The 360 Fat Loss Challenge


My guess is that not one of us has at one point or another been in a position where we’ve said to ourselves, “Damn, I’d like to be leaner than I am now”, or, “Oh how the panties would drop if only I could get rid of these love handles”.

I mean, what’s the point in busting our asses in the gym to build pillaging muscle when it’s covered up by a layer of goo that makes us less than excited about strolling shirtless on the beach, or throwing an old woman into cardiac arrest at the public pool?

Fortunately for all of us, JP knows a thing or two about manipulating body composition.

You see, I’ve learned quite a bit about the subject over the years. If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll recall that I got my start in radical transformations by losing eighty-five pounds in about three months as a teenager trying to get “the girl”.

Since then I’ve refined my knowledge and approach (thank God considering the methods I was employing back then), and have been damn successful at helping others make the changes they wanted in their physiques in the most efficient of manners.

This post however is deigned to issue a bit of a challenge to you if, and only if, you find yourself with a bit more fat than you would like.

You see, JP has a lot of tools in his toolbox (earmuffs… pat yourself on the back if you remember that SV staple), but one of his all time favorite pieces of the fat loss puzzle is one of the most neglected elements of the approaches of those who’ve read the JP word, but just don’t have the walking watermark physique that they really want.

I’m talking about good ol’ fasted walking.

Yep, the most seemingly boring, and not at all sexy, weapon in the arsenal.

I’ve been talking about walking for fat loss for years, and for good reason. Walking (particularly the fasted variety) is STILL the go-to method for bodybuilders and their female counterparts to this day when it comes time to shed some fat.

There’s a good reason for that…

It fucking works!

Consider for a minute what bodybuilding is…

The entire sport is based around building muscle, and then maintaining that muscle while stripping the fat off of it.

That’s about the size of it.

So why is it that so few people in the grand scheme of things look to the BB community to learn how to do exactly that?

I mean, if there was a better way to get lean as all hell, wouldn’t these people be using that as the default method?

Of course they would, but they aren’t.

Why you ask?

Because it fucking works!


Ok, so here’s my challenge to you.

I’m going to assume that you’re following a solid strength training regimen like the Greyskull LP, that your diet is high in protein, and that you’re perhaps hitting the high intensity conditioning stuff already a few times per week (a generous assumption I’m sure).

What the BB world (at least the segment of which I give a shit about) agrees on is that fasted walking, walking done first thing in the AM on an empty stomach, is the balls for taking off the fat while saving the hard-earned muscle. The general consensus is that three hours per week of these sessions, divided up into forty-five to sixty minute bouts is about right for most.

Those who need to step it up a bit Channing Tatum style, or who are a bit more hardcore, note that six hours of cumulated walking over the course of the week is just plain nasty for fat loss.

So that’s my challenge; if you break six hours up into minutes it comes out to three hundred and sixty minutes. I’m challenging you, if you’re serious about dropping the fat, to put one foot in front of the other for three hundred and sixty minutes each week for four weeks and tell me with sincerity that you do not see a noticeable change in composition.

Shoot for 45-60 minute bouts fasted in the AM upon waking, and top off your efforts with a few PM sessions throughout the week to make your numbers. The PM sessions don’t need to be (and won’t be) fasted, but they will help set you up for the next morning’s walk (if you want more on why this works so well, hit me up on the forum).

Keep a log of your minutes performed in your sessions, adding them up in a weekly log with 360 as your target.

Download a few audiobooks on your ubiquitous smartphone, and listen and/or “learn while you burn”.

If you’re anything like most people, you watch much more than 360 minutes of TV or YouTube videos each week, so don’t give me shit about not having the time.

If you want to drop the fat, make the fucking time!

So that’s the long and the short of it, the challenge is out, now it’s up to you to step up and take it.

Get over to the forum and let me know if you’re in. Feel free to track your minutes on there and join the others in the fight against that jiggly layer.


NOTE: If you’re balls ass serious about making the positive physique transformation that you know you want to make, I highly encourage you to click the banner below and join the team for the inaugural “Greyskull Transformation Program” that will be kicking off on June 22. The link will provide you with more details, and the portal for registration before the spaces are full (with the R&D guys in full tilt and kicking serious ass I can only take a handful of you on).

Put up or shut up time guys, let’s team up and get you the body you want once and for all!



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