Lean Body, Fat Pockets


There are certainly worse ways to go through life, are there not?

What man would not want those words to describe his conditions?

Given the choice, would you rather be carrying 15-30lb more body fat than you probably should, with far less muscle than the person you envision when asked what your ideal body would be, or would you rather have a lean, muscular physique that turns the heads of the women you think are out of your league?

The kind of body that allows you the confidence to jump at the chance to take of your shirt at the beach or a pool party.

The kind of arms that make women seemingly unable to resist squeezing your arms when you’re in a custom fit Ralph Lauren Polo.

The defined, yet not “shredded” midsection that your wife or girlfriend loves to rub her fingertips over when she catches you changing and asks you if you can’t just “be a little late for work”.

Likewise, would you like to be stressed each month on how to cover the mortgage, how to make that past due car payment before the note holder reports it to the credit bureau again, making a payment to your credit card so that you make some “room” to cover that expensive dinner on Friday night, losing sleep at night over the thought of once again finding yourself with too much “month left at the end of the money”, and flat out refusing to even think about retirement?

I can bet with absolute certainty that you would never elect to live a life like that if you had a say in the matter.

Here’s the thing, you DO have a say in the matter.

You have an absolute say in the matter each and every day as you wake up.

When that opportunity clock goes off, that’s your signal to take the action necessary to change the aspects of your current circumstances about which you are anything less than ecstatic.


If you feel as though a life abundant with financial wealth, fantastic relationships (both of the friends and family, and intimate variety), an immensely intrinsically rewarding professional purpose, and the freedom and wherewithal to pursue those things about which you are most passionate and that provide you with the most pleasure is not in the cards for you, trust me, I can relate.

I felt the exact same way at numerous dark times in my life.

You see, beliefs like that are a cancer, and if we allow that cancer to spread, it destroys us from the inside out.

How many times have you thought of something that you really wanted to do or achieve, only to “talk yourself out of it” by citing internally all of the reasons why you either didn’t have the resources, the time, the genetics, the right connections, the money, or the “talent” to make it actually happen?

I’ve been there too. Many, many times.

If you think about it, you’ve probably failed less times than you really think.

You know how I know?

I know because, if you’re at all like how I was during my darker times, you never even gave yourself the fucking OPPORTUNITY to fail because what you wanted was so quickly dismissed as unattainable that you never took a single step in the direction of actually getting it done.

Want to be rich?

Who the fuck doesn’t?

I’ve been dirt poor; started out that way (though I never knew it), lived that way for much of my adult life.

I’ve also built wealth and lost it just as quick.

I’ve come back from major financial setbacks, only to surpass my previous highs, each and every time.

I’ll tell you this, given the choice between poor and rich, I’ll take rich every fucking time.

Money might not actually buy happiness, but I can assure you that poverty doesn’t buy much of anything.

Money might not grow on trees, but it is entirely possible to build assets using nothing but your passion, your knowledge, and a few nights of little sleep, that produce an income that can be harvested an awful lot like picking fruit from a tree, and that returns with regularity when you “water” those assets.

Having a great body might not be all that important, but arguing with your wife or girlfriend for holding eye contact a few seconds too long with the two attractive girls checking you out in the mall beats the hell out of arguing about why she insists on saying that this or that buff-bodied actor is “hot” when you’re right fucking there.

You see, in life you will always have problems. The difference is that when you have a lean body and fat pockets, your problems are simply of a much higher quality.

Biting your tongue when your high-paid CPA gives you your tax bill after doing all he can to “beat up” your gross beats counting down the days before your tax refund arrives so that you can pay down your credit cards and stop the collections people from blowing up your cell ten times a day (even on Sunday), trying to sneakily get you to answer by changing up area codes every few calls.

Deciding which of the two girls you’re casually “seeing” you want to take to your brother’s destination wedding, and how to approach the subject with the other beats the hell out of getting “catfished” again on Tinder or Match, and having your mother ask you why you won’t take her up on her offer to set you up with Dottie from church’s narcoleptic daughter, the one with all the cats, who you heard through the grapevine is an absolute head case and took a baseball bat to her ex boyfriend’s car when she caught him looking at porn.

It’s all up to you my friend, NO ONE has more vested interest in changing your life for the better than you do, and NO ONE has more control over the events and outcomes in your life than you either.

Making the conscious decision to make serious fucking progress, starting NOW, is the first step to refusing to accept the bullshit that you’ve settled for in your life.

Rejecting the notion that there is ANYTHING that is impossible to make leaps and bounds better about your life is the step after that.

Getting crystal clear about what you will no longer accept anything less than is the next.

If you’re unhappy, replace that with anger.

Do something about it!

Change your body.

Stop stressing about how to pay the bills. Make some fucking money and wipe your debt clean.

Be like my client who left his “comfortable” job in the construction industry and, with no sales experience whatsoever, took a job as a commission only salesperson for a telecom company.

This guy has balls I’ll admit it, but you know what?

It takes balls to make shit happen.

This young guy has $24,000 in outstanding student loan debt, years after graduating with a degree that he hasn’t used at all.

Concerned that he would not be able to sell enough to cover his bills he hired me to teach him the art of persuasion, influence, and closing face-to-face, and over the phone.

Three weeks in he’s promoted for smashing the record for closes per day in the face-to-face selling of leads at their homes.

Less than a month after that he’s promoted again, this time to a managerial position where he leads a small team of people selling on the phone, sharing in their commissions as well.

What does he do?

He breaks the record for that position as well and gets his most recent promotion.

This time he’s salaried AND paid commission.

What decision does he make then?

He decides to put himself back on “commission only” by applying his entire salary check to his student loans, enabling him to pay off his outstanding debt easily within the next six months.

Think he’s living on ramen and easy mac as a result?

Try again… He’s stepped his selling efforts up that much more and is making more money, even with the salary piece taken “out of circulation”, in one week than he was in one month at his previous job… the labor intensive job that his friends all envied him for having because of the “great pay”.

Whatever you want to change, you can change.

If you want to win, decide to win.

Seriously decide.

Commit to the idea that you don’t want to and don’t have to settle for anything fucking less than you want out of this short life, and do something about it.

That’s what my clients do, and that’s why they’re the high-performing, lean-bodied, fat-pocketed beasts that they are.

Whether they’re “there” yet or not, they’re “there” in their brains, and making progress every day, feeling the sheer aliveness and energy that comes from the intoxicating effects of seeing things improve across the board in their lives.

If you want to join our team, to pick your dick up out of the dirt and shove it in the world’s ass, click the banner below and let’s get to work.



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