Still One Team, One Fight


Myself and WW2 Vet Fred Borda at this Past Weekend’s Event

We’re facing a major epidemic here in this country in this day and age, one that troubles me, and that I’ve taken a major interest in helping to resolve.

Each day in America we lose a staggering twenty-two Veterans of our Armed Forces to suicide.

Each loss of veteran life to this plague represents a horrible tragedy, and a tremendous loss to our society.

I’ve made it a personal mission of mine to do all that I can to combat this epidemic and aid my returning brothers and sisters in arms.

Several months ago I became involved with the Veterans of Foreign Wars, an organization with a rich history of helping Veterans, and one that I admired since I was a young boy. My Grandfather, a Pearl Harbor survivor, was a member of the VFW, and I can recall being plopped up on the bar at his local post, surrounded by a host of men’s men, feeding me quarters for the gum ball machine, and regaling me with stories of heroism.

I was blessed with many great heroes as a child, and many examples of classic masculinity (the progressive disappearance of which in our society represents an epidemic in itself).

I’ve taken an active role in the organization, and will be advancing through the political ranks within the next few years. My mission is to add new blood and new ideas to the mix, and discover and implement new ways of both honoring our older Vets, and assisting our young Vets in their transition.

This past weekend I hosted my first major event at my post, which was a massive success. There were several hundred people in attendance to enjoy all of the food, drinks, and festivities (all of which were donated by Vet friendly businesses), and honor our Veterans.

We were able to raise a considerable amount of money through donations, and raise awareness of this growing problem.

This event was the first of many that I will be putting on through the VFW, and with each effort, I know that I will become more effective and successful.

If you’re a Veteran, or support Veterans, and are interested in becoming involved in the VFW, I’d be happy to discuss it with you. Feel free to email me at

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