Sharing the Wealth on a Wednesday Morning


Today has been an excellent day for me so far. As those of you who know me are aware, I keep very irregular and erratic hours. There isn’t much about JP’s schedule that can be considered “normal”. As I write this it is about 9am and I am still up from yesterday. You may have also noticed that my posting frequency has been less regimented as of late, this is always a sign of big things taking place behind the scenes. As I write this, there are a few awesome projects in the works, all of which you will be made aware of very soon.

This morning has been a great one for several reasons, but the two that I’d like to share with you today (and the inspiration for this awesome opportunity that I’ve created for you) came to me in the form of two separate emails.

The first was a testimonial submitted by a client who I have been working with for about three months now. His progress has been tremendous despite several challenges that he has had thrown in front of him in the process. He initially contacted me for assistance in his, then rocky, relationship, and has produced incredible results in that area. We’ve also addressed a few other areas of his life more recently, and are now starting to overhaul his body by way of adjusting his training and diet regimen to dramatically accelerate his success in that department. Like all of my clients, I’ve greatly enjoyed working with Jared and watching him progress so far. I am extremely excited to see just how much more success he is able to create for himself now that he has gotten “out of his own way”.

Below are his words that I received this morning:

“I had been a long time reader of JP’s since the crossfit days and the Greyskull blog site. I reached out to Johnny to seek Personal coaching when I was in a very dark place in my life. My wife and girls had moved out, my son had moved with his mom to Vegas. My attitude about life was pretty shitty and I was having some very dark thoughts about my life and what I brought to my family. I was battling depression and anxiety and serious self worth issues.

After hitting my bottom I got sick and tired of being sick and tired and choose to reach out to JP and bought the six month coaching package.

It was the best investment I have ever made.

From the very get go it was Johnny that called me when I had a question about the package before I purchased it. My first call with JP was amazing it was like talking with an old friend that was catching with me and that helped me to relax and be very open about some very personal things that only my wife knows about. During that call he taught me how to recognize the main issue that I was allowing to defeat me and help me crush it and build a new “table top” (a phrase JP uses to describe a powerful belief) that defined me and who I truly am. He also gave me his number to reach out to him through text or just to call.

He has given me techniques to help me deal with my anger and to be able to calm myself down while dealing with stressful situations that I would encounter while I am working on the fire truck, as well as dealing with difficult topics and discussions with my wife. My wife has noticed a huge 180 in my life and the light being brought back into my eyes and she has fallen in love with the real me that she knew was inside of me.

With progress and moving forward one will encounter detours and Johnny has taught me to see them as just that detours and to stand tall in my belief statement and be the agent of change for my marriage and my family. My wife has been so impressed that she wants to do coaching with him as well, she has had coaches before but never has she seen someone have such a huge life turn around so fast that she wants in on it too.

I am very grateful for Johnny and his sincerity to truly help others achieve the life that they were meant to live and to not settle for mediocrity. I don’t believe I can say it enough JP, but thank you for teaching me to save my life, my marriage, and my family. Thank you!!!!”

Ok, so perhaps you can see why receiving such a message would make me feel great about what I do. While testimonials and plain old “thank you’s” are admittedly a common thing for me to receive, each still brings a huge smile to my face and fills me with a tremendous sense of validation of the service that I provide. I truly love what I do, and how I am able to help others create lives much more in line with what they deeply desire. Witnessing the change in the mentalities of my clients as they build crucial momentum and start hammering out massive amounts of progress towards their desired outcomes fills me with an absolutely surreal feeling.

In addition to Jared’s message, I also received another from a second client. The details of his situation are a bit more confidential, but he was happy to pass along that he was able to make a serious financial gain in the past week following a session that we recently had addressing his mindset and strategy in approaching this critical decision and business deal.

As a “thank you” for assisting him in this move, he cut me a check for $5,000 this morning.

While his coaching package with me cost him significantly less than that amount (he is on a six-month package currently), he told me that my guidance has been invaluable, and insisted that his recent success in his venture would not have been possible without the tools that I have taught him, and the (often late night) “emergency” calls that I have taken with him when challenges presented themselves that would have caused him to shut down or pull out before.

It’s always nice to get a thank you. Five thousand unexpected thank you’s before breakfast is especially nice.

So, where am I going with this?

Well, in light of the mood that I am in this morning, and the high that I am on as a result of my client interactions over the last few days, I have decided to run a pretty crazy sale on Personal Coaching from now until this Saturday night (July 12) at midnight.

From now until Saturday night, you can set up a single session, three-month, six-month, or twelve-month Coaching Package with me for 35% off of the normal price.

Yes, I said 35%.

This is an absolute no-brainer people. I’m offering this for the next three days as an opportunity for you to get on board Team Pain at a tremendous savings. This is my way of giving back some of the bonus that I received this a.m., kicking it back into the team pain “pool” if you will.

So get your butt over to the store and make your purchase now. Use the banner at the end of this post to get you there, and use the coupon code:


at checkout to take advantage of this awesome offer.

Once you’ve made your purchase, follow the instructions in the PDF that you will receive to get the process under way. I’m excited to begin working with each of you that make the right decision and get on board Team Pain today.

Let’s get rolling and start adding to the success of the team by making the changes in your life that you truly desire and deserve today.



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