“No-Nut November?” F@ck That! Let’s Get to Work.


What’s up bitches? JP is back at it after a hellaciously paced last several months. A lot going on on this side right now; a new book release set for the next 7-10 days, international travel dates scheduled, and development of the new projects set to kick off after the new year.

It has come to my attention as of late that there is push for the adoption of the practice of what some are calling “No-Nut November”. Evidently this is the thought product of a bunch of dudes who weren’t going to get laid anyway, which I know for a fact doesn’t include my readers.

“No shave November” or “Mo-Vember” I get. Hell, I even get “Sober October”, but “No-Nut November” just seems like some shit that would appeal to a masochist or the aforementioned virginal, beta boy who is sitting at home thinking of ways that he can be more sensitive to the needs of women so that they like him more.

Now while some of us may be a touch “masochistic” in our approach to training our bodies, I know that none of us fit the bill of the latter example so I’ve decided to put together a few options for you guys to invest your time this November in ways that will actually improve your quality of life instead of unnecessarily making it shittier.

Beginning Monday November 19, I’ll be kicking off two solid-ass courses for a handful of dedicated mofos that are ready to take some action, slay some ass, and develop into the bosses that they know they are but maybe aren’t demonstrating the characteristics of at the moment.

Below are the descriptions for each course:


This is a beefed up, enhanced, twelve-week course, built on the framework of my previous, exclusive “TEAMPAIN” courses (which produced incredible results for over a hundred participants). This course will be overseen and administered by myself and two of my highly skilled and knowledgeable Greyskull Disciples, and will provide each participant with custom, tailored training programming each week based on your individual situation and needs.

Team Greyskull is the closest thing to having myself and the Greyskull crew as your personal trainers, day in, day out, that you can get short of paying my training fees and camping out with us for twelve weeks. As a participant, you will receive a detailed packet containing diagnostic information and questions about your individual goals. From there, myself and my team will submit to you detailed programming instructions with day by day instructions, which you will complete and send back to us via email at the end of the week.

Each week your results will be analyzed and your programming calibrated so as to deliver to you the most personalized, effective programming possible.

At the conclusion of the twelve-weeks, you will graduate Team Greyskull with your new, improved body, strength, stamina, and ridiculously high self-esteem which you can then put to work however you see fit in social situations with the opposite sex.

Joining the team will require a strong work ethic, an ability to follow instructions, and a genuine desire to be the best you can be, but will pay out better than any single investment that you’ve ever made into improving your body and your confidence, that’s my personal guarantee.


This option is the big dick move.

In this course, you receive ALL of the benefits of the Team Greyskull course as a full participant, plus one on one Personal Coaching with me designed to get you not only looking and feeling great, but on the right track to operating at your highest level in all other aspects of your life including your;

  • Career/Professional Life
  • Entreprenuerial ventures (if applicable)
  • Dating/Relationship/Sex life
  • Personal Finances
  • Pursuit or Indetification of your “Purpose” (the most important element of an alpha male’s existence)

…and any other area of your life in which you are either unhappy, or simply want to optimize your performance in.

This course kicks off with a 45-60 minute Phone or Skype “discovery” session with me where we “unpack the box” and take inventory of where you’re at and where you want to go.

From there we collaboratively identify your tasks to accomplish and I get to work laying out the course of action to get you excelling in those areas with a quickness.

You receive homework and other assignments from me each week via email, unlimited text message/WhatsApp support throughout the week, and additional 30-45 minute check in calls as we go. In certain cases where it may be of benefit, and only with your consent, you may be connected with other Alpha Team members for additional support as well.

This is absolutely the most streamlined, cost effective way to get Personal Coaching from me, and when you add in the benefits of the full Team Greyskull membership as a bonus, the value of this deal simply cannot be beat.

**As an additional bonus I’ve created discount codes for each course for ANY VETERAN looking to participate as a thank you from a brother and in conjunction with Veterans Day. The codes can be found on the product pages for each course. (You will not be required to show proof of being a Veteran at checkout, but I will ask for confirmation before the courses begin).**

I really want to see you guys kick some serious ass, and with all the things spinning up here and the fire inside of everyone in this environment on our team being at an all-time high, now is the perfect time to come on board and get with us as we work to create the world in which we live.

Spaces are limited for both courses, and registration closes this coming Friday night (11/16) at midnight Eastern time.

Who’s got the heart, commitment, dedication, and desire to join us?

Fuck a No-Nut November. Let’s tell the world it’s “Deez Nuts” November and begin the process of fucking it up together!

Click the banner below to get yourself registered NOW before the spots are all gone!



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