From Paralyzed to Powerhouse: Will’s Story


I was recently contacted by a long-time reader, and early consultation client who expressed his gratitude for the help I had offered him and wished to share with me the story of his journey since our first interaction. His story is incredibly inspirational, and so I asked him to share it with my readers. The following is the story of one man’s personal journey to build the body he desired and his remarkable triumph over unexpected adversity.

Will first contacted me for a consultation in December of 2010. This was just after I had launched the first version of this website,, a hastily constructed site built out of a need for a place to post my content and interact with my followers after my departure from the organization with which I was previously affiliated.

Like most who sought me out in that era, Will was interested in my take on what he should be doing training and diet wise to build the body that he truly wanted, but had not quite been able to develop through his efforts in the gym. At the time my consultations were straightforward, and centered around the mechanical elements of strength training and diet unless it evolved into other areas in conversation. I had not yet formally implemented or offered what I do now in terms of whole-life Coaching.

Our session ran about an hour, and Will ended the call with a solid grasp on what he should be doing in the gym and in the kitchen.

Two years later I received my next communication from Will. I remember our second session vividly. Will recalls it here in an excerpt from his email to me:

“Two years later I was still 230 lbs and over 20% body fat. I had gotten much stronger but I was not ripped and did not feel like I had put on much muscle mass. I called JP again and said “Hey, I need more help. I’m not getting the results I think I should be getting.” JP asked me a few quick questions and was abe to point out that I had been mentally holding myself back. He then gave me tools to change my way of thinking. I took his advice and started implementing these new mental exercises.”

Like many, Will had believed that a lack of knowledge of the right “program” or diet was what had been keeping him from getting what he wanted. As was the case with many clients of that time, my inclination had evolved to attacking the mental barriers that I knew were present and separated them from achieving the success that my one on one clients at my home base (Greyskull) were seeing.

Will reflected on our call, not quite yet ready to dive into what I had told him full-bore. I don’t blame him, I mean here was a big tattooed guy telling him how to think differently, and that his inability to produce the results that he wanted were the result of limiting patterns of thought that he possessed. Not the easiest thing to swallow.

Will recounts what happened next:

One day after about six months of tossing around what JP had told me in our second session, I decided to really get to work changing my limiting beliefs. All of the sudden fat loss became clear to me. I went full bore at loosing as much fat as possible as fast as possible. I did not care about muscle loss or strength loss I just wanted to be LEAN. A few months later I was a small but lean 185 as seen in the second photo.”


willptopFrom Left to Right: Will at the time of our first call, Will after shedding the fat, Will now after fighting his way back from a wheelchair, and on his way to full beasthood. 

Will steamrolled through his first real focused mission, and achieved great success. What happened next, he could not have predicted:

“I realized that 185 was lean but SKINNY and I never wanted to be a skinny guy so I dedicated that same drive and determination to building muscle. However after about 2 months I contracted Guillan Barre Syndrome and was paralyzed for a short period of time. THIS WAS MY POINT OF NO RETURN. The day I had to have my wife push me in a wheel chair so I could go outside for fresh air was the day I decided I would do what ever takes to do the things in life I wanted to do.

I came home from the hospital and fell out on the couch from a 50 foot walk. That same day I reread Greyskull LP, SWOLE and my notes from JP’s consult. I gave everything I had to doing one push up, attempted a pull up, a single sit up and a short walk. I did this every day. After about three months I had regained enough reflexes to run a short distance, I pushed my self so hard that when I came in the house I passed out for over three hours. My central nervous system had DUMPED everything it had in about four minutes. I did this daily for another six months determined to beat it.

April 2014 will have been 1 year since I started FROM ROCK BOTTOM. Not even able to walk myself to the bathroom. I have built up to 200lbs and less then 10% body fat while beating this. I can run a Mile in five minutes FLAT. I can lift the same weights that I did when I was 230lbs and 20% body fat.

Will on his plans for the road ahead:

I am absolutely certain that I will put on another 20lbs of muscle THIS YEAR. I am so certain that I even changed my standard image because he was too small and not up to MY standard.

What JP gave me during that phone call was something very few people will ever have. THE ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY THAT I WILL SUCCEED!

Will’s story is a true inspiration to me. I am immensely proud of what he has done in overcoming the unexpected adversity that was thrown his way. Where many men would have submitted to the idea of never walking again, Will put his head down and blasted through that wall, hell bent on not being beaten by unfortunate events.

It is an absolute honor of mine that Will credits me with helping him in the manner that he does. The idea that a single session call from a few years ago could have resonated so deeply with him and assisted him in his time of hardship is incredibly moving to me personally.

Will recently communicated to me:

“I feel like I OWE YOU so much for my new life.”

To say that I love what I do is a massive understatement. Stories like Will’s let me know that I truly am doing what I need to be. My commitment lies one hundred percent in contributing to as many individuals as possible in a positive way.

I’ll keep you all updated on Will’s progress. I’ve contacted him about doing an interview with me soon, so hopefully you’ll be hearing his tale in greater detail soon.

Let Will be an inspiration to you. Life is full of uncertainties, and you don’t ever know what is around the corner. Will’s outlook is to live everyday with a nasty, determined, passion, and to create for himself the most fulfilling life that he possibly can.

In encourage all of you to follow his lead. 




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