Stay Alert… “STAY ALIVE!!!”


The title of this post comes from one of the many mantras that was first drilled into my mind, and shouted at the top of my lungs every nine seconds or so while attending the U.S. Army Infantry School at Ft. Benning GA back in the year 2000 (you can see my dapper, awkward teen face in the above photo).

The teachings from those ever so gentle and understanding Infantry Drill Sergeants would go on to serve me well in the years to come, both at war, and since my departure from the service.

In this day and age, with cowardly clowns like ISIS running around killing civilians in an effort to do whatever the fuck they think that is going to accomplish besides getting their “brothers in arms” butt fucked to death by the pipe-hitting meat eaters of today, it is of the utmost importance that responsible citizens are switched on, and tuned in to what’s going on around them.

While the libtards and their ostrich-like kinsfolk prefer to tout the need for stricter gun control laws to solve the problem here (last time I checked meth and crack were illegal, and we all know they aren’t available anywhere as a result), I doubt any of my readers share their victim fantasy nature.

To those folks, a guy like me is a paranoid nut (the VA is nicer… they just say “hyper vigilant”), but I’ll be damned if I’m in the business of being caught pants down, and lubed for duty (barring that unfortunate truck stop incident of course… the solicitation charges have been dropped by the way, and I’ll thank you not to judge).

Bottom line is, whether it’s ISIS, or some other fuckwad that seeks to infringe on the liberty or safety of yourself or your loved ones, it is YOUR responsibility to be aware of what is occurring in your environment, and to not present an easy target.

One of the most well known methods of teaching this thing we nut jobs call “Situational Awareness” comes to us from the late, great Col. Jeff Cooper (Google him if you don’t know who he is, my fingers are sore from all of the needlepoint I’ve been doing lately and I don’t want to type out a bio).

Col. Cooper created a color code system to classify the various states of awareness that a human being exists in at various times. They are as follows:

  • Condition White: Relaxed and completely unaware; Oblivious.
  • Condition Yellow: Relaxed but aware. Casually scanning environment for threats.
  • Condition Orange: Potential threat identified, assessing need to act or evade.
  • Condition Red: “In the shit”. Acting directly and decisively.

Now logic would dictate that most exist in condition yellow the majority of the time. That’s far from true in today’s society, and I’m going to give you an exercise here in a minute that will make this much more obvious to you.

Sadly, in this day and age, most exist in “Condition White” almost exclusively. We live in what we refer to as a “45 degree” society, where people are constantly fixated on whatever gadget or gizmo they have located in front of their face at the moment.

Most walk the streets, drive, attend public events, and everything else, all but completely oblivious to what the hell is going on around them.

This utter lack of situational awareness is what resulted in my friend Blake being dry humped by a man in a Denny’s for a full eleven minutes before the man finished and walked out (OK, that didn’t really happen… I’ll do a quick retraction blurb on my twitter in a year or so to save his reputation).

As you may have guessed, short of being sound asleep in your home with the doors and windows secured, and your personal security plans in place, “Condition White” is not where you want to live.

The preferable state for everyday living is that of “Condition Yellow”, relaxed but aware of your surroundings, where potential exits or E&E routes are, alternate courses of travel if driving, etc.

Living in “Yellow” doesn’t make you a paranoid nut, it makes you a responsible one (I’d strike “nut” from the description altogether, but since you’re reading this site I’m guessing that some of your choices in pornography alone, in the event of a hard drive search of your computer, would classify you as such to some of the more straight-laced among us).

Here’s a simple Situational Awareness exercise that we teach here at G/ACS, and that is both informative, and a hell of a lot of fun.

I want you to go out in public and identify those around you that are in “Condition White”. Basically “become the predator” and determine who the easiest targets would be in your environment.

Who is completely switched the fuck off with their face buried in a smartphone or device ready to be easy pickin’s for anyone who would choose to do harm to them?

  • If you’ve ever been driving and slammed on the brakes for some soccer mom with a minivan full of kids who turned in front of you, or backed out of a parking space causing you to yell:

    “That bitch didn’t even know I was there!”

    or if you’ve ever had someone walk head on into you while exiting a store or turning a corner then you’ve had encounters with people in condition white.

  • If you’ve ever had someone cut you off bad on the road because they don’t have the built in habit of thoroughly checking their blind spot before changing lanes, then you’ve encountered a person in condition white (add two points if they were applying makeup or talking on the phone while doing it).

I’ll wrap this up because it’s beginning to flow like a Jeff Foxworthy skit, and we all know that my mother and her friend from the quilting club are the only ones who think he’s funny, but I highly encourage you to get out and do this exercise.

What you may not have deduced by now, and where I get to go full Miyagi on you with a big reveal of what your assignments have taught you, is that if you are looking for people who are in condition white, then you are, by default, in condition yellow.

You are scanning and assessing your environment and are aware of what others are doing around you.

Develop a habit of doing this in public places; make it a game, hell get the wife, the kids, Grandma, whoever involved in it with you. Just don’t let the kids point and say, “Daddy look, a victim” as I’ve been told that such events could be awkward at best.

Make yourself more aware of your damned environment, it’s your responsibility to do so for yourself and your loved ones. Be ready to act, and don’t get caught with your pants down.

Stay Alert, Stay Alive!



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