Are You a Self Made Man?


Everyone has used or at least heard the term “self made” at one point or another in describing someone who has accomplished something remarkable in their life. The term is used nearly exclusively in speaking on those who succeed, to the point that the term itself carries with it a strong linguistic association with success.

During a recent lunch outing with a good friend and client of mine, I chose to conduct an experiment on this very idea, in an impromptu manner, because it was relevant to the work that we were doing.

We took a break from our feast of porterhouse and Cabernet long enough to complete this interesting sociological experiment because, well, that’s what action takers do.

He and I each polled a few of the others in the restaurant, some of whom we knew, and some of whom were complete strangers. The question was simple;

“What comes to mind when you hear the term ‘self made’?”

Quite predictably, each and every person asked provided an answer that contained some variation of the word success.

The synonymity is there for all of us.

What I challenge you to accept however, is the truth about the concept of being a “self made man”. That truth is simple, and the great Earl Nightingale said it best:

“Every man is self made, only the successful man that admits it”.

Who you are, what you do, how much income you produce, the quantity and quality of the relationships in your life, and the accomplishments that you achieve are all the result of the actions and behaviors of one person:


Remember that when you give up the fight for what it is that you truly want, whatever it is that you don’t want will be right there, in your face, ready to take the lead.

What are you doing to advance yourself and your quality of life?

Are you setting goals for yourself in each of the major headings in your life?

Are you chunking those goals down into smaller, actionable tasks, and consistently making the necessary steps to accomplish them in a habitual manner, each and every day?

Are you aligning yourself with the right individuals that can support you, provide critical feedback and guidance, and who see you for what you can be instead of what you have been in the past, or are you hanging around with nine people who represent all that you do not want to be, lying to yourself that you will not become the tenth?

Are you eliminating those toxic people, behaviors, or mind viruses from your life consciously in order to move forward in your mission unencumbered by their negative influences?

Are you feeding your brain regularly with the type of information that will help you succeed, or are you watching hours of TV or YouTube videos, or worse, playing hours of video games each day?

Have you sought the coach or mentor that you need to provide the valuable input necessary to help you uncover the answers that are trapped in your inner genius? (Remember that you cannot see the picture if you’re in the frame).

What are you doing to make yourself the man that you want to be?

What would you have to change before you would be proud to call yourself a “self made man”?

You’re “making” yourself each day, and who you are today is the result of your decisions and actions up to this point. Ask yourself,

“What am I making here?”

If you’re not proud of the answer, get focused, get strategized, get the resources, and get proud.

People who can’t see it for themselves will be calling you “lucky” in no time, trust me, I know all about being lucky.



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