Train the Trainer

FREE DOWNLOAD and New Podcast on Success in Personal Training


My new book “The Greyskull Guide to Success in Personal Training” is set to release this coming Monday, December 2, 2013. You can download the seven-page introduction absolutely free by clicking the link in this post.

Additionally I sat down with my good friend Jason Kapnick, RKC “Beast Tamer”, and Wall Street hustler turned Personal Trainer, for close to two hours this Saturday to record for you guys a podcast about his transition into the business.  (more…)


Ditching the Scale


The following in as excerpt from my upcoming book “The Greyskull Guide to Success in Personal Training”. This book tells the story of my journey from broke backyard trainer, to internationally recognized authority on the subject of fitness and the business of being a fitness entrepreneur, and presents a series of lessons and action items that you can use to create and grow your own training business and brand into a lucrative entity. Look for it to release early December 2013.  (more…)


Is Your Training Business in the Fast Lane?


MJ DeMarco’s excellent book “The Millionaire Fastlane” is one of my favorite books on the topics of business, entrepreneurship, and finance. One of the most profound bits of information presented in this work is MJ’s explanation of the “Fastlane Commandments”. These are key ideas that must be addressed if your business is to be structured in a manner that allows for exponential growth and maximum income potential. (more…)


Train the Trainer: Volume One: The Push-up

This is the first installment of a new series of posts in which I will be breaking down many of the methods I have used and/or developed over the years for coaching personal training clients. The emphasis will be placed on the development of fundamental skills necessary to build the body that the client is after. These posts will also serve as a preview of both my upcoming “Greyskull LP” DVD series, and the “Greyskull Methods: Train the Trainer” series that I will be releasing this year. (more…)