Seven Characteristics of a Man of Power


This is a short list of some of the characteristics that are shared by what I refer to as “Men of Power”, aka who we should all aspire to be in order to live the most badass, fulfilling lives possible. My upcoming release “Money, Muscle, and Sex: Becoming a Man of Power” will expound on these, and other, topics in greater detail, but for now, here’s a look at some of what separates the men of power from the men of mediocrity.


The Body

A man of power trains his body to be strong and capable. He is an imposing and interesting figure in society as a result, a sharp contrast from the skinny-fat, the obese, the sloppy, or the dad-bods out there making up the masses. The time and effort that he invests in developing his body rewards him with increased attractiveness and respect, superior health, and the ability to enjoy a variety of activities not accessible to those who let their physical condition fall by the wayside.

A man of Power recognizes that his physical condition is the aspect of his life over which he has the most control. He capitalizes on the potential for return in this department by putting in the requisite work to ensure that he is the inhabitant of a body that is the object of desire and envy from others, and a vehicle of power for himself.



A man of power presents himself to the world as such. He dresses like a man, not like a boy. He is always dressed and groomed well, regardless of the occasion or setting. He understands how to “weaponize style” to make himself more influential, attractive, and in a way “unique” in a world where jeans, sneakers, and sports team hats are the norm in your typical bar setting.

He understands what represent “essential” items of a man’s wardrobe and assembles such garments in a manner that allows him to construct a seemingly limitless number of “looks” appropriate for any situation. He is chronically “overdressed” compared to those who he is around, and this brings with it an air of “importance” absent from many of the “grey men” that blend in with the rest of the crowd. His best foot is put forward every time he steps out since he creates and engages in experiences and activities frequently that could prove pivotal in his ongoing success.

To reiterate; he dresses like a man, not like a teenager, and conveys and receives the respect associated with such a practice.



The man of power is a leader in all situations. In his profession he is an influential authority, regardless of his position, that others know they can come to in the face of a challenge. He leads in his relationships, never engaging ing the “What do you want to do?”, “I don’t know, whatever you want to do” bullshit, and always has a plan for what is about to go down. This makes him infinitely more attractive to the opposite sex, and the hub for entertainment in his social circle.

If he has children, he leads and they follow. He is not the dad in the mall saying, “Now ‘INSERT NEW AGE KID’s NAME’ that’s not nice, do you want to have a time out? How about if we stop acting like that?”. He issues direct commands, shoots a glance and leads his children who respect, admire, and love him infinitely more for his doing so.

The man of Power embodies the masculine characteristic of leadership and demonstrates his ability to lead in all situations. As we say, “even when he doesn’t have a plan, he has a plan”.



The above mentioned characteristics manifest themselves in the man of power being “attractive” to both sexes. He is a man who women desire, and who men want to be like or associate with. He does not engage in “unattractive” activities like supplicating in his relationship, loafing about without direction or ambition, or failing to organize his life in a manner that demonstrates his ability to take charge of his own affairs. He is an interesting and enthralling individual whom others desire to spend time with. As a result he has an ever growing circle of friends and acquaintances, is never without companionship, and has a healthy and active sex life whether or not he is married or in a committed relationship. Men of power do not inhabit sexless marriages or lament over the lack of sex in their relationship, they are attractive men who are desired consistently.

To repeat the oft-spoken adage, “Be attractive, don’t be unattractive”. The man of power understands this completely and lives a life congruent to his beliefs and values that makes him a very attractive individual.


Possession of Useful Skills

The man of power possesses a myriad of skills that make navigating his life much simpler. He can change a tire, fix a leaking sink, pair a wine with an entree, cook a variety of excellent foods, speak a foreign language, and perhaps even play a musical instrument or two. Whether or not he delegates, tasks out, or pays someone to do some of the more physical tasks, he has the knowledge and know-how to do it himself if he needed to. These skills increase his value to others, and dramatically boost his confidence in his own ability to be self-reliant. Possession of such skills also increase his attractiveness and the likelihood that he becomes a “go-to” guy for others, a flagship sign of a man of power.

The man of power is constantly learning new skills. While others are masturbating their lives away with video games or other non-attractive, time consuming activities, he is learning a new skill that increases his value as a human being. He does not waste time, he invests it wisely with the understanding that it is his most valuable asset.



A man of power knows how to protect himself and others from the undesirables of the world. He has made himself proficient in unarmed combat skills as well as with a variety of common weapons. He is situationally aware in all environments, and is always prepared to act in the event of an emergency. He also possesses a working knowledge of first aid and life-saving techniques, since the likelihood of having to use such skills to save a loved one may be higher than having to do violence on their behalf.

He instills a sense of comfort in those in his presence, as they know that he is willing and able to protect them at all costs. He prays for peace but stays constantly prepared for war, something of a warrior monk living a peaceful life under the umbrella of confidence that comes from making savage his capacity to handle those that inhabit the dark corners of the world.



A man of power is a man of his word. Others know that they can depend on him to be there when they need him. Those who are lesser prepared, those who are weaker physically or mentally, and those who may simply find themselves in an unexpected jam know that they can count on the man of power in their time of need.

He has systems in place that make him productive in his day to day life, he doesn’t waste time on trivial activities that do not advance his position or work to his objectives, and he arrives on time, calls when he says he will, or otherwise follows through on what he says. A man’s word is everything, the man of power knows this and lives his life in a manner that demonstrates his working knowledge of this all-important idea resulting in his own intrinsic gratification as well as the recognition of his reliability from others.


Again, this is by no means an all-inclusive list, and my soon to be released book will elaborate on these ideas and others as well as present tried-and-true strategies for developing and honing these characteristics. In the meantime, take these words to heart and ask yourself if you truly believe that you are putting your most powerful foot forward in your life.




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