Your Personal Gold Mine


Wouldn’t it be great to own the deed to a gold mine that was recently discovered, and not yet mined for gold?

Would that not be a pretty amazing discovery, with almost limitless upside potential in your quality of life?

What if I told you that you DO own such a gold mine, and that you more than likely have not begun to harvest from it the riches that lay buried within its boundaries? (more…)




Do you want to make more money than you’re currently making?

Would You like to increase your monthly income by 10%? 25%? 50%?

How about 300%?

Would that help things? (more…)


Podcast: The Intelligence Investor


The title of this post is intended to pay homage to one of my favorite financial books, “The Intelligent Investor”, authored by Warren Buffett’s mentor Benjamin Graham. This classic book focuses on timeless principles of investing that are as relevant today as they were when Graham penned this work in 1949.

In response to reader submissions in my Content Requests thread on the forum, I decided to make this post to address my thoughts on investing for you, my reader.

You’ll notice that I’ve chosen the word “Intelligence” in my title in place of “Intelligent”. This is not a typo.

I’ve recorded a podcast episode to explain what I feel to be the investment strategy that always provides the highest return on investment (ROI), and enables you to invest more money in the more traditional methods with minimal risk. (more…)


Seeing it Through


One of the largest obstacles to an individual’s success, particularly in today’s age of constant bombardment of media, is the unnecessary and often counterproductive deviation from a proven strategy for the sake of seeking the “next best thing”.

This is true whether we’re talking fitness, diet, business, or personal finance.  (more…)


Six Parallels of Success in Fitness, Personal Finance, and Entrepreneurship


This post came about as the result of a conversation I had recently with a group of individuals who each has attained a level of extraordinary success in a host of different fields. We were discussing, what we believed to be, the “common threads” that exist in people that achieve high levels of success in virtually anything they try their hand at. Some call this the “midas touch”, but I argue that representing this collection of qualities in that way stigmatizes the idea and discourages others who can then simply say they “don’t have it”, or weren’t born with what it takes.

This post is designed to highlight what I feel to be six of the most common qualities found in those that achieve a high level of success in the worlds of physical fitness, personal finance, and entrepreneurship. (more…)


C.RE.A.M. Part Two: A Passive Yet Powerful Savings Strategy


One of the most frequent things that I hear from Coaching clients when discussing the topic of Personal Finance is “I can’t save money”, or “I don’t make enough money to save money”. The above images were sent to me by clients who said those words to me at one point or another. As you can see, they’ve seemingly been able to overcome their former financial shortcomings. (more…)


C.R.E.A.M. Part One


This will be the first installment in a series of Friday posts addressing the topic of personal finance. As you can imagine, finance is a topic that I spend much time working with my Personal Coaching clients on by request. (more…)


The Past, Present, Future Rule Revisited


A few days shy of one year ago, I wrote an article for this site entitled “The Past, Present, Future Rule”. It described a principle, or “rule”, which I have used with many Coaching Clients over the last several years. It specifically deals with allocating and managing a sum of money, which is come upon suddenly, in the manner which is, in my opinion, most globally beneficial to the individual’s personal economy. Being that many readers will soon be receiving income tax refunds, I think this an excellent time to revisit this idea. (more…)


The Past, Present, Future Rule

The following is an excerpt from the financial section of my upcoming release “Blueprint to Beast”. I opted to release this in article form because for many, this season represents tax time, which means that people will be coming into a sum of money in the form of a tax refund. The below rule represents a beneficial strategy for managing “found money”.

The Past, Present, Future rule is a strategy that is easily appied anytime there is a sum of money, expected or unexepected, suddenly in your income column. Common examples include tax refunds (for those who receive them), inheritance checks, capital gains, or the sale of a vehicle or home. (more…)