Are You in Dramatically Better Shape Than You Were Four Weeks Ago?

slymickeyA couple of TEAMPAIN members discussing this coming week’s training

A few weeks ago I made it known that I was running an experimental program where I would be managing all aspects of the training regimens of six, select individuals. I did this because I miss this kind of work, having moved on a bit professionally, and working mainly with people on their overall success via my Personal Coaching services.

So far this program has been an overwhelming success. I am thrilled to be working with such a solid team of guys, and am impressed by their individual progress each and every week. I am extremely excited to see the changes that they make by the end of their time with me in this first class.

They just finished up their fourth week of training under my guidance, and I think it would be fair to say that they are more than thrilled about their investments in themselves.

Don’t take my word for it though…

Below are just a few of the unsolicited comments that I’ve received in my weekly email interaction with the team members from this class so far. As you can see, they are more than happy with the progress that they are making:

“My weight has stayed the same, but my waist is down an inch and a half. Seeing as how I’m in lifetime PR territory on all of my lifts, this is HUGE!!”

“My only regret is that I didn’t do this twenty years ago!”

“All of my measures of performance have gone up considerable more than I thought possible in the last few weeks since my diagnostics. As a guy who’s ‘tried everything’ in terms of training ideas over the years, this is absolutely incredible, Thanks JP, I can’t wait to see what happens in the weeks to come”.

“I expected that I’d make some serious progress with this program, but I didn’t expect that my diet, my alcohol consumption, even my interactions with my wife and my team would be so much better as a result.. Now I really get what you mean in Blueprint to Beast about the overlap between the five life headings”.

“I could barely do chin-ups when I started (as you know). I can’t believe I’m now knocking out weighted chins with ease, and adding weight every week”.

“My girlfriend saw me coming out of the shower the other day (about midway through week three) and said, ‘Damn, what have you been doing? You look f**king good’. Life is good JP”.

“I’ve been stuck with my bench press and most upper body movements for the best part of two years after making my initial gains with (common industry program removed). I can’t believe I’m using my old one rep max for work now! WTF JP?”

Now I was planning on waiting until January 1 to kick off the next TEAMPAIN class. However, I figure “Why Wait?”

A few of you missed the cutoff for this last class, others may have silently waited to see how the first one panned out, and some may have just not been in a position to opt in during my initial offer, in any case I’m creating an opportunity for you to get in on the second class NOW.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

If you send me an email at with the subject line “TEAMPAIN Petition” within 72 hours stating your intention to take part in this second class and make massive change for the better over the next several weeks, I will open up registration early, and begin a new class on December 1.

This will allow you a major jump on the “New Year’s Resolution” crowd who makes empty promises to themselves year after year.

Here’s your opportunity to have me as your personal trainer, in your inbox, laying out every detail of your training regimen for the next twelve weeks. As you can see from the comments of those in the mix right now, your investment will be well worth it.

The class would commence on December 1, and the fee is $399 for registration.

This is a twelve-week program (twelve weeks being the “magic number” that I’ve long written about in terms of how long it takes to make a major transformation).

Send your email NOW! If I receive enough responses (remember, only six participants are allowed in each class) I will open registration for you via a direct link, and will grant you access to this next class.

What are you waiting for?


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