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The Villain Challenges eBook


Back in 2010 when I launched, I released a series of five “Villain Challenges” that were designed to test one’s physical and mental toughness. (more…)


5 Things Every Guy Over 35 Ought to Know About Building Muscle and Losing Fat


This post originally appeared in December of 2014. While working to make these older posts easier to find for the new reader by way of the soon-to-launch Site Navigator, I figured I’d bump a few of these for those of you who haven’t yet seen them.


-JP (more…)


Yesterday’s You


If you had to go head to head with a clone of yourself from yesterday, who would come out on top?

I mean this not just in the physical sense, as in which “You” would dick kick, throat punch, and pink belly the other, but in an overall mental and physical preparedness/awesomeness sort of way.

I want you to pause for a second, stop philosophizing about whether a mutual handy with your clone would make you, him, both, or neither of you gay (if you weren’t thinking that, you are now… you’re welcome), and really give my question some thought. (more…)


Another LCI Method Success Story


Hey guys, I’m happy to be able to bring you another featured Greyskull Gladiator here today. This time it’s Chris, who contacted me a few days ago to share his progress with me from running The LCI Method for the past ten weeks.

As you can see from the above photos, his transformation and progress has been remarkable, and he is just getting started. (more…)


The Johnny Pain Show Episode: 001


This is the first episode of my new podcast “The Johnny Pain Show”.

If you’ve been following things here since the beginning, you will enjoy the return to our podcasting roots involving a collection of buffoons spouting off about a variety of topics.

The show will be on available on iTunes shortly, as well as Soundcloud, and other outlets, but for now, you can download or listen to this episode right here on JPL.

We will be recording weekly for now, but are already discussing the option of making this show a five days per week debacle. I’ll certainly keep you all updated as we go. (more…)


“Intermediate Syndrome”

layingbrick copy

The belief that one has progressed from the “Novice” to the “Intermediate” stage in their strength training journey is perhaps the most common cause for an outright halt in that individuals progress.

This is something I’ve written a bit about elsewhere, but after addressing this very topic no less than five times in the last week with individuals who believed that their training had “plateaued”, I decided it was time to formally articulate my thoughts on this in post form. (more…)


The 360 Fat Loss Challenge


My guess is that not one of us has at one point or another been in a position where we’ve said to ourselves, “Damn, I’d like to be leaner than I am now”, or, “Oh how the panties would drop if only I could get rid of these love handles”.

I mean, what’s the point in busting our asses in the gym to build pillaging muscle when it’s covered up by a layer of goo that makes us less than excited about strolling shirtless on the beach, or throwing an old woman into cardiac arrest at the public pool? (more…)


“The Look”


What is “the look”?

The look is what I consider to be the default physique that I’ve found to be most desirable by the males whom I have coached and worked with over the years, as well as the most desirable physique for a male according to extensive polling we’ve conducted with those of the fairer sex.

The look is also what one can expect to develop while training hard in the Greyskull methods. (more…)


Three Valuable Tips for Maximum Results

torso copy

Recently I was able to catch up on the phone with a few of my TEAMPAIN guys from the first, experimental class which is nearing the end of its run.

After listening with a smile while they told me how great it feels to have accomplished what they have over the last few months, how empowering the increased attention and positive feedback on their appearance from their wives, girlfriends, and/or total strangers is, and how awesome it is to be throwing around their old maxes for reps while at much lower body fat levels,  I took the opportunity to ask them each what were the most significant lessons that they had learned over the course of this program.

Their answers were many, but a few key ideas were shared as common threads across the board. The three most common responses were derivatives of the following: (more…)


Five Things Every Guy Over 35 Ought to Know About Building Muscle and Losing Fat


This post is intended to shed some light on a few things that I’ve discovered in my years of successfully helping guys who thought it was too late to start, or who had minimal hopes for progress due to their age, build truly impressive bodies.

I’ve highlighted five of the most common misconceptions that represent shared beliefs that these great guys, just like you, have picked up along the way.

Enjoy. (more…)


Stuff Those Sleeves: Bigger Arms in 60 Days


A few years back I authored a post entitled “Bringing up the Back”. In it I templated a program that would help you add slabs of muscle to your back by focusing on this all-important area for a period of twelve weeks.

To date, that is one of my most visited posts on this site. Loads of people have had great success, and a lot of fun, by taking on that challenge. Since then I’ve been asked numerous times to release a similar post targeting the ever coveted arm measurement.

This is that post…you’re welcome. (more…)


The Deadlift: Hook or Alternate Grip?


In keeping with the theme of my last post “The Squat: High Bar or Low Bar?”, I figured I’d throw in my two cents on another commonly debated topic in the internet strength and conditioning world. (more…)


The Squat: High Bar or Low Bar?


This is one of the most widely debated topics in the strength and conditioning world… wait, let me correct myself, this is one of the most widely debated topics in those corners of the internet where people who are interested in strength and conditioning tend to congregate. (more…)


Seeing it Through


One of the largest obstacles to an individual’s success, particularly in today’s age of constant bombardment of media, is the unnecessary and often counterproductive deviation from a proven strategy for the sake of seeking the “next best thing”.

This is true whether we’re talking fitness, diet, business, or personal finance.  (more…)


Are You in Dramatically Better Shape Than You Were Four Weeks Ago?

slymickeyA couple of TEAMPAIN members discussing this coming week’s training

A few weeks ago I made it known that I was running an experimental program where I would be managing all aspects of the training regimens of six, select individuals. I did this because I miss this kind of work, having moved on a bit professionally, and working mainly with people on their overall success via my Personal Coaching services.

So far this program has been an overwhelming success. I am thrilled to be working with such a solid team of guys, and am impressed by their individual progress each and every week. I am extremely excited to see the changes that they make by the end of their time with me in this first class. (more…)


Six Parallels of Success in Fitness, Personal Finance, and Entrepreneurship


This post came about as the result of a conversation I had recently with a group of individuals who each has attained a level of extraordinary success in a host of different fields. We were discussing, what we believed to be, the “common threads” that exist in people that achieve high levels of success in virtually anything they try their hand at. Some call this the “midas touch”, but I argue that representing this collection of qualities in that way stigmatizes the idea and discourages others who can then simply say they “don’t have it”, or weren’t born with what it takes.

This post is designed to highlight what I feel to be six of the most common qualities found in those that achieve a high level of success in the worlds of physical fitness, personal finance, and entrepreneurship. (more…)


The Villain Challenges Revisited


In some ways it’s hard to believe that it’s been four years since I launched, the site that evolved into this one that you see here, with a shoestring budget, and the help of one other person in the span of one weekend. It has definitely been a journey and a learning experience that is still ongoing and constantly evolving.

On the heels of my recent post entitled “Ever Seen a Fat Guy Run a Five-Minute Mile”, which talks about the effects of aggressively pursuing performance goals, I decided to create this post to revisit the five, original “Villain Challenges” which were (still are) Greyskull standards of performance. I hope that this will encourage you to select one or two of these to focus on completing over the next several weeks (or months if you’re starting from a more modest position). (more…)


A Simple Trick for Minimizing Soreness and Enhancing Recovery


Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) can be a nasty result of training hard and heavy. Over the years I’ve been fortunate to learn several methods for reducing the effects of this ever-present companion, resulting in less discomfort following a hard workout. (more…)


Ever Seen a Fat Guy Run a Five-Minute Mile?


The Strength and Conditioning industry is full of characters whose names are generally synonymous with one particular message, way of thinking, or method. If you think about it, I’m sure you can come up with a few names and what you generally associate them with along those lines. While from a product standpoint, I am best known to the masses by way of my book “The Greyskull LP”, many have shared with me that my name, and the Greyskull name is synonymous to them with another, much simpler message:

I’m the “no bullshit” guy. (more…)


Push Your Way to a Bigger, Stronger Upper Body


After yesterday’s post on the importance of bodyweight exercises in any well organized program designed to build a stronger, more aesthetically pleasing body, I decided to write this post outlining what I consider to be some basic guidelines for an intelligent progression with the simple push-up. (more…)


“Assistance Work”: Are You Getting it All Wrong?


A couple of days ago I conducted a call with one of my Personal Coaching clients whose primary area of focus for this session was his lack of progress in training his body. This man had been unable to establish the requisite consistency in his training to really produce the results that he desired in terms of improvements in his levels of strength and conditioning, and in his physical appearance. My conversation with him inspired me to write this article, and to include a clarification of sorts in my soon to be released book “By the Power: The Ultimate Guide to the Greyskull Methods” on this topic as well. (more…)


“By the Power”: The Ultimate Guide to the Greyskull Methods- Now Available for Pre Order with Special Audio Bonus


Ok people, I have been working towards the release of the most comprehensive look at the training ideologies and methods that I have employed to build my legion of monsters around the globe for some time now. “By the Power..”: The Ultimate Guide to the Greyskull Methods is absolutely loaded with information on the nuts and bolts of the programming, and dietary components that make up the “Greyskull Methods”. (more…)


The Greyskull Manifesto


While some of you may have recently become readers of my site and other materials, many of you were originally exposed to me through my creation of, and involvement with the international institution that is the Greyskull Barbell Club. (more…)


What is The Greyskull LP?

whatisgslp copy

The Greyskull LP is the strength training program to which my name, and the Greyskull brand is most strongly associated. Since the release of the first edition book in 2011, countless people around the globe have benefited from this program. I decided to create this post, addressing some frequently asked questions, for those of you who might have shown up to the dance a bit late. (more…)