Blueprint to Beast Toolbox: Volume Two- The Mind and Body as one System


This is the second in this series of posts. If you haven’t read volume one yet, click here to get caught up. This post highlights the second of the “big two” NLP Presuppositions.

Our minds and bodies are parts of one inseparable system. It is impossible to affect one without experiencing change in the other.

Prolonged periods of stress or worry bring about symptoms of physical illness. Likewise, being ecstatic in the wake of “good news” or developments can make you feel on top of the world and healthy.

Physiologically speaking, we can observe changes in rates of breathing, rates of speech, body positioning, even eye positioning (a bit more advanced) when a person is experiencing different emotions, or representing the events at hand differently.

This is incredibly useful in coaching, as it provides me with physical cues of how a person is “feeling”, or, more specifically, how they are representing the world in that moment.

When we change how we think, we change how we feel; simple as that.

The medical community is famous for treating symptoms of underlying issues. This is the case with cold medicines as well as antidepressants, and sleeping pills. If you depend on sleep aids to help you get rest without treating the root cause of the abnormality, you haven’t really mended anything, and will continue to suffer from the effects.

The above are examples of attempting to chemically alter the operation of the body or the brain. The simple reality is that, in order for there to be a true “fix”, there must be a solution to both the physical and mental components.

This is also what’s behind my infamous track record of being able to elicit massive amounts of progress in the gym for clients. I’ve long stated that eighty percent of one’s success in changing their body lies in the way that their mind represents the task at hand, and their potential to accomplish it (as discussed in my book “Drop the Panties: The Greyskull Guide to a Better Body”. Over the last several years I have been able to help thousands break through their walls and finally make the body changes that they desire. While I certainly have my own ideas on the mechanical components of a good program, diet, etc., the success that these people have experienced is definitely the result of some “magic” program or meal timing.

So how can you specifically use this knowledge to improve your quality of life?

The first step to using this information to positively affect your situation is to accept as truth the intimate and unbreakable connection between your mind and your body. From there, you must learn that your “state” a concept that is heavily discussed in ” Blueprint to Beast” is created by contributions from both components.



┬áMy “whiteboard” drawings are epic.

Your state can be overly-simplified as your “mood”, though it is much more complex than that word describes.

The state that you are in is a result of both your physiology, and your internal representations of the data before you. My clients learn early on to eliminate the terms “good mood” and “bad mood” from their vocabulary when describing their current state. Instead they use the more accurate terms “resourceful” and “un-resourceful state”. This represents an understanding that their “mood” is a result of how they are choosing to represent the situation, and how they are using their body as well.

When you are experiencing what many call a “good mood” you are very resourceful. You are able to make things happen, produce, and operate at a much higher level. You are making use of the very same resources which are available to you when you are in a “bad mood” (a concept that will be discussed in a later installment of this series).

When you are in a “bad mood” you are doing the opposite. You are tossing your hands up, so to say, and dismissing any personal responsibility or outright ability to influence or change the situation for the better.

You must learn that you are in control of your state entirely.

While you will no doubt receive “bad news” or input from time to time, how you choose to represent such data dramatically effects the state that you create, and how well you are able to operate as a result.

Changing your state from un-resourceful to resourceful is as simple as doing one or both of the following:

  1. Change your physiology (move)
  2. Change your internal representation of the data at hand


The first, changing you physiology, is the simpler of the two, and is something that you can apply right this minute.

If you’ve ever gone for a walk or a run to “clear your head”, traveled to a different location to stimulate creativity, or had a friend kick you in the ass to get up, shower, and leave the house after something like a hard break-up, you’ve witnessed the effects of changing physiology to change state.

I frequently have some fun with this one at seminars; using various techniques to elicit un-resourceful states in willing volunteers, and then altering their state in front of an amused and laughing audience by physically affecting them in interesting ways.

The second piece, changing your internal representations, is a bit more complex and requires the development of a higher level of emotional intelligence. I described the representation idea in more detail in Volume One of this series. While it requires a bit more learning, and a lot of practice in day to day life to become your default operating system, it is one of the most important emotional IQ skills to develop.

My book will address in length many of the common methods that I use with clients to change the way they represent things internally. Some are quicker fixes than others. Sometimes it’s a simple “re-framing” of the events, or a shift into one of the three “perspectives” in which we learn to view things, and other times it’s a bit more difficult due to ┬ádeep-rooted, un-serving, limiting belief housed in the person’s unconscious. In either case, the solution is always there.

Blueprint to Beast will teach you the tools needed to change your representations which, when combined with an understanding of the effects of altering your physiology, will allow you to control your state, and select which you are in as if you are picking a song on a jukebox.

Master your emotions and watch your potential explode before your eyes.

As always, if you’d like to speak with me personally about how to apply these tools to your own unique situation, my ears are always open. As I write this, all Coaching Packages and Single Sessions are still on SALE prior to the revamp in conjunction with the release of Blueprint to Beast. In Friday’s post I will be highlighting how I recently used the idea in this article to alleviate massive amounts of self-induced stress from one of my Silver Package Clients, allowing him to become much more productive in his day to day life, working towards his five standards.





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