The Johnny Pain Show Episode: 001


This is the first episode of my new podcast “The Johnny Pain Show”.

If you’ve been following things here since the beginning, you will enjoy the return to our podcasting roots involving a collection of buffoons spouting off about a variety of topics.

The show will be on available on iTunes shortly, as well as Soundcloud, and other outlets, but for now, you can download or listen to this episode right here on JPL.

We will be recording weekly for now, but are already discussing the option of making this show a five days per week debacle. I’ll certainly keep you all updated as we go. (more…)


A Late Memorial Day Post and Podcast

A good friend and true American Hero, Jerod Dennis, KIA Shkin Afghanistan 25 Apr 2003. Jerod was killed during an ambush that wounded several other members of my unit and demonstrated incredible valor in his actions to prevent further casualties, and cut off the escape of the perpetrators of the ambush. Also killed in action that day was one of our attached Air Force Combat Controllers, A1C Raymond Losano.

Jerod was awarded the Silver Star posthumously for his actions that day, and he will never be forgotten by myself or any of the others who were fortunate enough to serve with him. He was an exemplary individual, and a true hero.

As a note, Jerod would love me pointing out that we can all see his “nut sack” in the above photo of him with his trusty M249 SAW (give yourself a pat on the back if you get the reference). (more…)


Podcast: The Intelligence Investor


The title of this post is intended to pay homage to one of my favorite financial books, “The Intelligent Investor”, authored by Warren Buffett’s mentor Benjamin Graham. This classic book focuses on timeless principles of investing that are as relevant today as they were when Graham penned this work in 1949.

In response to reader submissions in my Content Requests thread on the forum, I decided to make this post to address my thoughts on investing for you, my reader.

You’ll notice that I’ve chosen the word “Intelligence” in my title in place of “Intelligent”. This is not a typo.

I’ve recorded a podcast episode to explain what I feel to be the investment strategy that always provides the highest return on investment (ROI), and enables you to invest more money in the more traditional methods with minimal risk. (more…)


Podcast: Eliminating Bad Habits Part Two


Today’s podcast episode is an elaboration on the method that I used with my client “Jen”, in the article “Eliminating Bad Habits”, to assist her in quitting a decades-old habit of smoking cigarettes. (more…)


Podcast: Modeling Excellence


In today’s show I discuss the process of modeling others. This is an innate ability that we all possess from birth, and is responsible for how we learn complex skills like speaking with correct syntax and grammar without being formally taught. As we get older, we all possess an enhanced ability to use this process to learn more about how the best do what they do in order to improve our own performance, or better teach others to effectively produce their outcomes. Despite our increased ability to use this process, most do not take advantage of what it makes available to us. (more…)


Podcast: Do the Things You Don’t Want to Do


We’ve all heard some Coach or “Guru” tell us that we should do those things that we don’t want to do, or that scare us, in order to improve our productivity, or our success. Generally speaking this is good advice, but what happens when you just don’t want to do it? (more…)


Podcast: Dealing with Troubling Memories


Today I talk about dealing with troubling memories. We all experience and have experienced events in the recent or distant past that, when recalled, produce a negative or unwanted state inside of us. This can be a debilitating thing, but is one that you have total control over. (more…)


Podcast: Sometimes Your Words Just Hypnotize Me


In today’s podcast I provide an introduction into the world of conversational hypnosis; a method that I use extensively with my clients to aid them in producing their desired outcomes. (more…)


Podcast: A 30 Second Fix to a Negative State

dep1 copy

Today’s episode deals with a simple, effective, linguistic fix to a negative state. Learn how to use the technique of “double dissociation” to snap out of any “bad mood” in less than thirty seconds. (more…)


Podcast: “If This, Then That” Overcoming Mental Blocks


I recently asked my social media following what they would like to hear addressed on this podcast episode. One of my Twitter guys, Klein, suggested the topic of “overcoming mental blocks”. This is, of course, a recurring theme in my work, and a broad topic in nature, so I asked him to elaborate. I was able to discover a limiting language pattern that he was using, and which indicates problematic, limiting patterns of belief. (more…)


FREE DOWNLOAD and New Podcast on Success in Personal Training


My new book “The Greyskull Guide to Success in Personal Training” is set to release this coming Monday, December 2, 2013. You can download the seven-page introduction absolutely free by clicking the link in this post.

Additionally I sat down with my good friend Jason Kapnick, RKC “Beast Tamer”, and Wall Street hustler turned Personal Trainer, for close to two hours this Saturday to record for you guys a podcast about his transition into the business.  (more…)


Is Your Training Business in the Fast Lane?


MJ DeMarco’s excellent book “The Millionaire Fastlane” is one of my favorite books on the topics of business, entrepreneurship, and finance. One of the most profound bits of information presented in this work is MJ’s explanation of the “Fastlane Commandments”. These are key ideas that must be addressed if your business is to be structured in a manner that allows for exponential growth and maximum income potential. (more…)


Operation Spread the Word- A Call to Action Podcast

unclesam copy

Ok Guys, by now you have read yesterday’s post “In Honor of Those Who Served”, and have learned of my intentions to give away free eBooks to any Veteran that emails me between now and midnight on Monday (November 11th). 

I’ve recorded a short podcast to ask for your help in helping me reach my goal of giving away a MINIMUM of $25,000 in eBooks to our Veterans. Included in this number is the money saved by the 50% reduction in price of registration for the Greyskull Academy of Combat Sciences Basic Combat Course taking place here on December 6,7, and 8th, an offer which is open to anyone (veteran or otherwise) all day on Monday.   (more…)


Sharpen your Mental Edge- Podcast included


I recorded this podcast in response to a reader recommendation posted in the VillainSix Podcast Questions Thread on the forum.

I’ve pasted the original request  below:

“How about tips to train and strengthen your mind? ” (more…)


New Podcast and a Challenge to You

LCIpost copy

Ok, so you’ve been training for a while now. You own several books on the subject, you frequent forums or websites dedicated to training and diet, and you genuinely desire to have a body that reflects your interest and dedication to the iron. (more…)


VillainSix Podcast Episode 2- An Hour with Joe


After yesterday’s gay Bieber pic I thought I’d provide a cleanse with my true love, Gaga.

Here’s the second episode of the new show. This one runs about an hour and fifteen minutes. I have with me Joe, a trainee at Greyskull and a graduate of the 01/13 Greyskull Academy of Combat Sciences Basic Combat Course. Enjoy. (more…)


New Podcast Episode 1- Welcome


Listen to the first episode of the new VillainSix podcast. I will be ideally recording two shows per week to begin. (more…)