Damian’s Dramatic Eight-Week Progress


Damian is a Gold Package Coaching Client of mine whom I have been working with for the last eight weeks. At only twenty years of age, he is my youngest current Coaching client. I wrapped up my most recent session with him late last night, and I thought I’d take a moment to highlight some of his progress to date.

Damian signed on during the New Year’s SALE that I ran at the end of December. We began our work together a few weeks after due to our respective schedule considerations. At the onset of our work together, Damian shared with me his primary reason for seeking my services.

He found himself a few years into a college education pursuing a career path which he and his family had seen as a safe and logical choice of endeavors. He had begun to work in the field alongside those who possessed the credentials and title that he would receive upon completion of his lengthy and expensive education. All was well except for the fact that he found himself increasingly disinterested in the notion of adopting the lifestyle and day to day pursuits of those whom he was working for/with.

Day in day out he witnessed what he perceived as a glimpse of his future. Long hours on a shift schedule, a seemingly universal lack of a respectable social life, monotonous, thankless work, and high levels of stress, all while restricted to a tenure based salary schedule (the glass ceiling of which allowed him an accurate look at his ultimate income potential, even with many years in the profession).

In the beginning, he was “lost”. He knew that his previously elected path wasn’t for him, but he really didn’t know what else to do. Increasing pressure from friends and family to stay the course provided him with more stress in the matter.

He expressed to me that ultimately the life of an entrepreneur was what he found most appealing. He loved, as many do, the idea of being his “own boss”, and letting his own efforts dictate his potential for financial growth. The problem was that he was not a “risk taker”, nor was he “creative” enough to be an entrepreneur.

The former limiting belief I featured in a recent post entitled “How Do You Suck?”. I was able to explain to him that his fear of risk was contextual in nature, and that he possessed all of the resources necessary to take the appropriate and calculated risks of entrepreneur in the right context. Additionally I was able to highlight the “risks” associated with his current path, from the direct contribution nightmare that was the “retirement plan”, to the larger issue of spending many of his best years rotting away in a career that he had grown to despise before he even began.

The issue of his lack of creativity however is the area in which he’s improved the most, and which I am the most proud of him for. 

I issued him a simple habit assignment during one of our first calls. I explained that, once again, he already possessed all of the necessary resources to be creative as hell, and that it was his limiting belief about his lack of the skill that was ultimately stifling him.

His assignment was simple. For twenty-one days he was instructed to discover a “problem” which he could potentially solve for others. This didn’t have to be anything that he was actually interested in pursuing as a business, simply something that causes pain in people’s lives which could be alleviated with some sort of implementable change, product, or service.

During the first week, I received a few communications from him expressing the difficulty that he was having coming up with ideas that were “good enough”. I provided the appropriate direction and urged him to complete the assignment for the full three weeks.

During the second week I received an update from him highlighting a few of his ideas. I was impressed with what he had come up with, each was truly unique, and clearly an idea that he was able to create due to his unique experiences. Content with his progress, I instructed him to go back and add three action items to each idea, three things that he would need to do to move forward with the idea. I had him do this with each idea from that point on as well.

Last week I got an email from him letting me know that he had completed his twenty-one days (though he was still in the habit of finding a new idea or idea(s) each day. Strange huh?) and that he was ready to set up our next phone session.

Last night at a few minutes after 10 pm EST we began that call.

The voice I heard on the other line was not the same as the one I had spoken to twice before. The timid, shy, unsure youngster had been replaced by a confident, driven man, intent on creating an excellent service to serve others and build for himself a life which provided him with much in the way of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. 

Prior to the call he had shot me over his completed list, complete with action items for each idea. I was blown away. This “kid” had truly come up with some excellent ideas. I can honestly say that at least a dozen of them have serious potential as profitable businesses with the right people behind them. I asked him which of the ideas was his favorite, a question which he had an immediate answer for.

He had selected two of the ideas, one which represented more of  long term project, and one which was easily implemented locally in the short term. Our call focused on the next steps for each idea; each similar in ways, though very different overall.

His short term idea was to provide a delivery service for local produce and farm goods. His area has farmers markets popping up left and right, and his community is largely involved in the “grass fed” and organic movements. These markets are only open once per week, and the people drive in from all over, cash in hand.

As we speak, he is networking with local farmers and community members alike, connecting the appropriate dots to build his service. He has a clear idea of the resources needed both to implement and advertise his business, and is enjoying immensely the “hustle” in creating it.

I won’t disclose his longer term idea as it is truly unique, and has serious potential to be an internet force for a certain market in the future. I will say that it is a community based network designed to connect individuals who find themselves in a position that he is very familiar with, and provide them with insight to assist them in important life-changing decisions.

For his “big one”, we discussed many of the logistical considerations, as well as the best course of action to take in creating the proper relationships necessary to get the idea in motion. I was able to provide him with several resources to use in the immediate future, and will be in the ears of several of my resources for further guidance to provide him with.

About an hour after the call I found myself shooting text messages back and forth with him regarding URL ideas (he had already purchased three immediately after the call) and adding to our discussion.

My work with Damian so far has been tremendously rewarding. He is a very intelligent guy, and I know that he has what it takes to be extremely successful in life. Witnessing his shift from frustrated, confused student, to focused, driven budding businessman has been nothing short of awesome. 

His case is much like those of others with whom I have the good fortune of working. Our first mission is to get clear about what it is that is desired, and what it is that is causing pain. From there we worked together to blow holes in, or otherwise reprogram the belief patterns that were creating the pain and were holding him back. At this stage, he’s free of those negative patterns of thought and is thinking and operating like a new man. Now our focus has shifted the to mechanics of entrepreneurship, as well as the other considerations involved with his decisions.

Damian was a scared kid who saw a future that terrified him. He lacked the belief in himself to pursue the route that he ultimately fantasized about. Now he’s working hard to develop a service and community to help others address an pain-inducing issue with which he can relate, and hustling to create a local service to solve a problem for those in his community while bankrolling his longer term pursuits.

He’s an entrepreneur, creating an entrepreneurial venture to pay the bills and fund his larger entrepreneurial endeavors. Not bad for somebody who lacked the creativity and risk taking qualities necessary to be an entrepreneur.

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