Bony’s Top Ten Texts of the Week

10. Why are emo chicks so sad? – Louisiana

9. Hey, you ever play testicle ball? – New Hampshire

8. How often do you change the bearings in your rollerblade wheels? – Alabama

7. What’s your favorite braid to do on your boys night in? – Australia

6. Does argyle make you sad now? – Texas

5. You want to Earn 13 bucks the hard way? – Louisiana

4. Hey, can we go rollerblade shopping? I need your opinion, oh and you can bring Vamshi. – Maryland

3. If you had to be stuck on an island with one female celebrity, who would it be and why? – Georgia

2. Which would you rather get caught doing by your friends? Rollerblading listening to Justin Beiber or blowing a guy (obviouslyyou’d be listening to techno)? – California

1. Would you consider wearing a t shirt that says,”I’m proof my mom likes to fuck.”? Louisiana


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