Sharpen your Mental Edge- Podcast included


I recorded this podcast in response to a reader recommendation posted in the VillainSix Podcast Questions Thread on the forum.

I’ve pasted the original request ¬†below:

“How about tips to train and strengthen your mind? “

Too many people fall into the trap of believing that graduating from your most advanced level of formal schooling signifies the end of your education. Any successful, driven individual knows that your education truly begins at that point.

Regardless of your occupation, sex, age, race, or place in life, developing your mind and continuing to learn new skills is something that is of tremendous value and importance. The value can be merely intrinsic, in that it provides satisfaction to you internally, or it can also parlay itself into greater wealth, more fulfilling relationships, more “global” prosperity, and an all around greater quality of life.

Keeping a sharp mental edge is something that everyone reading this should absolutely create the time to do. This practice is a large part of what separates the dynamic, successful individual from the “pack member” who simply settles for everything they have and accepts a mediocre existence.

As a VillainSix reader, I challenge you to break from the herd, and create for yourself the most gratifying, abundant life that you are capable of producing. It is my mission to assist you along the way by providing you with resources and inspiration to make this process as effective and downright fun as possible.

Give this podcast a listen and start implementing some of these ideas into your day to day now. Success waits for no one. Opportunity knocks, but there is a higher likelihood of it showing up on your doorstep if you’ve got a sign out front that reads:

“Free Blow jobs from gorgeous women, inquire within”.

I’ll bring the paint cans and the stencils, but you need to do the painting.

VillainSix Podcast Episode 4. Right Click to Download


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  1. Chad

    Awesome and inspiring post. I listened to it this morning on my fasted walk and couldn’t wait to get home and get to work on this stuff. This touched home with me in that I literally used to do all of this stuff. I’d routinely juggle 5 to six books at a time, my library is the most eclectic collection you’d ever come across novels, history, biographies, philosophy, politics, art, cooking, wine, religion, fantasy/sci-fi, self-help, business, finance, you name it I was into it or at least wanted to be versed in it. I was always writing. I was obsessed with learning and being able to do anything; always trying to be the modern renaissance man. At some point I just got laser focused on the physical stuff, lifting, fighting, shooting, way too much politics. Not only have I become stunted in my focus but I’m probably more of a brute than anything else. Thanks for the inspiration. Already got duolingo, on Android otherwise I’d look you up, and I’m going to start learning some poker, already a chess nut. I also need to get back on track in my business education, you gave me some great places to start. Listen to this post guys, time to develop our minds and our bodies. Thanks again brother, I really needed this.

    November 5, 2013 at 12:03 pm

    • Im glad that you enjoyed the post Chad. Sometimes we get away from positive habits that we had in the past. It can be frustrating when we think about how far we would have come if we had stayed on track.

      The important part now is that you’re back on it, and you will most definitely reap the rewards that result from your efforts.

      November 5, 2013 at 4:38 pm

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