Becoming a Man of Power


It’s been a minute since I’ve been able to post anything on here.

Like you, I have a family and numerous other endeavors and commitments that require the allocation of my attention and energy disproportionately to some of my projects and passions. These past few months have been one of those times.

Much has happened during my “absence” (I really have missed you). I’ve blazed several new trails professionally, created some fantastic new relationships, and furthered my education and understanding of my various crafts through continuous study and application. I have positioned myself to experience perhaps the most pivotal year of my life in 2017, and I have to tell you, it’s a damn good feeling.

I’m happy to report that I am almost finished “The Greyskull LP: Third Edition”, and it will be releasing very soon. I’ve really put a ton of effort into this title, and I think that you will see that it shows on release (All of that effort has seriously hindered my work on One Direction fan fiction, but I digress).

I wanted to take a minute to tell you about something that I think you’re definitely going to love though. I’ve already begun work on my next release entitled:

 “Money, Muscle, and Sex: Becoming a Man of Power”.

This book is coming together extremely well. It’s premise is simple; become the most impactful, influential, attractive and charismatic man that you can be through an enlightened philosophy about what a man is, and a series of actions taken consistently to better yourself and increase your value to the world.

My Personal Coaching practice has almost entirely evolved into assisting others in exactly this pursuit.

I work with men who seek more out of their professional lives, whether they are stuck in a dead end job with a condescending boss, stuck in a job that pays them very well but offers little or nothing in terms of intrinsic reward or gratification, stuck wanting to pursue an entrepreneurial venture but hindered by some real or perceived obstacle, or otherwise less than 100% thrilled about how they make their living.

I work with men who desire more from their relationships. Men who are slowly dying in sexless marriages with frumpy, bitchy wives that they’re supposed to supplicate to and who they’ve failed to lead (it’s amazing what happens in these instances when a man starts “getting his balls back”), single men who seek to attract the type of woman (or hordes of women) that they desire, we right these wrongs by making these men the type of attractive, high value prizes that bring on the dampness, men who women want to be with and men want to be like.

I work with fathers who want to be the best possible role models for their kids. Men who want to raise daughters with a clear idea of what a real man is and how a real man treats a woman he cares for. Men who want to raise sons to be men of power, whose lives will be filled with an abundance of opportunities for success, whose excellent upbringing by a strong, patriarchal role model will be one of the gifts for which they are most grateful.

I work with men who desire to be the type of guy who owns the room when he walks in, the one who always has the best seat in the house, the complimentary bottle, or the backstage passes. These men learn to build the relationships necessary to enjoy these “perks” in life, they cultivate an arsenal of contacts that are more than happy to exchange value due to the high value nature that they convey in their words and actions.

I work with men who want to pursue excellence in all areas of their lives. These men build strong, capable, and highly attractive bodies. These men seek enlightenment through continuing education, the adoption of new hobbies, and the acquisition of new skills. These ever appreciating men are true assets to those around them and enjoy the spoils associated with that level of value.

My work with my clients is among my greatest passions. Few things in life bring me as much joy as embarking on such a journey with a guy who wants more and watching his evolution along the way.

That’s why I decided that this upcoming book was an absolute necessity, and that’s also why I decided to do something pretty awesome leading up to it’s release.

I chose the photo above of a young Vito Corleone, the archetypical man’s man and patriarch from the Godfather series, for a reason. Those of you familiar with the character (and if you’re not, smack yourself and then watch the movies….. well you can skip 3, I don’t like to acknowledge that 3 exists) will understand that Vito was a man who possessed all of the characteristics of a powerful man. He was a strong leader, admired (and feared) by many, a wonderful father to whom family was tremendously important, a respectful and loving husband, and above all, just the kind of guy that most men want to be.

The photo above shows Vito as a poor immigrant, starting a family, and pondering the long road that lay ahead on his rise to power. This represents the man who is hungry for more, who is anxious to embark on his own journey to becoming the most powerful version of himself.

I do my absolute best writing when I am deeply immersed in the subject matter at that point in time. Lately I’ve been working with some exceptional clients and helping guys make some major “MOP” (man of power) gains in their lives.

Since I will be balls deep in the composition of “Money, Muscle, and Sex” for the next several weeks,  I decided to create an offer to allow a few guys to participate in the creative process if you will.

I’ve dubbed this the “Alpha Team”, and it is a twelve-week, one-on-one course that allows you and I to analyze your current situation, and get you absolutely on track to becoming the most powerful you.

They say iron sharpens iron, and that’s just what we’ll be doing. You’ll be working with me (I learn at least as much from my clients as they do from me) to make some major shit happen for the better in your day to day, and get you unapologetically running shit in your life.

All you have to do is make the decision to seriously commit to getting to work on increasing your value as a man today.

The purpose of this course is to create and implement YOUR optimal strategy for becoming the man that you ultimately want to be. While there are core elements to the masculine pursuit of excellence that are universal, our time together will not be spent working some curriculum designed in a “one size fits all” manner.

Your strengths and soon to be strengths will differ from the next guy in degree and in type. Our work together will maximize your progress in those areas in which you seek improvement, as well as further hone your proficiency in those which you may find to be more “natural”.

We will develop and put in to action a solid plan to rapidly produce measurable progress in your leadership and direction of your own life, as well as your ability to influence, attract, and inspire those around you be they business associates, customers, loved ones, or potential or existing significant others.

You will no longer be a leaf in the wind, spending your time, your most precious and ever deteriorating asset, reacting to the words or actions of others, you will be the Captain of your own life and circle of influence, the architect of your own legend.

I am only able to accept a handful of participants for this course, as it’s personal nature will place strong demands on my time. I immensely value my clients, and ensure that each gets absolutely as much out of me as they put in to our work together. This limits how many people I can work with at any given time.

You and I will conduct weekly calls via phone or Skype to discuss your progress, your questions, and to continually adjust and add to your strategy and action plan (Note: weekly calls are only available to my clients who opt for “unlimited” packages for the year, or for quite a bit more money in session block packages, so this is a unique opportunity to get some intensive Coaching at a fantastic savings).

Registering for this course represents a savings of over $1,100 off of the cost of the sessions purchased individually!

In addition, you will have unlimited access to me via email and text. My clients can tell you that it is not uncommon for me to receive a text from their office, their living room, or even (often actually) the bar seeking advice in handling a certain situation, or simply to celebrate a “win”, a small victory brought about by the adoption of our strategies (my favorite type of text to receive). I am with you through this journey 100%.

As a final added bonus, you will receive credit for one completely free admission to any of the upcoming “Money, Muscle, and Sex” live events this coming year, as well as a coupon for 50% off admission for a guest of your choice.

While the pricing for said events have not yet been finalized, I can assure you that these bonuses will save you a pretty penny. Even better, they will present us the opportunity to meet face to face and do a masculine, muscular armed greeting a la “Predator” before diving into some serious work on your continued path to greatness.

I highly encourage you to take part in this unique opportunity. I’m only opening it up to a few guys, and will definitely be closing registration no later than this coming Friday (11/11).

I will be conducting the first week’s calls beginning on the 14th.

If you have any additional questions about the course before you pull the trigger, email me at

If you are 100% on board and ready to take the first step in mastering yourself and being the leading man you want to be then click the banner below to lock in your spot before they’re gone.

Let’s get you admitted into the fraternity of those who will not settle for mediocrity and aspire to become their most powerful self now.

Click the banner and let’s get to work.



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