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While some of you may have recently become readers of my site and other materials, many of you were originally exposed to me through my creation of, and involvement with the international institution that is the Greyskull Barbell Club. The Greyskull evolution has certainly been a dynamic one to say the least, one that has certainly not been without controversy, and one whose reach and range of influence has been nothing short of remarkable. I am proud to be re-launching a website in the style of my original Greyskull page where readers can stop by daily for a snapshot of the training going on at Greyskull headquarters (with the option to follow along if they so desire), and receive insight into what separates those that have carried the Greyskull name from the rest of the pack.

Today’s post will sum up for you what Greyskull is “all about”. I hope that after reading the post you will click on the image or banner above, and visit the new site. Feel free to drop me a comment (here or on GSB) and let me know your thoughts on this new move. 



Greyskull began as a sanctuary of sorts where productive training could take place free from prying eyes and interpretation. Regardless of what form Greyskull has taken throughout its evolution, it has remained true to these roots.

Greyskull is a place where trainees from all walks of life with an incredibly diverse variety of missions congregate to produce results towards their respective outcomes. Greyskull has provided individuals opportunity to pursue their own desires, challenge their own limitations, and become the best version of themselves that they are capable of.

Greyskull has always existed as a safe haven from any dogmatic notions surrounding the manner in which one should complete their mission or embark on their personal journey. Greyskull members, trainees (in person and virtual), and associates, have always sought out the information and guidance found in these walls with the express purpose of the efficient and complete production of their desired result. These people were in search of a “hole” and did not care what tool was used to make the hole.

Greyskull has steered clear from adopting the trends of the fitness and personal development industry; there has never been a “fashion show” element to the Greyskull experience. All who have carried the Greyskull name have expressed their own unique brand of fire while pursuing the only common goal amongst Greyskull members; personal excellence.

While Greyskull has produced champions and high-level competitors in a variety of pursuits, Greyskull has never been a “bodybuilding”, “powerlifting”, “weightlifting”, “sports performance”, or “competitive fitness” gym or educational institution. The eclectic balance of missions that have been carried out by way of the Greyskull Methods is what has allowed the systems and ideologies within to evolve and grow, in turn strengthening the ability of disciples from each of the above mentioned competitive pursuits to better themselves through the application of the Greyskull Methods.

Those who have applied the teachings of the Greyskull Methods have contributed a tremendous library of accomplishments to the brand as a whole. As each member gets stronger, more proficient in their given endeavor, or more successful in their life, the unit as a whole reaps the reward and grows in response. The teachings of Greyskull have never been limited to the simple application of physical training strategies, but have encompassed a wide range of experimentation, research, and development into what separates those truly successful and accomplished individuals from the herds of the mediocre that make up the masses.

When Greyskull simultaneously housed three female trainees who were capable of pressing their bodyweight overhead, a feat that is not commonly replicated by so called training men in today’s age, people took interest in the methods used to produce such strength. The concerns presented were about what set and rep schemes were used, what training frequency was applied in working the movement, and what the diet and supplementation regimens of the trainees consisted of. What always astonished these individuals is that there was rarely any sort of “secretive” information being applied; there was little that these trainees did in their training that could not be found in my free programming or in my books. These people missed the point, and have continued to miss the point, that the mechanical components of success in your pursuits only account for twenty percent of the equation. The other eighty percent is comprised of the psychological mix of personal and organizational standard and expectation, and the personal beliefs associated with the accomplishment. Greyskull trainees are indoctrinated into this system of understanding of what it takes to truly produce excellence, and therefore represent a sort of creative and productive “upper class” in terms of achieving their desired results.

Greyskull has been the sight, or point of information dissemination, responsible for some of the most dramatic physique transformations that you will see, in some of the most astounding lengths of time. Again, in trying to understand how these feats have been accomplished, outsiders will typically either dismiss the achievements of the individuals to assuage their own ass-hurtedness brought on by their own lack of results, by insisting that some sort of “corning cutting” methods, or immoral/illegal factors must have played the principal role, or will again be singularly concerned with the mechanical elements of the person’s quest. Neither approach yields any further result to the individual(s) attempting to understand, and even less from the Greyskull camp who are too busy relishing in the accomplishments of its member(s) and passionately living their lives.

Greyskull has always been solely about progress and excellence. Regardless of where you see the Greyskull flag fly, or where you see a person adorned in a t shirt or sweatshirt that bears the Greyskull logo, you will find an individual or a group working hard, free from concerns over the thoughts and criticisms of those who do not understand, to produce for themselves and the good of their brothers and sisters, another extraordinary accomplishment to publicly or silently add to the power of the unit, and pay homage and respects to those who have come before them.

Greyskull is eternal; it exists in every person who resolves to light the requisite fire in their ass and do what others cannot or simply will not.

Greyskull will continue to be the bane of the existence of the ordinary long after I am gone.

Get with the winning Team.

See you at the top, Champagne and Cohibas are waiting…

Johnny Pain




2 Responses

  1. Recon_John

    I like this post!

    Your “personal development” stuff is very good, not only for guys who typically wouldn’t relate to a lot of the “self-help” info that is out there, but really for anyone who’s willing to listen to what you have to say. I’m excited to see your offering continue to grow in that space.

    With that said, you have some things going for you that Tony Robbins doesn’t; it’s great that you are blending more of the “strength and conditioning” focus back into the overall personal development theme that you have created here.

    July 1, 2014 at 9:55 am

  2. Nikki

    I cannot tell you how proud I am to have been a part of Greyskull Barbell Club. Sometime soon I’ll write down exactly what that did for me – how it laid the foundation for the various forms of excellence I’m pursuing in life. Greyskull taught me so much more than how to change my body.

    The timing of this post could not have been better. This morning at the gym I was confronted by yet another “member of the herd” who insisted I’ll never be able to succeed in bodybuilding if I’m not “on something.” Winning is about so much more than pickle juice, drugs, and egg whites. He has completely missed the point, and will likely continue to miss the point.

    Thanks for the reminder that personal excellence is about so much more than the nuts and bolts of physical training.


    July 1, 2014 at 12:55 pm

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