Ten Tips for Fall Mass Gain (Part Two)

Here is the second half of our Ten Tips for Fall Mass Gain. If you missed part one, check it out here.

#6 Drink Plenty of Water

That’s right, if you’re going to drink a gallon of something, make it water. You’d be surprised how much of an effect being adequately hydrated has on your ability to perform and recover, read: grow. Don’t ask your body to do things for you without giving it its most basic need.

#7 Keep Conditioning Brief and Intense

Some will have you believe that you should be shirking all of your conditioning duties during a period of mass gain. I am not one of them. Short, intense conditioning sessions, ideally comprised of sprints, or dumbbell/ barbell complexes not only prevent you from becoming a fat fuck, but also aid in the mass gain process. The key here is to make the sessions short, and brutally intense. Ten minutes tops. Shoot for two sessions per week.

#8 Explosive Concentric/ Slow Eccentric on the Upper Body Lifts

Muscle is built as a result of micro trauma to the targeted muscles being repaired in your recovery periods. Increase the amount of “damage” you’re doing to your muscle by deliberately slowing the negative portion of the movement down. On the way up, blast off and try to put the bar through the ceiling. No need for specific counts on the movements; just make the bar move slower than it wants to coming down, and faster than hell on the way up. This tip alone will spur new growth in your upper body.

#9 Soft Lockout on the Squat

This is one of my favorites. Make sure that you are at least “doubling up” your squat reps. Use a soft lockout, meaning that you are beginning your next rep as soon as you reach the top of the movement. Cluster as many reps together as possible, resting at lockout only when absolutely necessary to keep the muscles under tension as long as possible. Watch this one add thickness to your wheels in  just a few weeks, and when the legs grow it all grows.


Make sure that you’re getting plenty of quality sleep.

#10 Sleep

Make sure you’re getting it in as much as possible. This is when the magic happens. If you’re not getting a ton at night, take catnaps throughout the day when time permits. Being a notorious insomniac, this one had the most significant impact on my ability to grow during my most aggressive periods.


Put these ideas to work, and I promise that you will have a more productive, and rewarding mass gain experience this season.



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