The Five Major Life Headings


In my book “Blueprint to Beast” I outline in detail what I call the “Five Major Life Headings”, or the five most important areas of your life that require constant development and progress if you are to be successful. This post is designed to provide an overview of those headings, as well as to discuss how regression or a lack of progress in just one of the five can negatively affect your life as a whole.


The body heading encompasses all things that pertain to your physical appearance and well being. As most of you know, I got my start in this industry in the world of strength and conditioning, and still do quite a bit of teaching, coaching, and writing in that field. For some whom I have worked with, the body heading was a very important one. Some are overweight at the onset of their journey, some are the opposite, scrawny and weak, and most are unhappy about some aspect of their physical aesthetic. Overhauling the body, or undergoing a dramatic physical transformation can have a profound effect on one’s confidence, and can certainly provide valuable momentum in moving towards targets in the other headings. Likewise, a major, debilitating injury, or serious illness can make just about everything else in life irrelevant in a hurry.


The relationships heading includes all interpersonal relationships, friends, family, co-workers, business contacts, as well as the intimate variety that probably come to mind with the use of the word “relationships”. One’s quality of life can be greatly improved when the quality of their relationships improve across the board. Understanding the male/female dynamic, learning to communicate more effectively, and developing your ability to lead and influence are all areas of study and practice that can prove immensely beneficial to your overall success in life. Also, it only takes one or two toxic “bad eggs” in the relationship mix to zap the energy from you day in and day out.

Professional Life

This one is pretty straightforward. Being stuck in a job that you hate, having to drag your self out of bed in the morning, lacking intrinsic reward from your work, being underemployed, or worse, unemployed, can really make your life suck badly, even if everything else is seemingly “ok”. Taking steps to ensure that your professional life is something that provides you with a sense of joy, accomplishment, and loads of rewards is crucial in designing a life that is not an insult to the gift of time that you are given on this earth.

Personal Finance

This is a big one for most people. Most everyone reading can attest to the stress that is created when there is too much month left at the end of the money. Being broke is not fun, and it really can knock the wind out of your sails, even if the rest of your life seems to be going pretty well. Money doesn’t buy happiness and all that, but it sure can make things a lot easier and a hell of a lot less stressful. Increasing your income, and developing intelligent strategies for managing your money and growing your personal wealth are very important pieces of the overall success puzzle.


Ah mission, the tricky one. Thing is this heading isn’t tricky at all, it’s just the one that many people give the least amount of thought to, and is (for them) unfortunately the piece that can have the most effect on the others when the person is incredibly clear about it. Mission simply refers to what your greater purpose is here on earth. What is your major contribution? What were you put here to do? I like to ask people what they would want a Wikipedia entry about themselves to say in the first paragraph. A person without a clearly defined overall life objective is literally “riding the wind”, floating through the air like a feather, reacting to all of the events of their life instead of driving towards something that they MUST achieve.

As I mentioned earlier, any one of these headings in which a person is not experiencing progress, or worse, moving backwards in can bring down the rest of the puzzle, and dramatically decrease the quality of that person’s life.

I’ve worked with heavy hitting, wealthy corporate types who were in phenomenal shape who had the wind knocked out of their sails due to a bad breakup or divorce, simpler living individuals who had built a decent life for themselves but hated every minute of their exposure to their work environment, people who were unable to meet “the right people” to accomplish a variety of tasks, otherwise successful people who lacked motivation to move forward because of a sense that their life was without some sort of purpose, and people who had the rug yanked out from under them with the news of a serious illness affecting themselves or a loved one. In each case, while the rest of the picture may have been looking pretty good, it was just ONE heading that was able to derail the person from their desired path by seeping into the others and affecting each negatively like a cancer.

Your job as a person who desires a higher quality of life is to examine your own life in terms of each of these five headings. For each, determine what it is that represents where you truly want to be. This is precisely the process that I use in the beginning of my work with a Coaching client; the process of identifying your personal standards for each heading.

From there you must determine what is holding you back from accomplishing or obtaining what it is that you’ve identified as the desired outcome for each heading. Here you must be super critical of yourself in uncovering what beliefs you possess that are preventing, or have prevented you in the past from getting what you want.

Once you’ve completed the above, it is time to develop a strategy of creating small habits for each life heading that allow you to make progress across the board, in a continuous manner. Seeing and feeling the results that you produce from these actions will fill you with a sense of progress and accomplishment that will create powerful momentum, and will serve as all of the motivation that you need to continue to move forward and smash your targets.

Of course this process is described in much more detail in “Blueprint to Beast”, and is precisely what you do with me as your guide as a Personal Coaching client of mine. Regardless of whether you buy my book, or work with me directly at all, I highly encourage you to examine your own life in terms of the headings that I presented. Determine which are producing the most “drag” for you, and which you have the best handle on at this point in time. Determine what it is that you would have to do in order to ensure that you were thriving and continuing to grow in each of these vital components and then do exactly that.

It’s up to you to design your life the way you want it, my job is to help by providing a blueprint that has been created by studying the most successful and most content people in the world. Do those people, myself, and yourself a favor, and join their ranks today!

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