Client Success Stories

C.RE.A.M. Part Two: A Passive Yet Powerful Savings Strategy


One of the most frequent things that I hear from Coaching clients when discussing the topic of Personal Finance is “I can’t save money”, or “I don’t make enough money to save money”. The above images were sent to me by clients who said those words to me at one point or another. As you can see, they’ve seemingly been able to overcome their former financial shortcomings. (more…)


Sharing the Wealth on a Wednesday Morning


Today has been an excellent day for me so far. As those of you who know me are aware, I keep very irregular and erratic hours. There isn’t much about JP’s schedule that can be considered “normal”. As I write this it is about 9am and I am still up from yesterday. You may have also noticed that my posting frequency has been less regimented as of late, this is always a sign of big things taking place behind the scenes. As I write this, there are a few awesome projects in the works, all of which you will be made aware of very soon.

This morning has been a great one for several reasons, but the two that I’d like to share with you today (and the inspiration for this awesome opportunity that I’ve created for you) came to me in the form of two separate emails. (more…)


Steve’s Five-Week Experience


In keeping with tradition, today’s Tuesday post is brought to you by one of my clients, Steve. This is a testimonial that he sent over to me this past weekend. He’s a great guy, and has been doing some great things. I’m excited to continue to watch him develop and continue to produce great change in his life. Just wait for Steve’s one-year testimonial… (more…)


What are You Waiting For?


This guy here is waiting for the time to be right to join TeamPain

Over the last twelve months, more people have made the decision to join TeamPain and hire me as their Personal Coach than ever before. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to meet these people whom I respect greatly for taking charge of their life, and making the commitment to seeking the tools and knowledge necessary to take them several steps ahead. (more…)


“Dave’s” Story

Oxycontin 2 SH jpg_

This is the second in this new series of Tuesday posts where I highlight some of the accomplishments of my Coaching clients by posting their provided success stories. This week’s story comes from “Dave”. If you have a success story from working with me, please send it to me, and I will happily post it on here, anonymous or attributed based on your wishes. (more…)


“J’s” Dramatic One-Month Progress


Today I’m deviating from my recently adopted Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule to introduce a new series of posts. I frequently receive client testimonials, and I’ve decided to feature them here on Tuesdays. (more…)


From Paralyzed to Powerhouse: Will’s Story


I was recently contacted by a long-time reader, and early consultation client who expressed his gratitude for the help I had offered him and wished to share with me the story of his journey since our first interaction. His story is incredibly inspirational, and so I asked him to share it with my readers. The following is the story of one man’s personal journey to build the body he desired and his remarkable triumph over unexpected adversity. (more…)


Damian’s Dramatic Eight-Week Progress


Damian is a Gold Package Coaching Client of mine whom I have been working with for the last eight weeks. At only twenty years of age, he is my youngest current Coaching client. I wrapped up my most recent session with him late last night, and I thought I’d take a moment to highlight some of his progress to date. (more…)


Reflecting on Some Client Accomplishments

I’ve been reviewing my notes from each of my coaching cases over the last year. I am truly honored to have helped these people, whom I’ve come to admire and respect, accomplish the myriad of things that they have done. (more…)


My Greyskull ACS Principles of Violence Course Experience

by Butch White

The following is a written review of the Greyskull Academy of Combat Sciences Principles of Violence/Basic Combat Course, from the perspective of Graduate, Butch White. At 51 years of age, Butch was the oldest graduate from the 01-13 class. His performance in the course was exemplary, and it was a pleasure to train him. I greatly look forward to working with Butch in the future. -JP (more…)


An Australian Gladiator Success Story

by Daevid Anderson

The following was submitted to me by Daevid Anderson, artist extraordinaire from Perth, Western Australia. He describes the success he has recently had by implementing the program outlined in my Twelve Weeks at Greyskull series title “Gladiator”. Enjoy, and check the bottom of the post for a discount offer on the two-volume “Gladiator” package in the store so that you can get results like Daevid. -JP (more…)


My Blueprint to Beast Experience

by Jason Kapnick

The author squatting in a recent meet where he went 485/ 320/ 605 at 181. The over triple-bodyweight deadlift was an unofficial lifetime drug free world record.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend Mr. Johnny Pain’s most recent seminar: “Blueprint to the Beast.” Unlike most seminars in the strength and conditioning world, very little of what was discussed dealt with the “mechanics” aspect, such as exercise technique, diet, programming, etc. Instead, John focused on the mental factors that really open the door for fantastic success. While much of the focus was applied to training, these are skills that can be applied to nearly any aspect of life. (more…)


A Few Words About “Blueprint to Beast” from Tyler “Melee” Minton

Three years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Johnny Pain. At that point of my life, I was a 4-0 amateur Mixed Martial Artist.  While I had the desire to go professional in the sport, I lacked several important qualities that would help me to excel.  (more…)


Flight of the Wind Sock

by DBT


It’s about 5 am. I’m just getting home from my post work, workout. My training partner and I decided to finish our workout by loading up the prowler with 12 45’s and doing several trips up and down the parking lot. The lot is about 50 yards long and we started by pushing it two parking spaces and switching, then one, then grinding out inches at a time until we just could not move it. As much as I wanted to throw that fucking thing into the scrap yard across the street, I couldn’t be happier. On my drive home I started thinking about the last 2 years of my training life. All of the peaks and valley’s achievements and setbacks. I’ve been lucky to have met some great people through training. People who I’d never have crossed paths with in 100 years had it not been for the simple act of lifting weights. (more…)