Principles of Violence has Arrived

My book “Principles of Violence” is now available in the store. This is hands down the most complete book on the subject of real world “self defense” ever written. The information in this book is the result of sixteen years of experience, research, and development.

This is not some thin work with a few thought provoking ideas and general information, this is a thorough primer to the subject of violence. The book is 216 pages in length, and features well over one hundred photos, detailing the principles and ideas presented.

Some of what this book includes:

  • Asocial violence vs. social
  • Why MMA training, reality based self defense, and traditional martial arts fail come up short when preparing you for asocial violence in a dangerous world
  • The principle of action vs. reaction
  • The degrees of incapacitation
  • Understanding the spinal reflex
  • A detailed breakdown of all of the primary striking targets of the human body, complete with photos and basic information on the pathophysiologies of strikes to said targets
  • A comprehensive look at striking, including the “rules of effective striking”
  • A thorough breakdown of all of the major weapons of the body
  • How to respond to any attempt to grab, control you, or take your balance (take you down)
  • How to break bones and destroy joints; the base principles necessary to incapacitate a man via skeletal destruction
  • The basics of using the various types of throws (hip throws, leverage throws, drop throws, slams and tackles, and shoves) to cause boatloads of trauma in an efficient manner
  • What you need to know about modern weapons
  • Facing a man with a knife, impact weapon, or firearm
  • Why doing what martial arts and “reality based self defense programs” teach you when facing a gun will get you killed, and what to do instead
  • The basics of using modern weapons offensively
  • Considerations when selecting knives and guns for concealed carry purposes
  • The truth about “improvised weapons”
  • Fighting from the ground
  • Facing multiple attackers; what you need to know in order to not be caught up and stomped out by him and his friends
  • Numerous examples of these principles in action (with detailed photos) in various scenarios
  • How to train to master your skills and become more effective with your new tools


The work that went into bringing this book to life was nothing short of monumental. Short of attending a live event with me, there is no other way to be exposed to this information at this time. This book will give you the background education that you need to develop the skills of a professional.

I highly encourage you to pick this one up if your life, and the lives of your loved ones are important to you.

This book can save your life!

Click Here to visit the store and get instant access to your copy of “Principles of Violence”.

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