My Blueprint to Beast Experience

by Jason Kapnick

The author squatting in a recent meet where he went 485/ 320/ 605 at 181. The over triple-bodyweight deadlift was an unofficial lifetime drug free world record.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend Mr. Johnny Pain’s most recent seminar: “Blueprint to the Beast.” Unlike most seminars in the strength and conditioning world, very little of what was discussed dealt with the “mechanics” aspect, such as exercise technique, diet, programming, etc. Instead, John focused on the mental factors that really open the door for fantastic success. While much of the focus was applied to training, these are skills that can be applied to nearly any aspect of life.

I’ve known John for about a year now, I consider him a friend and something of a mentor to me, especially in the areas of “lifestyle design” and entrepreneurship. I’ve met a lot of very smart people during my life, and I can say without hesitation that John is easily one of the smartest. Those of you who know him primarily as a strength coach might be surprised to learn that John is also a legitimate expert in the topic of life-coaching, motivation, lifestyle design, or whatever you want to call it. So when I heard about B2B, I was really interested to see what John had put together.

B2B did not disappoint. The thing that struck me most about this seminar was the level of preparation that went into it. Previous Greyskull seminars were informal, “ask anything” affairs with no agenda. They were great seminars that let everyone get their questions in, but B2B was another animal entirely. The material John presented was synthesized from a wide variety of sources, and the result was nothing short of amazing. I’ve done a lot of reading in that field, and John’s work is the most digestible, easy to understand, and most importantly, easy to apply of anything that I’ve ever come across. B2B left me with a very clear sense of what I could do, starting TODAY, as well as in the coming months and years, to improve my success, both in terms of training and otherwise.

The seminar covered a ton of material (I heard someone say at the after party that it was enough material to fill an entire college semester), so I’m not going to go over everything, but there were a couple of major themes. First, John presented a model of how our conscious, subconscious, and physiology interact with external sensory data, and produce behaviors and results. The model is strongly influenced by neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). I’ve studied NLP before, and have found it to be an extremely powerful tool, but the B2B model went a step further than anything I’d ever seen before, and left me with a much clearer understanding.

One of the other major themes was the focus on “standards, beliefs and habits.” There were segments on each of these three. Again the biggest thing that set B2B apart from other material I’ve been exposed to is its emphasis on applicability. For example, everyone knows that limiting beliefs (“I’m not good enough to succeed”) can be catastrophic to reaching one’s goals. However, most material I’ve come across in the past does a very poor job at showing the user how to actually determine what their beliefs are. How do we fix our beliefs if we can’t even figure out what they are? B2B laid out some really clear steps of how we can elicit beliefs, and get to the root of what holds us back from success. This is just one of countless examples of how John has made this material extremely digestible, and again, APPLICABLE.

Overall, the Blueprint to the Beast was a fantastic experience, and I’m very glad that I had the opportunity to be a part of the inaugural seminar. It was also a very fun day, as John presented all of his material charismatically, and had us laughing many times. I know John will be bringing this info to more people in the future through various media. If you’re interested in truly unlocking your potential, both in fitness and life, you will not want to miss these.

NOTE from JP: To schedule a personal consultation, and take advantage of the Blueprint to Beast Principles, specifically applied to your individual situation, contact me at with the word “consultation” in the subject line.

Jason Kapnick is a bad dude from NYC. He works as a trainer in his ever-growing personal training practice, as well as pushing forward in his other business endeavors. Jason walked away from a financially lucrative Wall St. position to pursue his passions, and is reaping big rewards for having done so. He can be found on the forum as “AtlasDeadlifted”.



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