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Building Muscle for the Skinny Fat Male

by Johnny Pain

The following is a question that was asked of me by a board member in my Q&A forum. The topic is one that I frequently address with consultation clients and that is covered in depth in my latest book project in development.

From “Wingman”

“I’m a skinny & weak guy working the LP to get bigger and stronger.

I already have quite a belly on me though, if i get bigger will that get bigger in proportion or will it sort itself out as I get stronger? Some coaches have said I should eat any calories at all costs while on LP but some have said i should be on a small surplus and keep it clean so that my body can grow whilst my belly shrinks.

Do you think this is a food question, or should I just add some conditioning (such as burpees) to the LP and let things sort themselves out?” (more…)