In Honor of Those Who Serve(d)


It’s that time again people; time to celebrate the heroic efforts of those who have served their country or are currently serving. Last year I succeeded greatly in my personal mission of donating free eBooks to any vet who contacted me on Veteran’s Day. While I came up a bit short of my personal target of $25,000 in giveaways, I was able to get just shy of $20,000 in books into the hands of these brave souls.

This year I’ve decided to kick my efforts up a notch. I hope that you’ll help me in spreading the word.

I’ve created a few different Vet’s day incentives and offers to best celebrate these individuals.

Here they are:


Once again this year I will send any Veteran any eBook of their choice ABSOLUTELY FREE if I receive an email from him or her ON November 11th.

Emails should be sent to with the subject line “Vet’s Day Giveaway”.

Like I said, I was able to give away almost twenty grand in books this way last year, and I’d certainly like to match that number if not pass it.

Personal Coaching

I’ve created a code VETSCOACH that will allow any Veteran (or friend/family member purchasing for a veteran) to purchase a single session Personal Coaching call with me for 50% off of the current sale price. That’s a $75 reduction in my fee, and it is designed to allow vets to make use of my services for a dramatically reduced rate.

This offer is available from now until midnight on November 11.

Click Here to visit my Personal Coaching section and register for your call, or lock in your friend or loved one’s session, today.

Greyskull Live Event

On December 13 of this year, I will be opening the doors of Greyskull Barbell Club for an old fashioned “Day in the Gym” event. These are attendee driven events designed to ensure that everyone in attendance leaves with every question answered, and plenty of hands on instruction. There is also one of my historically “epic” after parties planned for this event.

I’ve created a code GREYSKULLVETS for this product that will allow any vet to register for 50% of the normal tuition. At the $199 price tag (which is a steal for all of you non-vets anyway), this means a full day of face to face instruction and hijinks with me for less than $100.

Click Here to read more about this event and register with your savings today.

Essay Contest

For a bit of fun, I’ve decided to create an essay contest for this years festivities. Any veteran is free to try their hand at this one.

Simply write an essay (2000 words or less) on the topic “What Being a Veteran Means to Me”, and submit to me via email at before November 11. The winner will be featured on this site, and will receive a three session Personal Coaching package with me ABSOLUTELY FREE.

That’s right, I’m giving away a package with a $419 price tag to the Veteran who can best convey the experience to my readers.

I’d say this is a hell of an opportunity.

Please forward this to any and all Vets that you know. I always love to meet new people who have staked it all and stepped up where others could not, or simply would not, to protect the freedoms and liberties that so many of us enjoy.


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  1. Good stuff.

    November 5, 2014 at 10:18 am

  2. lauren

    Thank you greatly for your service!

    November 11, 2014 at 12:18 pm

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