TEAM PAIN is Back! Let’s Do This…


Alright you killers, gangsters, and objects of raw, feminine lust, JP is back in action on here and ready to take a handful of you under the wing to get you in the sickest, nastiest shape you’ve ever been in over the next twelve weeks.

The last few months have seen me consumed with a tremendous amount of work of a different variety. I’ve been wrapped up in action quite a bit, and blazing new trails as always.

Now, after a hiatus from much of the world of Greyskull, I’m back in gear myself and looking to take on a few brave souls to ride the wave with me.

I’m offering a bad ass, high speed, twelve-week TEAM PAIN course that will run from September 18, until December 2017.

Those who’ve taken this challenge before know the power and results that these courses have to offer.

As always, each participant’s experience and programming will be custom tailored to their needs and desired outcomes, and all training will be laid out by yours truly each grueling week.

Team members will submit their results to me at the conclusion of the week and will receive my adjustments and feedback to prepare them to ass rape the week ahead.

There are no fitness requirements to participate; whether you’re brand new to the game, have gotten out of shape, or are already a fire breathing, pipe hitting dragon slayer, I’m ready to take you on if you’re ready to show me what you’re made of.

The success stories from past courses are numerous. There have been some amazing transformations from prior team members.

If you’re not afraid of putting in the work and getting down and dirty with my direction, day in, day out for twelve weeks then I’d highly encourage you to register now.

If you want the broads at the office squeezing your arms and telling you “you’ve been working out” while lustily staring at you, then I highly encourage you to register now.

If you want to be more lean, muscular, and outright handsome than ever before, ready to bitch slap the little beta loser nerds that you encounter on the daily, then I highly encourage you to register now.

Let’s bitch slap these losers together and sound a thunderous¬†“Fuck you” to the weak and mediocre little pussies of the world all the way to pound town over the next twelve-weeks as part of the most elite team of jaw breaking, panty dropping, Greyskull Alpha monsters in the world.

Registration for the course is limited to six participants to ensure that I can deliver the maximum amount of focus and attention to each.

Registration is open now, and will run until this coming Friday, September 15, but spaces for these go quick so don’t anticipate their being any left by then, and get yourself registered today.

Who’s it gonna be? Who’s got the stones to jump on board the winning team and do some dirty work with us?

Click the banner below to get your ass registered NOW!

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