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The desire for financial wealth is a largely universal sentiment among human beings. This is for good reason; financial abundance brings with it a sense of freedom, creates new opportunities, and often affords one greater privileges in some aspects of their lives. Virtually every one of my Coaching clients shares a desire to become more financially abundant. What is important to understand however, is that the process by which one achieves this objective begins with a shift in the patterns of thought and habits of the individual.

A person’s beliefs with regards to the subject of money largely impact their potential, capacity, and outright willingness to receive it.

Generating more income and accumulating wealth is no different than any other form of success; one must begin with a clear outcome in mind, rid themselves of any and all limiting beliefs causing them to sabotage their efforts towards it, and establish a flexible, but solid plan for consistent action in its direction.

While later posts and podcast episodes will examine those three critical components in the personal finance context, this post will dig into the all-important concept of identity, as in “who you are” when it comes to the subject of money.

Identity; here defined as the “bio” that you assign yourself with regards to a specific subject, is an incredibly powerful piece of the success puzzle. Identity is one of the parents of belief, and like its “children”, can be either immensely powerful, or devastatingly limiting.

Think about this:

If you identify yourself as a “poor” person or a person who lives “paycheck to paycheck”, what beliefs do you suppose will be born from that designation?

Knowing what you now know about the belief loop, how do you suppose the beliefs born of that identity will effect your ability to achieve any financial goal you may have?

Conversely, if you feel that you are a “wealthy” person, or a person who is exceptional at “managing money” and living an abundant life, full of the finer things, how might the beliefs associated with that more global internal identity influence your actions and subsequent results?

Next week I will be recording a podcast episode on “Changing Your Identity”, which will demonstrate, in greater detail, some of the methods that I use to assist people in re-writing their story, thereby changing the manner in which they think and operate, but for now we will focus on a simple “hijack” that can be applied to your financial identity and get you “feeling” like a much “wealthier person” today.

It needs to be understood that wealth is a state of mind. As cliche as that sounds, it is an absolute truth. Hordes of people around the world with little in the way of financial abundance live incredibly fulfilling and “rich” lives. Likewise, many with metric tons of cash in the bank spend their lives depressed, miserable, and strung out on various narcotics or alcohol.

This is in no way JP’s endorsement of the bullshit, negative programming that we all have received about the “evil” nature of money. Money is far from evil, and I am as die-hard of a capitalist as you will ever encounter. I personally enjoy the pleasures that money brings with it, and the “life lubricating” characteristics which it possesses (life lube term borrowed from my man Randy Gage). What I am saying is that it is entirely possible to be “wealthy” and live and abundant life without loads of money.

To take that last piece one step farther, it is necessary to become “wealthy” first if you aspire to become more financially abundant. By this I mean that your identity must be one of prosperity and abundance, not one of lack and negativity, in order for you to be aware of the opportunities that you will create and encounter, and to be willing to receive the abundance when it comes.

So how do you get more “wealthy” in a hurry?

Well, the first step is a massive injection of gratitude.

What would you focus on, that is currently present and abundant in your life, if you really wanted to feel “wealthy” right now?

Think about that, and list the things that make you a “wealthy” person today. You’ll notice how writing them, and expressing them aloud makes you feel quite a bit different.

Now contrast your abundance with those who lack that which you find flows freely and wonderfully in your own life. No matter how “bad it is”, there is always someone for whom what you have would represent a level that they would currently aspire to reaching. Consider how fortunate you are to be in the position that you are in.

Now for the fun part, and a dose of mechanics…

I often ask the question of those who seek more financial wealth,

“How would your day to day life be different if you were a millionaire?

Normally the client will begin listing a bunch of higher level things that would be different about their life in general such being debt free, living in a larger house, etc. As they do this, I remind them of my usage of “day to day” in the original question, and instruct them to focus on the smallest components of their day. As they begin to do this, they discover that many of the simpler items are things that they could change today with very little or even no money. We then create a plan to help them begin living this “millionaire lifestyle” immediately.

This is where the fun starts.

I’ll give you a simple example of this idea borrowed from a quote by the aforementioned Randy Gage. Randy is a prosperity “guru” of sorts, a very wise man whom I respect tremendously, and have learned much from.

Randy says:

“Wealthy people live in clean houses, drive clean cars, and dress well.”

Regardless of the client, this is something that virtually all will associate with their “day to day” life in their millionaire lifestyle.

  • Who would imagine being very wealthy and living in a pig stye?
  • Who would imagine having a staggering net worth and driving a car with an inch of road grime all over it, rotor dust all over the wheels, and McDonalds bags on the floor?
  • How about attire? Would you be a wealthy person wearing a four-day unwashed pair of jeans, wrinkled as can be, and an olive oil stained hoodie?

My guess is NO to all of the above.

Now, how much money do you need in order to have a clean living space? If you clean it yourself it won’t cost you anything, but even if you opt for a cleaning lady to come in every other week (that would really make you feel a bit more wealthy huh?) the going rate for professional house cleaning in my area on Craigslist as I write this is about $35 per hour. If that’s not something you’ve ever looked into you’re probably a bit surprised at how affordable it is. Imagine having your apartment or house cleaned top to bottom for about $70.

How about the car? A detail might cost a bit of cash, but a simple car wash is very inexpensive. Hell, years ago I “donated” a case of beer to the guys at my local car wash, and I’m still receiving “VIP” treatment at my weekly visit (influence and networking anyone?).


It’s amazing what a clean car and a haircut can do to how you feel about yourself

How about your wardrobe? Do you need to shell out big bucks to look put together? Obviously not. Pick up a few essential items and wear them well. Keep your shoes clean, and put a bit of thought into how you’re advertising yourself to the world when you step out of the house. Get a haircut regularly, keep your facial hair well kept (you too ladies 😉 ), wear cologne or perfume daily, etc.

Create the habits of maintaining a clean living space, driving a clean vehicle, and looking well put together each time you step out of the house, and see if you don’t feel quite a bit better and more confident; more “wealthy”.

Remember that you unconsciously associate those characteristics with “wealthy” people. Combine your new, consistent pattern of action with your focus on gratitude for that already classifies you as “wealthy” and you will be well on your way to re-writing your bio.

Knock these out, and then we can tackle the other, more mechanical beliefs that are keeping you from reaching your goals in the financial realm. Here’s the catch though:

These tools only work for “wealthy” people.

Start living your own millionaire lifestyle today, we can work on beefing up the bank accounts once you’re there.




7 Responses

  1. The Lifting Strumpet

    Many thanks for this post, JP. I’ve been feeling “poor” lately due to a much larger than expected tax bill, which has cleaned out my emergency fund for the moment.

    I took your advice today and washed the car ($10 for a *very* thorough self wash and vacuum), cleaned the house, and stocked the fridge (which is one of my personal triggers). I’m already feeling much better and just started reading a book about investment strategies that I’ve had sitting in my Kindle for months now.

    This exercise is a great momentum builder.

    April 12, 2014 at 5:38 pm

    • Excellent!

      It’s amazing how powerful a few small investments of your time and energy can be towards changing how you identify yourself. Your “emergency” fund was there when you needed it, in an “emergency”. That was a success as well! As painful as it may have been to see that money leave, you were prepared for such an event, and handled it well.

      Now it’s a time for rebuilding that reserve, and you are in an excellent frame of mind to do so.

      It would be difficult for a “poor” person to prepare for such a contingency right?

      April 13, 2014 at 3:44 pm

  2. Jeff G

    Thank you for the advice. As a full time soldier, married to a full time soldier,both of us in Doctoral program, with two kids under 4, and working 60-80 per week. I thought it is OK to look unkept and my car a wreck, as long as I continue to make all demands. After reading this I realized the 10 extra minutes to dress in something other then sweats and getting the car cleaned was well worth the time. Even though taxes crushed me this year it made me feel like, ok this is temporary, focus on how to get where I need to be. Looking forward to future posts.
    Very Respectfully,

    April 13, 2014 at 10:38 am

    • Jeff,

      You’re on the right track Jeff. Get wealthy first, then you are in the state of mind necessary to get rich financially. Keep the momentum.

      April 13, 2014 at 3:41 pm

  3. Andy

    Great post JP.

    I work from home, and after reading this took the time to completely de-clutter, tidy and clean my workspace, then went out for a long-overdue haircut and cleaned my car.

    It’s amazing how such simple actions can dramatically effect your mindset – I felt so much more positive after dong this.

    Thanks so much for the excellent content.


    April 16, 2014 at 12:10 pm

  4. lauren

    This is an excellent artical John! I follow these few things everyday actually. It’s amazing how much better it can make you feel to look your best and accomplish just a little more each day. I’ve paid off 3 credit cards in less than 2 months too.

    I also use this approach with working out and training. If you want something bad enough you’ve got to make it happen everyday. You have to be creative and you simply can’t be lazy.

    April 23, 2014 at 1:47 pm

    • Thanks Lauren, it’s excellent to hear that you’ve experienced the success that you have recently with your credit cards. Too often people make
      excuses that involve what resources they are lacking to accomplish what they want to accomplish. The “small” things like this have a powerful impact on your psychology and capacity to draw on the resources you already possess.

      Keep up the great work!

      April 24, 2014 at 4:02 am

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