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This is the second in this new series of Tuesday posts where I highlight some of the accomplishments of my Coaching clients by posting their provided success stories. This week’s story comes from “Dave”. If you have a success story from working with me, please send it to me, and I will happily post it on here, anonymous or attributed based on your wishes.

“I’d like to say that I had the initiative to contact and hire JP on my own, but unfortunately that was not the case. It was my little brother who bought me my first six-month package, and convinced me to give it a shot. He has been a long time follower of JP’s stuff, and thought that he could help me with my life. 

I’ve always respected my little bro a lot. He was always the “good one” in the family. I was always the “screw up”, at least that ‘s how I believed that everyone saw me. I used to think it was sad that I looked up to my little brother so much. I always found that backwards before, though now I realize that he is a great man, and that is why I respect him. 

Almost a year ago, my brother came home on leave from the Marine Corps. I enjoyed his visit, but was a little embarassed about my condition and position in life compared to his. I was 29 years old, out of shape, in a horrible relationship, making little money in a job I was constantly afraid of losing despite my contempt for it, drinking too much, and sadly, abusing pain pills. 

I had been a decent athlete in high school, but I let my body get out of hand ever since. I went to college and got my degree in accounting, largely as a result of prodding from family and a general lack of knowledge of what I really wanted to do. I got a decent job out of college, and was making pretty good money for a guy my age. The job was boring, and the people I worked with I never quite got along with. 

After a few years I decided to switch paths and go back to bartending (which I had done in college and made good money). Three years ago I met a girl through the bar that soon became my girlfriend. I can honestly say now that we had little in common, and that short of having a steady date on the weekend, there wasn’t much that fired me up about her. 

After about a year, she lost her lease on her apartment and moved in with me. I had my reservations about it from the start, but felt obligated to help her out for a short bit until she got back on her feet. Two years later, she’d shown no progress or effort towards that though, and had pretty much “taken over” my living space. My place wasn’t much, but it was mine, or at least it had been. Now her friends were always crashing there, partying, and leaving the place a mess. 

I started drinking a lot more due to it being around me at all times, and because I felt like her and I got along better when I did. Then came the pills…

Her friends always seemed to have loads of pills with them. I didn’t touch them for a while, but caved one night after a particularly rough fight with her. It didn’t take long before a large amount of my money was going to support my new habit. 

I took another job, working for a tax preparation place. I spent my days listening to lack-minded people complain to me about how they were being screwed on their taxes, and willingly paying exorbitant rates to my company for “refund anticipation loans”. They’d tell me they needed the money for this flat screen that was on sale at WalMart this week, or some other frivolous purchase. The environment made me feel like crap on a daily basis. 

I was still bartending three nights a week, and that money was now going pretty much entirely to drugs. I was carrying pills on me everyday, and popping them when no one was looking. I was a full-blown addict, and didn’t even realize it. 

My relationship continued to get worse. I found myself going to great lengths to avoid being at my apartment. I considered moving in with a friend, but I couldn’t afford to keep both places and saw it as my responsibility somehow to do so. 

This is when my brother came home. His visits always made me feel much better. I missed him. He was always a positive influence, and I always respected his drive and ambition. I wanted to be like him in  a lot of ways. I even considered joining the military at almost thirty, but opted against it, concerned that I could never pass a fitness test at this point, and honestly worried about having to kick the pills. 

Mark (my bro) could see that I wasn’t doing well. We went out one night and sat in a bar talking for a few hours. Several beers and shots in, I opened up to him. I told him the whole story, the BS at home, the pills, everything. I’m embarrassed to say that I broke down and cried.

I could see the pain in Mark’s face. He loves me, and he was very concerned about my well-being. He told me I had to kick the pills and get control of my life. Unfortunately, the way he was “scolding” me  didn’t go  over well, and we ended up arguing. Two days later he went back to the Marines, and we hadn’t spoken much in the meantime. 

About a week later he called me and told me that he had bought me a six-month package with a “life coach”. I was pretty pissed to be honest. Who was he to think I needed a coach? (I realize the asinine irony here now). This guy’s name was “Johnny Pain”, and he was doing wonderful things with people he said. I argued a little bit about how he’d wasted his money, but eventually he made me promise that I would give it a shot. 

JP contacted me for scheduling, and I set up a first call with him. I ended up canceling that time, and not letting him know. I did this a second time when my brother contacted him and rescheduled. Finally I decided that I would try it after the second time that my brother contacted JP to apologize for my behavior. 

A few days later we had our first session. I could not believe that I had been putting this off. Twenty minutes into the call and I had a brand new “hero”. This man was able to get to the root of me in minutes. He broke down for me who I was, how I identified myself, what was really important to me, and why I was unhappy now, and he was dead on on all of it!

He even “guessed” in the first ten minutes that I had been using pills! My brother later told me that he had not mentioned that to him. I literally got chills when JP started listing the pills I had probably been taking, and the tactics that I had used to hide it from others. 

I felt completely comfortable with JP, and told him everything. He assured me that he would help me in getting things on track, and provided me with some awesome advice and exercises to begin before our next session. Towards the end of the call, he spoke to me in a way that was a bit confusing at first, but made me realize that I had to kick the drugs. Now that I’ve been working with JP for eight months, and am learning about the methods he uses (from him), I recognize what he was doing as Ericksonian or “conversational” hypnosis. 

It sure as hell worked! I sat in the dark for a few minutes after the call, then got up, raided my “stash” of pills, and sent JP a video of the pills going in the toilet. I then left my apartment (at almost midnight mind you) and went for the first run I’d been on in years. JP hadn’t told me to do this, it just seemed like the thing to do.

The next few days were rough as I was detoxing from the pills. I was very sick, and emailed JP at one point. I was shocked when he called me back to check up on me. He was driving out of state, and spent about a half hour speaking with me. I felt I had a real ally, one that could and would truly help me. 

In the next few months, much changed. I was clean, I was working out regularly and had gotten in great shape, I ended things with my girlfriend, took back control of my apartment, and upgraded jobs. I now work for a new accounting firm that one of my former college professors opened. He’s an awesome boss, and I have a lot of room for advancement. I’m making more money than I had before, even working both jobs. I’ve also started investing my money in precious metals, stocks, and am saving a chunk of capital to buy my first property. 

While I’m not “in a relationship” currently, I’ve been on a lot of dates. I’m not looking for anything serious right now, but I have had a great time with a lot of great girls. My circle of friends has also grown quite a bit. I hang out with my co-workers a lot now, including my boss.

It’s crazy now when I look back at who I was a year ago. I can’t imagine being that person today. One of the proudest moments recently was when I paid for my own platinum (one year) package with JP. Even though I’m doing well now, I want to continue working with JP because I know that he will help me continue to grow. As I said before, I’ve taken a lot of interest in Coaching, and can see myself getting into the field later on. JP has told me that he would love for me to speak at one of his seminars.

I can’t thank my brother, or JP enough. It’s scary to think of where I’d be if I’d never started working with him. He is truly a hero to me. 

I cannot recommend JP’s coaching highly enough. He literally saved my life. I cannot wait to give the gift of coaching to someone in need as my brother did. 

If everyone had a coach like JP, the world would be a much better place!”




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