Today marks thirty-seven years that I’ve been alive.

I’d be an outright liar if I said that I’ve lived all thirty-seven to the maximum of my potential.

I’ve accomplished many things of which I am immensely proud, and several for which I am not.

The past few years have been amazing in some regards, and yet shameful in others.

I’ve excelled in ways I’d never imagined I would, yet at the same time gradually spiraled destructively in directions I never intended to travel, finding myself, at times becoming a man I had no desire to be.

While I’ve never faltered in my commitment to serving and helping others, often times foregoing the necessary introspection or care for my own well-being, mentally and physically, I certainly have not demonstrated my best efforts in may pursuits for some time.

All of that has come to a screeching halt over the last few months.

Beginning at the tail end of last year, my life took a few significant and incredibly trying turns. I found myself in situations I never imagined being in, and having to fight for simple things in life that I had taken for granted as being static and permanent, never to be attacked or infringed upon.

I fought to overcome these obstacles, and in many ways grew stronger as a result. However despite some of my previous beliefs to the contrary, I am a mortal human being, and a heavily flawed one at that.

Months later, while working through some of the most challenging times of my life I sought escape from some of the chaos, allowing personal demons access to my mind and my actions, capitulating to their charms or seeking to hide from their presence, making poor decisions in search of refuge from the storm instead of embracing it and fighting it head-on.

While my misguided actions did not harm anyone else, I am no less remorseful of the outcomes I produced.

As the result of these errors in judgement that were mine and mine alone, I am currently fighting one of the most difficult battles of my life.

I’ve owned my mistakes, and have owned and implemented the solution.

I’ve changed everything about myself that I did not like, destroyed the elements of my character and my expression that I did not find congruent with who I want to be as a man, as a leader, and as a father.

This was not an easy endeavor, but it was one of the decisions of which I am most proud in my thirty-seven years.

Where I had become “soft and civilized” as the immortal David Goggins would say, I dug deep to find the warrior without the capacity to give up that I had once been, and that I’d allowed to lay dormant for so long.

I set out callousing my body, training incessantly since the onset of the aftermath, and reignited the fires in my mind with a deluge of influences that have propelled me into a state of mind that I can honestly can say I haven’t possessed in several years.

I am a stronger, and better version of myself than I have ever been, and as a result, I am more effective than I have ever been in my capacity to serve others.

As it stands today however, I am still fighting a serious battle.

While I’ve faced, and will continue to face, the consequences of my mistakes, I have recently been informed that my penance may be much harsher in a global sense than anyone had planned.

Without disclosing precisely the details of what I’m saying in this forum, due largely to my status and position in certain environments I stand to lose more than others would in the same circumstances.

The solution to prevent this occurrence involves the rapid satisfaction of a financial obligation which would enable my receipt of a consequence of significantly less damage to those whom I care for and provide for.

Frankly I’m willing to pay whatever price deemed appropriate for my mistakes, in whatever manner anyone sees fit, but the long term fallout and damage to the lives of my children that would arise from me being disproportionately punished is something that is not an option for me.

This said, I have to satisfy this burden in a timeline that is essentially unprecedented in order to do what’s best for my little ones, or lose much more than what is remotely warranted for my mistakes.

The sum that I have to pay is substantial, many thousands of dollars beyond what was originally communicated to me. It is the result of questionable adherence to contract terms by a company under whom I am insured (which I am in litigation to dispute), and comes at a time when my assets have been drained significantly due to the unexpected and outright insane events that preceded this incident dating back to the end of last year.

Despite this information, I have an extremely short time frame in which to figuratively produce this sum from my ass, or else be forced to accept another consequence which will result in a catastrophic hardship imposed on my kids, and the ruination of virtually all that I’ve worked my ass off to build in order to provide for them, and to lead, and serve others both in my personal and professional lives.

For some this would be a victory, a chance to say, “I knew he’d screw up”, and an opportunity to direct a course of events that would better serve their agenda.

For the brave, fighting men and women whose rights and livelihoods I fight for professionally, it would eliminate their opportunity to have an advocate to do battle on their behalf who understands their plight, speaks their language, has fucked up like they have, who is fighting the same demons as they are, and who will sooner die than see them suffer or gamble their futures trusting in others that don’t give a shit about them.

So I’m making it known here that I am offering my services, with a level of commitment and gratitude that exceeds anything that I’ve ever put forth before to anyone who wishes to work with me.

On this day, my thirty-seventh birthday, I’m the best version of myself that I have ever been, and possess a necessity-driven hunger unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

I am working in the early hours before the kids wake up, and before I head out to deliver the best results I can for the Veterans whom I assist, and working late nights after the kids are asleep to complete and deliver three new, training-related books, (one of which has been delayed and owed to many of you) all of which represent an outpouring of the fire inside of me at this moment, and the desire to overdeliver on the reader’s expectations.

I’m also working to bring back the forum that once flourished on this site by popular demand. Despite urgings from trusted mentors, I’m bringing it back in its original, free of charge format, not implementing a tiered membership structure.

I’m doing everything that I can behind the scenes, behind the screen that separates us, to deliver on my obligations in a timely enough manner to prevent the unnecessary, and spare my kids from the fallout of my mistakes.

I’m fighting for my livelihood, my freedom, and the well-being of those for whom I provide care.

Today I’m laying my shit out here for you to see, at my most vulnerable, and telling you that if you choose to work with me at this time I will deliver 1000% of what I have to offer in assisting you in the pursuit of your goals. I have a lot of value that I can deliver, and I would much rather work with you than ask for a helping hand as anyone who knows me personally will attest.

I’ve heavily discounted all of my Coaching package options, which you can access by clicking the “Let’s Get to Work” banner below, no discount codes needed.

Alternatively, if Coaching isn’t the move for you now, there is an option to donate to the cause that can be accessed by clicking the “Donation” banner at the end of this post should you choose to help out.

Should you choose to donate, I can assure you that your goodwill will forever be paid forward in my mission, and that I will without a doubt go to the end of the earth to assist you should you ever find yourself in need.

I also feel that I have to note that if you are a person that dislikes me for whatever reason, be it personal, political, or otherwise, now is your chance to kick me while I’m down. Should you elect to celebrate in my current situation, or blast me on social media, etc, you won’t really get a better opportunity than this. It would sadden me deeply if that’s what you felt was appropriate, and I would certainly never wish that you would find yourself in a similar situation…..(screwed up thing is I’d probably help you if you were).

That’s where I’m at everyone.

Here’s to another year of life; a new beginning.

I’m down but I’m not out, and rest assured that this hard-to-kill, stubborn, Hunter from The Sky will never quit.

Paratroopers don’t die. I will be on top again.

In the meantime, should you elect to help me climb back up from the ditch I’m in, I will be eternally grateful.

The banners are below.

Thank you, and God bless.


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Greyskull LP Third Edition is Here!!


The wait is over guys, the third edition is here!!

I worked my ass off on this one, and it is far and away the best GSLP ever released.

AT over 290 pages, it’s more than twice the size of the second edition and is loaded with new information and bonus content.

If you pre-ordered the book, it should be in your mailbox already. If not, get your copy today. (more…)


22 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Johnny Pain


This post was originally published in May of 2013. It was authored by my dear pal Devin, “D-Train”, “GNS”, “D3”, Coleman. I was recently encouraged to give it a bump, so here it is for your entertainment.


Here are some fun facts you might not know about your favorite Proper Villain, Johnny Pain. (more…)


Veterans Day 2015


This past week has been a hectic one to say the least. It unfortunately kicked off with a scare involving my youngest son (13 months) having to go to Children’s hospital with pneumonia and a partially collapsed lung, something that any of you who are parents know can be quite nerve-wracking. I’m happy to say that he is doing much better now, and that the latter portion of the week, though incredibly busy, was much more enjoyable.

As you know, this past Wednesday was Veteran’s Day. For some it is just another day, one which you probably don’t even have off from work or school for. For those who are Veterans, or those who have Veterans near and dear to them however, it is a very important holiday. (more…)


Still One Team, One Fight


Myself and WW2 Vet Fred Borda at this Past Weekend’s Event

We’re facing a major epidemic here in this country in this day and age, one that troubles me, and that I’ve taken a major interest in helping to resolve.

Each day in America we lose a staggering twenty-two Veterans of our Armed Forces to suicide.

Each loss of veteran life to this plague represents a horrible tragedy, and a tremendous loss to our society. (more…)


“Intermediate Syndrome”

layingbrick copy

The belief that one has progressed from the “Novice” to the “Intermediate” stage in their strength training journey is perhaps the most common cause for an outright halt in that individuals progress.

This is something I’ve written a bit about elsewhere, but after addressing this very topic no less than five times in the last week with individuals who believed that their training had “plateaued”, I decided it was time to formally articulate my thoughts on this in post form. (more…)


The 360 Fat Loss Challenge


My guess is that not one of us has at one point or another been in a position where we’ve said to ourselves, “Damn, I’d like to be leaner than I am now”, or, “Oh how the panties would drop if only I could get rid of these love handles”.

I mean, what’s the point in busting our asses in the gym to build pillaging muscle when it’s covered up by a layer of goo that makes us less than excited about strolling shirtless on the beach, or throwing an old woman into cardiac arrest at the public pool? (more…)


When the Wolves Come


So you’re several hours in to a drive to visit family for a nephew’s graduation. Your bladder has been telling you that it’s time to make a pit stop for the last thirty minutes, and your pregnant wife’s craving for the mini donuts found in rest stop vending machines served as the impetus needed to pull in for a stretch when you saw the sign on the highway. (more…)


The Show Goes On!


After months of debate, soul-searching, Peyote fueled vision quests rife with interpretive dance, and extensive polling of people on the street who have no idea who I am, I’ve finally decided the fate of the JPL (formerly StrengthVillain) forum. (more…)




Do you want to make more money than you’re currently making?

Would You like to increase your monthly income by 10%? 25%? 50%?

How about 300%?

Would that help things? (more…)


Confidence in Your Abilities


The following is an excerpt from my latest release “Johnny Pain’s Guide to Success in Personal Training”. This segment addresses the importance of confidence in your ability to provide value to others, as well as the self-doubt that sidelines many from making the effort. Enjoy! (more…)


SUCCESS in Personal Training Has Landed!


That’s right guys, I’m finally finished this behemoth of a book.

This thing is LOADED with information. It grew and grew as I wrote.  (more…)


22 Things You Probably Don’t Know about Johnny Pain

by Devin “D Train”, “GNS” Coleman

Here are some fun facts you might not know about your favorite Proper Villain, Johnny Pain. (more…)


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