Call of Duty


 “Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act, and in that action are the seeds of new knowledge”.

The above quote is one of my favorites, and one that has stuck with me for many years.

I was recently reminded of these words during a conversation with a friend about the differences between spending and investing ones time, and between producing and consuming, being a man of value.

This guy has been experiencing some down times in his life over the past two years. He’s a great guy with a great heart, but as of late, like has happened to so many of us, he’s been living a depressed existence, largely devoid of much enjoyment or pride in his actions.

He recently kicked a pretty serious drug habit that had rained down holy terror on his life for some time.

He’d missed out on a few great opportunities for employment due to his addiction, had ruined a great relationship with a wonderful girl, and had largely alienated himself, as so many addicts do, from most of his family.

Despite the fact that he’d racked up a massive victory in overcoming the life stealing compulsion that had taken the reigns in his life for so long, he found himself fixating on the destruction that his choices and actions had caused, and was trudging through his days with little hope or ambition that his future would ever be much more than his present.

He’s an intelligent guy with many talents, much to offer the world, and it brought me much pain to see him playing the game at a level so far beneath his potential.

He had been spending his time, not investing it, his most precious and ever depreciating asset, wallowing in self pity and barely getting by in a haze of the angst brought on by a dead end job, an accidental diet of crap foods, little in the form of exercise, a heavy dependence on alcohol as a tool to change his state, and a borderline internet porn addiction.

This strong, vibrant human being that had accomplished so much a short decade ago had become a living, breathing paperweight of sorts, pissing away his time feeling sorry for himself.

All the gifts that he had to give to the world and its inhabitants were destined to end up buried with him when his will to continue had disappeared if he did not change his ways.

I’m happy to report that he’s now investing his time and energy improving his situation. He’s surrounding himself with quality people, strong willed producers of good that are assisting him through his rebirth as the beast of a man that I know he will become once again. This down time in his life is now in the rearview mirror where it belongs, and he is once again looking through the windshield as he drives through life, instead of attempting to make forward progress while laser focused on his past in the rearview, which is much smaller than the windshield for a reason.

He’s back to producing, bringing good into the world, as opposed to simply consuming what it has to offer.

We all have a duty to the world, to those that we love, to those that we are in relationships with, to our kids, to our clients/customers, to those whose disabilities make it impossible or near impossible to experience the wonders that are freely available to us with far less effort to make our lives matter, to be men of value.

As a reader of this site I’m certain that you are much more self aware and more than likely possess more raw desire for greatness than the average bear.

Along with those attributes, you probably have more knowledge of the mechanics necessary to accomplish those things that you wish to accomplish, and better access to the resources that can assist you in your quest than many who are currently doing more with less, plugging along towards their objectives like the proverbial tortoise.

Are you a living example of what it takes to succeed?

Are you teaching your kids through your actions what a man of power is, a man who doesn’t quit in the face of adversity, who doesn’t give up when times get “tough”, who has the balls to carve a path for himself in this world, regardless of his starting point and the distance to his destination?

Are you taking all of the lumps that life can dish out to you while smiling, armed with the knowledge that your current circumstances are not your destiny, that you have not been given a life sentence, remanding you into the custody of powers or actions out of your control?

Are you truly a producer of value, enriching the lives of those around you, and harnessing your unique talents and abilities to reap both the financial, and intrinsic rewards of the hard work that you are singularly able to bring to the market?

Do the words “Beast”, “Animal”, “Boss”, “Patriarch”, or “Man of Power” come to your mind when you look at yourself in the mirror, or into the minds of others that know you when your name is spoken?

Do you go to sleep at night truly content with the incarnation of yourself that you are showing the world each day at present time?

Are you playing the game to your fullest potential?

If you answered “No” to any of those questions, I’m going to go ahead and file a charge against you with the universe (I know, JP sounds like a new age fruitcake right now) for Dereliction of Duty.

Answering “No” to those questions means that you are pissing your time away, you’re spending it not investing it, you’re consuming instead of producing, you’re setting yourself up for regret in the future and more than likely living in a “blackout” as I described in a previous article.

It’s your duty to be the absolute best version of you that you can be.

Your family needs you.

Your friends need you.

The fucking world needs you.

It needs the things that only you can provide to it.

I know you’re not so selfish as to deprive the world and your fellow man of the wonderful gifts that you’re able to contribute to it, choosing instead to check off the days on the calendar as you inch closer to a death laden with regret, asking two of the most common questions that come from death beds:

“Did I live?”

“Did I matter?”

Do you matter?

Of course you fucking matter. If nothing else you matter to me because you’re reading this, and that means that my time invested in typing this out that I’d otherwise piss away watching lesbo Granny and Teen porn meant something.

I love each and every one of you that are reading this, and I thank you for another wonderful year that you’ve all presented me with a platform to contribute my ramblings and thoughts to the world.

I’m humbled at the reach that my words have grown to have. There aren’t many corners of the world at this point where I do not have readers, and for a dirt poor kid who was destined to be little more than half a gangster if he hadn’t made the decisions he had, that means a fucking lot.

I fucking produce.

While many of my contemporaries are solemnly pissing their time away at a bar, or clumsily hoping to be noticed by the chubby 6 by the jukebox with the bad weave and horrible makeup, I’m sipping a drink by the computer, hammering away on my next book, and my first novel (that’s right fuckers, JP’s first work of fiction releases in 2017).

When others are asleep, I’m awake reviewing information sent to me from clients to provide them with the best experience and best guidance that I can deliver so that I selfishly celebrate in their personal victories with them, whether large or small.

I’m raising my children, providing jobs, putting money in the pockets of others, forging solid relationships, helping others, and contributing to my community and the world in a variety of different ways.

I know that I matter.

I know that the lives of a great many would be adversely affected if I were to pass, or to capitulate when times got tough.

I say this not with some perverted sense of ego or self-importance, but from a place of being ensconced in the warmth received from the knowledge that I’ve impacted many, lived a life that many could not even imagine, and am continuing to leave a legacy, satisfying my personal mission of being talked about affectionately daily after my passing like my grandfather who was the greatest and most powerful man I’ve ever known.

All I want for you, my reader, is for you to feel as ecstatic about life as I’ve been able to feel.

I want you to succeed in spite of those who thought you could not or would not.

I want you to provide immense value to those that you love, those that you influence, and live a life of abundance, both financially and intrinsically, armed with the knowledge that you made fucking dent on this earth during your all-to-brief time as one of it’s inhabitants.

We’re only a few hours away from the New Year, which for many serves an arbitrary time to “reboot” their systems, to change what they want to change. If it takes an otherwise meaningless day or time to spur said person into developing themselves into the person that they’ve been allowing to lie dormant within them, the person that they have a duty to the rest of us to become, then I’m all for it. Whatever works.

I hope that this post finds you in good spirits, and I truly hope that it has potentially awakened something within you, the piece that wants more, that wants to lead by example and show the rest of the world what a fucking human being can become.

We’ll chat more after the New Year, but until then, live fucking powerful.



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