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In keeping with tradition, today’s Tuesday post is brought to you by one of my clients, Steve. This is a testimonial that he sent over to me this past weekend. He’s a great guy, and has been doing some great things. I’m excited to continue to watch him develop and continue to produce great change in his life. Just wait for Steve’s one-year testimonial…

I had been wanting to work with Johnny Pain for about a year and a half, but had kept putting it off or thinking that I would wait until I had more money laying around to do it. The ironic part about the more money thing was that one of the subjects that I wanted to talk to JP about was an idea I had for increasing my income, but hindsight…

Finally I decided to give it a shot. I went on the JohnnyPainLive store one night at about one in the morning, and used my credit card to buy a six-month package. I had no idea that I was making one of the best decisions of my life.
JP and I did my first session about a week after I signed up. I told him that I had been a follower since the Greyskull days, and that I had a lot of success with his strength books like the “Greyskull LP” and “SWOLE”. I told him that I definitely wanted to talk about my programming and diet, but that I really just wanted to do a kind of inventory and overhaul of my life.

At thirty-three, I found myself in somewhat of a rut. I have two kids, my wife and I got along, but certainly not like I would have liked. Sex was infrequent and boring, and we argued much more than I wanted to.

My kids are great, but at the time I was having a lot of issues with my youngest who always seemed to be pushing his limits, and testing me. My wife and I grew up a lot different, so we disagreed a lot on how we should be raising and disciplining the kids. I found myself coming up with reasons to get away as much as possible just so I didn’t have to deal with any of it.

Work was decent, but I wasn’t thrilled about going in everyday, and I felt like I was pretty much as high up on the list as I could get in the company that I worked for. I had been training some people on the side out of a friend’s gym, mainly for free, and really enjoyed that. I wanted to get into personal training on a bigger scale, but was hesitant to make the move, and doubtful that I was “ready”.

JP and I talked for about 90 minutes, though it felt like it flew by. I couldn’t believe how eye opening the experience was. JP asked me loads of questions that I really had to think about to answer. He explained that I had all the answers already, but that they were “blocked” (I don’t remember the exact phrase he used) and that I wasn’t able to access them because of the way that I had been thinking.

By the end of the call I had answered his questions, some of which we had a few good laughs about. I had determined clear outcomes, as he calls them, for each of my five life headings. He gave me a few assignments to complete and return to him. I wasn’t expecting that, I honestly thought it would be a “motivational” type of thing where he just tried to put his foot in my ass to get me to do things. It was a lot more. I left the call with a ton of motivation, but the exercises and assignments that he gave me were awesome and eye opening.
While we were on the call, we scheduled my second session a week later. I was more than excited for this one, and went into it with all of my work done and ready to go. I felt like I had really made some progress in the past week, and was psyched to tell JP about it.

The second call was even better than the first. JP worked with me through the material that I had prepared for him, and my mind was blown. I found myself answering his questions and knowing exactly what I needed to do. He then did some really cool exercises with me on the phone that made me really want to get out and get these things done. He later explained that what we did was actually a form of hypnosis, which I thought was really cool.

I’m now five weeks into my work with JP, and I can honestly say that EVERYTHING is better. I’m obviously not exactly where I want to be yet, but I’m making big progress everyday.

My wife and I get along much much better now. JP taught me a lot about how to better communicate with her and the kids, and how to be the “agent of change” as he calls it. I’m hoping she doesn’t read this, but she’s become quite the freak! I love it.

I took on three new clients in my training “business”. Two are paying clients, and I’m not talking pennies either. JP worked with me on how to set that up so that I could continue to educate myself and grow as a trainer while getting paid what I’m already worth.

Even my job is better. I’m not making any more money there or anything, but I’m “leveraging” the free time that I have there to work on other projects and practice my “rapport building” and other communication skills with co-workers and clients. I genuinely look forward to going in everyday now.

One thing I didn’t mention is that I had been drinking a lot more than I liked prior to working with JP. Even though we didn’t directly talk about that, I’m now only drinking once per week, on my designated night out (always with a DD). I really chalk that up to how much happier I am in general.

I can’t thank JP enough for what he’s done with me so far. I’m beyond excited to have five more months to go in this package. I already told my Dad, when he asked what I wanted for my birthday, that I wanted to renew my package for another six-months. He asked me about what I had been doing, and decided that he wanted to sign up my little brother (25) with JP also. I can’t wait to see what JP can do with him.

Look, I was intimidated I’ll admit by the whole idea at first. I know about JP’s background and all, and I thought I really didn’t have much in common with him. I didn’t know how it all would go. JP really can talk to and work with ANYONE, something that I now understand with the skills that he’s taught me about rapport building and communication. I always feel like I’m talking to a good friend that I’ve known for years when I talk to JP.

If you’re thinking about working with JP, DO IT! It will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. If you’re looking at prices and thinking that it’s a lot, I can tell you that I would gladly pay five times what I have for what I’ve seen in change in my life so far. You can’t put a price on your happiness.

Get with JP now, and look forward to my six-month testimonial!





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