Another LCI Method Success Story


Hey guys, I’m happy to be able to bring you another featured Greyskull Gladiator here today. This time it’s Chris, who contacted me a few days ago to share his progress with me from running The LCI Method for the past ten weeks.

As you can see from the above photos, his transformation and progress has been remarkable, and he is just getting started.

The following is an excerpt from the email that I received…

Wanted to drop you a line about my success over the last 12 weeks. I did your LCI sample program, a semi-clean diet based on “Swole”, and a frequency method daily workout of push-up, chair dips, body weight squats and burpees.

I started Aug 24th, 2015 at 180 lbs. with a less than desirable build. As of this Week I can min at 180 lbs and 11% body fat by caliper and 16.7% by the DENA machine. I will be continuing with my progress as I will be doing another round of Recomp. This time strict clean diet and the goal of getting my bench up to the 365 to allow all three of my weights to be at least 2 times my body weight 

While virtually any diet or training program that you will find advertised will come with a message (usually in fine print) that says something to the effect of “results not typical”, I’m proud to say that we violate the hell out of that idea here at Greyskull.

Chris is a prime example of what happens when you follow the guidelines put forth in my work, something I can say with confidence after years of producing results like these with clients.

He followed the LCI Method, and adjusted his diet using the methods outlined in SWOLE. That certainly makes for a one-two punch that is difficult to beat when it comes to making dramatic transformations to your physique in a relatively short period of time.

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I’m excited to see what Chris does in the next twelve weeks, and I’m sure that he will keep us all posted.


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