check out my good friend Ryan Magin’s excellent guide on increasing your natural testosterone production. His book is excellent and is an absolute steal at only $9 right now.


Feel free to drop me a line on the forum with any questions pertaining to the subject as well.


2 Responses

  1. Great Job.
    This year I started HRT at 200MG a week.
    I feel amazing, and my CONFIDENCE is through the roof.

    Thanks for your suggestions and as always i look forward to your next A-Z Article.

    January 23, 2014 at 3:50 pm

  2. Frank

    Great article! I also started HRT and feel 100% better than I did before.

    January 26, 2014 at 6:57 pm

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