Some Self Defense Food for Thought


In 2016 this website will continue to evolve so as to deliver to you the most valuable content possible to assist you in becoming the most physically and mentally fit, free-thinking, free-living, ready for anything, high performance mofo that you can be.

The content will continue to cover a variety of topics germane to this pursuit, ranging from personal development, physical fitness, financial self reliance, and effective communication, as well as crisis management and preparedness, situational awareness, and personal and home defense.

We’re spinning up something right now on the GAC/S (Greyskull Academy of Combat Sciences) side of the fence, and will be announcing the first open to the public Personal Defense seminar of the year very soon.

In conjunction with that development, and to bring some of you up to speed who may not have seen some of my earlier pieces of content pertaining to self defense, I’ve decided to aggregate a few of my “greatest hits” and most popular posts here to provide an easy reference for you to get caught up.

If you’ve already read these classic posts, you might enjoy perusing them again to brush up on the information.

Click on each post to view; they’re all set to open in a new window so you will not lose this page.

Enjoy, and feel free to message me with any feedback in my Q&A on the forum (yes, yes, I’ll be back at it in there quite a bit more as I’m allocating specific time slots each week to answer questions and interact. If you’ve been missing my presence there as of late I apologize, unlike many internet “guru” wizards, I have a lot going on behind the scenes).


Additionally, for those of you who enjoy podcasts, or just love my smooth and silky voice:



Enjoy, JP readers.




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