“J’s” Dramatic One-Month Progress


Today I’m deviating from my recently adopted Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule to introduce a new series of posts. I frequently receive client testimonials, and I’ve decided to feature them here on Tuesdays. This type of tale is, after all, the internet’s version of “word of mouth”. The bottom line is that I can toot my own horn all day long about my abilities as an Agent of Change, but what I have built my reputation on, and what allows my reach to grow, is the simple fact that I produce dramatic, lasting change for my clients, often times over and above their initial desires, and this way you will hear these stories “from the horses mouths”.

If you have a JP testimonial, please share it with me at jp@johnnypainlive.com I’d love to read it and feature it on here (anonymously or attributed based on your wishes).

“J’s” Story

“I contacted JP a little over a month ago and purchased a Single Coaching Session. This was something that I had been keeping in the back of my mind for a while and finally pulled the trigger when he mentioned the upcoming price increase. Looking back now, it’s shocking to see how different the path my life might have went down without this call.

My original consultation intention was to get some help dropping a weight class for a sport. I work as a trainer myself, but I was having a hard time training myself. All the knowledge of what to do was there, there was just a missing piece to the puzzle that was not clicking with my own body. JP realized that I knew the mechanics and that something was awry in my mental approach.

We walked through my personal history and went through some exercises that look at my situation holistically. There was no immediate epiphany and I had some difficulty with a couple of the questions.

At the time, I was looking at my future with hopes for mere mild modifications and improvements of my current situation. It was not a bad future, but there was a marked difference between how I described my ideal future at that point vs. how I envisioned it when I was younger. After continuing with the exercises JP assigned me for homework, I was out walking one night and was hit with the realization that everything I saw in my future was predicated on a single limiting belief (specifically regarding my age).

I thought that I was too old to do what I would have wanted as a younger man. Once that limiting belief was realized and shattered, more fell in its wake.

The most impressive part of the experience was that by changing one thing (taking action toward my original goal in life), everything else began to fall into place.

While my finances were not in terrible shape before, I have found a way to make more money in the past month than ever before. I have stopped obsessing and overanalyzing my diet and training and my body composition has improved.

Perhaps the greatest side effect of all has been going from a period of limited romantic options to having to choose where to spend my nights. I have even started a side project just for fun that may hold promise as an entertainment platform. I did not intentionally work for any of these things, they just seemed to fall into my lap once JP helped me realize the true issue and I set off on this path.

My future now looks radically different, and I can not encourage people enough to seek out JP. I have purchased every book he has published, but it was not until walking through the exercises with him that I saw real change. I believe that reading his books is what laid down the foundation in my brain to allow me to see change so quickly, but the consultation was what finally set the transformation in motion. I will definitely be consulting with JP in the future.”

“J” is a hell of a guy, and I know that he will continue to progress. Stories like his are why I do what I do, and why I have such passion for it.

As I mentioned before, if you have a success story, I’d love to hear it.

If you haven’t worked with me yet, what are you waiting for?

I challenge you to “pull the trigger”, as “J” did, and let me assist you in creating the outcomes that you desire and deserve.




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