In Honor of Those Who Served


This coming Monday (11th November) is a very important holiday. Veterans Day marks an opportunity to celebrate the brave, heroic individuals who have voluntarily served our country and protected the freedoms we all enjoy.

This Veterans Day I will be offering a special thank you to those who have served or are currently serving AND I’ll be offering something completely unprecedented, for anyone who wishes to be tougher, more self-assured and all around bad-ass LIKE the Veterans who follow this blog.

For Veterans

For 24 hours, from midnight Sunday until Midnight Monday, any active duty or former military personnel will receive any TWO of my eBook titles absolutely free. That’s right, just shoot me an email with your selections, and I will personally see to it that they hit your inbox ready to read. (Note: I’m not requiring any sort of proof of service since Vets are by and large some of the most honorable people you can meet. I have no doubts that the honor system will work well here; I don’t think anyone is ballsy and disrespectful enough to make false claims in order to benefit themselves).

If you know a man (or indeed woman) who could make use of this offer… let them know! Share it, Tweet it, Facebook, carrier pigeon … whatever – get the message out there.

For Everyone!

Now in the same 24 hours, in the spirit of honoring these warriors past and present, and in honor of our fallen brothers, I am also offering to anyone (veteran or not) a massive savings of 50% OFF registration for the December Greyskull Academy of Combat Sciences Basic Combat Course Seminar.

This Seminar will transform you into a man who can protect himself and his loved ones, in the most efficient, vicious… and devastatingly effective way possible against any would-be attacker(s).

This discount brings the price of registration down to only $275. An absolute steal for three days of immersion in the training necessary to protect your life and the lives of those you love in a “worst nightmare” run in with asocial violence.

Now is the time to act.

Click here to have a listen to yesterday’s podcast on mental preparedness for self defense, an excellent primer for the material covered in this immensely valuable course.

This promotion will only be active for 24 short hours on Monday 11th November (midnight to midnight), so vets, make sure that you get those emails into me on Monday, and make sure to register for the event during this window in order to take advantage of this substantial discount.

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