Born Again Hard


After yesterday’s post Changing Your Identity I received an awesome email from Marco, a west coast client of mine who I worked with from late 2015 until his business travels resulted in a pause in his Coaching this past November. It was great to hear from him as always, and he reported that he had checked in on the site yesterday for the first time in a while (he’s in a pretty austere location at the moment) after receiving my email. He shared with me some thoughts on his experience over the past year that I thought were outstanding.

I reached out to Marco after his email and asked him for permission to post a portion of his message on here, as I believe that some of you may also enjoy sharing in Marco’s success.

The italicized text below are Marco’s words:


I caught your post today about changing your ID.

I remember you using that phrase quite a bit when we first started working together, and to be honest I thought at the time that it sounded goofy.

Looking back now, I realize that your use of those words were a lot more accurate than I thought they could be and I’m a walking, talking example of someone who made this happen.

When we first spoke I was a flabby 191 pounds. I told you that I’d gotten sloppy over the last few years (Marco is 35 years old for the record) and I’d just kept putting off getting back in shape. I had all your books, and read a ton online about working out, but I never really put in the work I needed to.

It took you verbally bitch slapping my ass and walking me through the changes I needed to make in my habits and my way of thinking to finally make shit happen. By February I was lean and mean with more muscle than I’d had since college. I was getting compliments and looks from the girls at work, and my (then) girlfriend was all over my shit.

I didn’t stop there though, as you know, and now I’m a hard 210 lbs with abs for the first time if you don’t count my rib-abs in middle school.

I told you that I was making good money but that I thought I should have more to show for the work I’d done at my age. You bitch slapped me again and got me straight with the habits you assigned and now I have friends asking me for money advice. I’ve got about 3 thousand left on my loans, which I’ll crush after this trip, got out of my BS lease, beefed up my credit A LOT, and now for the first time have a few grand in the bank between my cash reserves and my index.

Like you said would be the way it worked, I didn’t suffer any loss to my social life at all. I’ve got a great new girl that I’m Skyping with back home out here, and my good friends, the ones left after “the purge” are all looking forward to my return next month so we can get fucked up on the town right.

My confidence is sky high bro, I feel like there isn’t shit I can’t do now.

I’m not the person I was over a year ago now. Like you said in that article, and like you told me I needed to do, I changed my identity.

My pops was a Marine, as you know, and he always used to talk about being “Born Again Hard”. I get what he meant now and I can’t think of a better way of putting the way that I feel about what’s happened to me. I wish he could’ve seen what I’ve done and who I am now, but I know he’s looking down at me proud.

Can’t wait to get back to the states and get back to work with you bro. Last time I signed up with a credit card that I had to make some room on in order to jump on the generous offer you gave me after our first call. This time I’m actually excited to pay your full rate on my debit card and not look back.

Shit, give me a few more months JP and I’m gonna do one of these scholarships too so I can “pay it forward” like you talk about.

I can’t thank you enough bro. I couldn’t a done it without you.

I hope you and the little ones had a great Christmas and I hope your New Year’s is off the hook, I’d expect nothing less JP.

I’ll be in touch soon bro.

Thanks again.



I couldn’t be happier to be able to share this with you guys. It’s messages like these that make what I do so rewarding to me.

This is a pivotal time in your life.

This coming year can be more of the same, or it can be “off the hook” like Marco said.

I hope to be able to share a message like this to my readers from you at the end of 2017.

By now you know I have a few options for you to get on board with me for this coming year so that we can work together and make some serious waves.

I sincerely hope to hear from you, and look forward to bringing you over to the dark side.

Let’s rock.

See below for more details on how we can make shit happen.

NOTE: If you’re dead ass serious about making this coming year the best year of your life to date, and re-writing your story once and for all, I have TWO solid options for you that are only available until Midnight on December 31.

The first is the scholarship option for six months, or one year of Personal Coaching with me. A great client of mine donated a sum of money to be used towards a new client’s registration with the caveat that it go only to someone who was very serious about making change (hence the six and twelve month options exclusively).

One of the scholarships from him was already grabbed, which leaves one up for grabs. In addition, I’ve created two scholarship spots of my own to hopefully encourage two more individuals to take the plunge and join the team.

The scholarships get you a full 50% off of the normal cost of registration (which will increase this coming year).

If you’re serious about getting on board, click the scholarship banner below to get yourself registered NOW.

You’ll find the instructions and coupon code for the 50% off on the product page in the store.

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The clock is ticking on both gentlemen, come the 31st they’ll both be ghosts.




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