“The Look”


What is “the look”?

The look is what I consider to be the default physique that I’ve found to be most desirable by the males whom I have coached and worked with over the years, as well as the most desirable physique for a male according to extensive polling we’ve conducted with those of the fairer sex.

The look is also what one can expect to develop while training hard in the Greyskull methods.

In the above photos you’ll see three examples of Hollywood stars showcasing various versions of “the look”.

In the first image, we see Chris Pratt; he’s showing off a lean body with impressive muscularity.

In the middle we see a slightly doughier version offered by man’s man Josh Brolin (complete with IDGAF cigarette).

On the far right we have Bane himself, Tom Hardy from the movie “Warrior”.

In each you’ll see the consistent theme of solid development of the upper and lower body, a respectable body fat percentage, and an overall imposing and capable looking physique.

Most guys will aspire to develop a physique in this range. For those who seek a bit less body fat, perhaps a chiseled six pack look, simply enhancing focus on the diet, and/or upping the conditioning will get them there.

For those who may seek a greater degree of muscularity, a greater focus on the principles outlined in “SWOLE: The Greyskull Growth Principles”, titrating the dietary components up in a progressive manner to drive continuous muscle gains while maintaining a lean physique is the default prescription.

Bottom line is that the default trainee taking on the challenge of participation in a Greyskull program, or following along via the book resources that I put out can expect to develop a physique that looks like those in the photos above.

As a man’s man, you want to look like you lift weights, look like you can run around the block without gassing yourself, look like you can hoist a fridge or water heater up a few flights of stairs, run a respectable mile, break a lesser man in half, and last but certainly not least, manhandle the ever-loving hell out of a beautiful woman.

If you don’t feel that you have “the look” at the moment, and wish to catapult yourself to that status as rapidly as possible, I highly recommend you get enrolled in the new R&D program (see below).

If you’re not willing to take on that sort of commitment, than I sincerely hope you seek out the appropriate resources to go after the look on your own.

I don’t care how you get it done, but if you want to develop the physique of a man of power and influence, and of a man who makes the fairer sex quiver with desire when in their presence, you’ll want to put in the necessary work to make it happen.

Trust me, as I will be addressing more and more in coming posts, elements like “the look” are all important pieces of the man of power and influence puzzle.

Become a beast among mere mortals, and watch things begin to work in your favor.

JP Out.

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