The Johnny Pain Show Episode: 001


This is the first episode of my new podcast “The Johnny Pain Show”.

If you’ve been following things here since the beginning, you will enjoy the return to our podcasting roots involving a collection of buffoons spouting off about a variety of topics.

The show will be on available on iTunes shortly, as well as Soundcloud, and other outlets, but for now, you can download or listen to this episode right here on JPL.

We will be recording weekly for now, but are already discussing the option of making this show a five days per week debacle. I’ll certainly keep you all updated as we go. Read the rest of this page »


The Uncomfortable Truth About Comfort


Comfort is a word that has a nice positive ring to it.

The word invokes a warm, fuzzy feeling that we all universally can recognize as something to be desired.

We all like “comfort foods”, the “Comfort Inn” sounds like a nice place to stay, the last tape measure I bought advertised a “comfort grip” (as if I’m returning home at night with my hand locked in a claw from overuse of one of the classic, much less “ergonomic” models after a long, long day of measuring the shit out of some things), hell, even the elastic waisted Mom jeans that I’m wearing right now with my Pro Keds feature a “comfort waist”.

Call me old fashioned, or crabby, or a copophile, but I think that comfort is downright evil.

Allow me to explain… Read the rest of this page »


What are You Worth to the World?


So what’s so special about you?

What can you do?

What skills, talents, or abilities do you have that make you more valuable than the next guy?

While these questions may come off as abrasive, it is critically important that you possess the answers to each, and I’m going to let you in on the simple reason why:

Your worth to the world is entirely predicated on what you can do for other people. Read the rest of this page »


Still One Team, One Fight


Myself and WW2 Vet Fred Borda at this Past Weekend’s Event

We’re facing a major epidemic here in this country in this day and age, one that troubles me, and that I’ve taken a major interest in helping to resolve.

Each day in America we lose a staggering twenty-two Veterans of our Armed Forces to suicide.

Each loss of veteran life to this plague represents a horrible tragedy, and a tremendous loss to our society. Read the rest of this page »


G/ACS July Seminar Review/Interview


This past weekend I had the distinct privilege of hosting a solid group of individuals for the Greyskull Academy of Combat Sciences: Principles of Personal Defense Live Event here at Greyskull HQ.

The weekend went extremely well, and the participants’ progress over the course of the weekend was nothing short of impressive. Read the rest of this page »


“Intermediate Syndrome”

layingbrick copy

The belief that one has progressed from the “Novice” to the “Intermediate” stage in their strength training journey is perhaps the most common cause for an outright halt in that individuals progress.

This is something I’ve written a bit about elsewhere, but after addressing this very topic no less than five times in the last week with individuals who believed that their training had “plateaued”, I decided it was time to formally articulate my thoughts on this in post form. Read the rest of this page »


The 360 Fat Loss Challenge


My guess is that not one of us has at one point or another been in a position where we’ve said to ourselves, “Damn, I’d like to be leaner than I am now”, or, “Oh how the panties would drop if only I could get rid of these love handles”.

I mean, what’s the point in busting our asses in the gym to build pillaging muscle when it’s covered up by a layer of goo that makes us less than excited about strolling shirtless on the beach, or throwing an old woman into cardiac arrest at the public pool? Read the rest of this page »


G/ACS July Seminar Overview


By now, if you’ve been following the site, you’re no doubt aware that I’ll be opening the doors here this July, and conducting the first Greyskull Academy of Combat Sciences event open to the public in quite a while.

This post will provide a course overview, so that you can learn exactly what will be covered, and what you will take away from this event as a registered participant. Read the rest of this page »


A Late Memorial Day Post and Podcast
A good friend and true American Hero, Jerod Dennis, KIA Shkin Afghanistan 25 Apr 2003. Jerod was killed during an ambush that wounded several other members of my unit and demonstrated incredible valor in his actions to prevent further casualties, and cut off the escape of the perpetrators of the ambush. Also killed in action that day was one of our attached Air Force Combat Controllers, A1C Raymond Losano.

Jerod was awarded the Silver Star posthumously for his actions that day, and he will never be forgotten by myself or any of the others who were fortunate enough to serve with him. He was an exemplary individual, and a true hero.

As a note, Jerod would love me pointing out that we can all see his “nut sack” in the above photo of him with his trusty M249 SAW (give yourself a pat on the back if you get the reference). Read the rest of this page »


When the Wolves Come


So you’re several hours in to a drive to visit family for a nephew’s graduation. Your bladder has been telling you that it’s time to make a pit stop for the last thirty minutes, and your pregnant wife’s craving for the mini donuts found in rest stop vending machines served as the impetus needed to pull in for a stretch when you saw the sign on the highway. Read the rest of this page »