The Show Goes On!


After months of debate, soul-searching, Peyote fueled vision quests rife with interpretive dance, and extensive polling of people on the street who have no idea who I am, I’ve finally decided the fate of the JPL (formerly StrengthVillain) forum.

What to do with the once booming forum has been a question I’ve struggled with for some time. I’ve become much busier in my personal and professional lives since the forum’s inception, and have not allotted the time to it that I once did.

We seriously gave consideration to doing away with it, or converting to a form of premium access, but I made the final call this past weekend.

The Show Goes On!!

Truth is, I love the forum, and all of my beautiful forum members.

I’ve missed the interaction and camaraderie that was always found there, and I feel that it is a wonderful outlet for the sick, twisted, like-minded monsters that inhabit it.

The forum is now back up and running and yours truly will be answering questions and otherwise engaging in sophomoric hi jinx within its walls as frequently as I am able.

Here’s the deal; if I know I have to go dark for a bit, I’ll post it up and let you know.

For now, get your butt over there and start interacting.

If you’re already a member, good for you, reward yourself with a stiff drink of Bombay Sapphire.

If you’re not yet a member, hurt yourself somehow (not in a way that causes permanent injury however, I’d feel mildly bothered by that) and go register.

Let’s get the party started once again.

Use the forum tab located at the top of this page to get you there.

Your friend in dance,



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