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Villain Challenge 5

by MOA and Johnny Pain



Villain Challenge #4

by MOA

SAS Patrol Bravo Two-Zero

These soldiers infiltrated Iraq during the first Gulf War with 209lbs. of equipment per man. After being compromised and engaged several times by Iraqi troops, the man on the far left evaded 190 miles on foot to Syria. By comparison, this challenge, while an excellent test of fitness and resolve, is rather tame. (more…)


Villain Challenge #3

by Johnny Pain

“Front Leaning Rest Position….MOVE!”

OK guys and gals here we go with this, the third in our series of challenges. (more…)


Villain Challenge #2

By Jim Steel (notes by JP)

Our second Villain Challenge comes from Strength Coach Jim Steel. This came out of a conversation he and I had at my gym regarding this very event. We are both fans and have both used this in our training of others as a benchmark for some time. Here’s Steel… (more…)


Villain Challenge #1

Ok, so a little over a week since this thing went public, and we’re happy as hell to have you all here. We are building something real good here and I look forward to seeing it continue to grow.

The first few installments tackled some of the more philosophical aspects of this entire villain thing. We talked about some of the characteristics that we find admirable and desirable in an individual, and shared some experiences. Similar articles will continue as the site goes on, and I am very excited about the list of contributors that I have lined up. Some columns, like that of “Sunshine” are here to provide entertainment for the readers. StrengthVillain is not ever going to be a run of the mill website that solely discusses strength training. There will always be fresh and entertaining content put out to entertain as well as to educate.

That brings us to this, the latest offering…                        -JP (more…)