Villain A-Z

Villain A to Z: Generosity


The Modern Villain lives an abundant life, rich with all of the things that he values and desires. He understands that those around him, whether he knows them personally or not, are fellow human beings and therefore it is his wish that they enjoy an abundant, fulfilling life as well. He does his part to enrich the lives of others through his frequent and sometimes random acts of generosity. (more…)


Villain A to Z: Fearlessness

by Johnny Pain

Fear in its most basic sense is a gift. Most of what we call fear is not fear at all, but simple anxiety. Understanding the distinction is crucial. (more…)


Villain A to Z: Ethics

A few years ago a very close friend of mine found himself on the receiving end of a blindside punch that put him out on his feet and caused him to fall to the ground, breaking his jaw on the blacktop. His phone call en route to the hospital woke me from a rare early night’s sleep. His words were slow and difficult to follow, his usual tone absent, replaced with one that was a mixture of pain and anger. These are the calls that I had become a little too familiar with receiving.



VIllain A to Z: Dependability

I was blessed by having two very strong and influential grandfathers. I speak about and am inspired by my paternal grandfather or “Pop Pop” as I called him quite often, but I don’t speak or write about my mother’s dad as frequent. (more…)


Villain A to Z: Chivalry

While the historical definition of chivalry refers to a more all-encompassing code of conduct, for our purposes we will be addressing specifically how a man should treat a woman. (more…)


Villain A to Z: Bold

At seventeen I enlisted in the Army with a waiver signed by my parents. My lifelong fascination with guns and all things combat oriented made it a logical choice. (more…)


Villain A to Z: Action

Dude, what are you waiting for?

This series will illustrate twenty-six words: attributes, characteristics, or themes that one who embodies the “modern villain” mentality and lives an effective, passionate, congruent life demonstrates. Some will be more politically correct than others, but all represent important pieces of the puzzle that is the quintessential villainous male. Enjoy.

Willingness to act separates the villain from the rest of the pack. (more…)