G/ACS July Seminar Review/Interview


This past weekend I had the distinct privilege of hosting a solid group of individuals for the Greyskull Academy of Combat Sciences: Principles of Personal Defense Live Event here at Greyskull HQ.

The weekend went extremely well, and the participants’ progress over the course of the weekend was nothing short of impressive.

With the Pass/Fail format of these events, it is rare to see a class where each and every participant passes with flying colors, but this group defied the norm, and did exactly that.

We are definitely going to make a serious effort to get more of these “open to the public” courses up for registration as the schedule permits.

One of this weekend’s course participants, Paul Waggener, authored an excellent review of the course for his blog, and conducted a short interview with me upon returning home. I’m posting the link for you here so you can read it for yourself.

Click Here to read Paul’s review.


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