Bony’s Top Ten Texts of the Week

10. Ever had a cold fart? – California

9. You can’t Kung Fu with your dick out!! – Australia

8. Do your coworkers get nervous given the nature of your job, your disgruntled attitude towards it, and your constantly fucking with your gps enabled phone? – Minnesota

7. Hey, I’m filling out an application for you. How many balls do you think you can gargle in an hour? – Louisiana

6. Is it ethically wring to get a bj during Kung Fu panda 2? – Virginia

5. When are bony brand lambskin condoms coming out? – Washington

4. Would you rather fuck a baby goat or a baby cow? Would this make you a pedafile and into bestiality in one quick swoop? – Georgia

3. How come sometimes when you pee there are lots of suds in it… kinda like a bubble bath? – Louisiana

2. You mother fucker, why wasn’t my,”bony marony” text in your top ten? That shit was money. – Louisiana

1. How many wine coolers would it take for you to consider having sex with alf? – Louisiana


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