Reflecting on Some Client Accomplishments

I’ve been reviewing my notes from each of my coaching cases over the last year. I am truly honored to have helped these people, whom I’ve come to admire and respect, accomplish the myriad of things that they have done.

I’ve witnessed immense changes take place in these individuals, and knowing that I played a role in that transformation is the most gratifying thing that I’ve experienced in my professional life.

This past year alone:

  • Two of my clients have quit 9 to 5’s to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors, both creating businesses that now yield them in two or three months what they worked for in a year income wise.
  • Five clients have demonstrated to their employers that they were of tremendous value and should be promoted to higher paying positions.
  • Assets acquired by my clients total an astounding figure. (These include real estate and precious metals primarily, but I’ve had one stand out in the stock market).
  • Two clients have taken the plunge and proposed (one is since married) to the “woman of their dreams”. Both credit me for helping them allow this person to enter their life.
  • Four clients have accomplished life-long goals of completing grueling physical challenges.
  • Two clients have successfully passed selection courses for elite military units.
  • One client abandoned a high paying job that was leeching the life out of him to pursue philanthropic efforts. He is by nature a minimalist and is much more content with a simpler life invested in helping others (though his savvy investment of his cashed out 401k have him sitting pretty)
  • All of my clients, with the exception of one (already a competitive bodybuilder looking to break into the information entrepreneur world) have made impressive transformations in their bodies. This is true for the several clients who lost body fat and gained muscle as well as the clients who reversed the effects of years of bad eating and lifestyle habits and set themselves up on the right track to a longer life.
  • One client (the youngest I worked with in this span), has invested a significant amount of money into a solid strategy, and has laid out a plan to enter the tier one world (military). I assisted him by speaking with his recruiter and cutting the bs as well as providing ongoing coaching to help him prepare mentally and physically for the next half decade of his life working towards his life’s mission. It’s been a sincere pleasure working with you (I know you’re reading this).

These are some of the more profound highlights that struck me in reviewing my notes. More so than these major accomplishments I’ve been privileged to see the “small stuff” on a much larger scale.

Guys who were timid and lacked confidence with women who now are the life of the party.

Guys (and one girl) who have been in toxic relationships who were able to break free and make room for bigger things.

One female client who spent a decade as an object who now sees herself as a beautiful woman who has more to offer than just a sexy exterior.

Two clients who kicked addictions to hard drugs that they battled with for years and which ruined much of their lives (I enlisted the help of one of the best addictions counselors in the country for this one)

I’m really overcome with a feeling of contentment right now. I truly am honored to have been contacted by such awesome people. Knowing that they are out there kicking ass and changing their lives for the better makes me believe that I can continually progress and develop as well. I know that I am doing good things, and that feeling is indescribable. This entire post is as much of a rant as it is anything else.

I wish I could celebrate each client’s accomplishments publicly and loudly (though I only do so when given the OK to feature them so as not to invade their privacy). I am so proud of all of you and I know that you will only continue to amaze me as the days, months, and years go by.

To all of my client family reading this, thank you for a terrific year, and here’s to your continued growth and development as remarkable human beings.

To those considering coaching, I hope to hear from you and do what I can to assist you in making the kinds of amazing progress that these folks have in the future. As always I offer a 15% discount to those purchasing coaching packages for the first time. You can view the code and package options here.


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  1. JP,

    I’m glad to see your back in action on the site. I truly appreciate everything you’ve done for me from loosing the fat to starting an entrepreneurial business.

    October 15, 2013 at 1:21 am

    • It has been my pleasure. Keep doing big things.

      October 15, 2013 at 1:26 am

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