Podcast: “If This, Then That” Overcoming Mental Blocks


I recently asked my social media following what they would like to hear addressed on this podcast episode. One of my Twitter guys, Klein, suggested the topic of “overcoming mental blocks”. This is, of course, a recurring theme in my work, and a broad topic in nature, so I asked him to elaborate. I was able to discover a limiting language pattern that he was using, and which indicates problematic, limiting patterns of belief.

The use of this “If This, Than That” pattern, as I call it, is present in the speech of many, who unknowingly possess beliefs like those that are stifling Klein’s progress. I decided to dedicate this episode to this specific language pattern, since it is such a common issue that I address with my clients.

Enjoy, and join the discussion in comments.

JohnnyPainLive Podcast Episode 1. Right Click to Download




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