The Uncomfortable Truth About Comfort


Comfort is a word that has a nice positive ring to it.

The word invokes a warm, fuzzy feeling that we all universally can recognize as something to be desired.

We all like “comfort foods”, the “Comfort Inn” sounds like a nice place to stay, the last tape measure I bought advertised a “comfort grip” (as if I’m returning home at night with my hand locked in a claw from overuse of one of the classic, much less “ergonomic” models after a long, long day of measuring the shit out of some things), hell, even the elastic waisted Mom jeans that I’m wearing right now with my Pro Keds feature a “comfort waist”.

Call me old fashioned, or crabby, or a copophile, but I think that comfort is downright evil.

Allow me to explain…

Discomfort, the Loki to comfort’s Thor, is responsible for virtually every major development, whether personal or societal, since the dawn of time.

Think of it like this…

I’m imagining that if you’re reading this, you’re not a child. You probably can go to a shoe store and pick out a pair of shoes by size and be damn close to a correct fit.

Sure, maybe the variance in brands makes you a half size off your normal size, but you’ll never show up asking for an eleven and walk out with a six and a half.

Now a lot of you, like myself, have blasted away with reckless abandon in the fertile womb of a female and have had bouncing baby boys or girls as a result.

I for one, have three of these things, and can tell you that shoe shopping is both a frequent, and sometimes painful (emotionally and financially) endeavor.

You see, if you get a two year old a pair of shoes, by the time you get back from the store, the things don’t fit. You find yourself, one week after shelling out the loot for the shoes, needing a shoe horn, a can of pam, some Astroglide, and a running start to wedge this kid’s foot in there, only to have it seemingly spill out like miss piggy in a pair of pumps.

Now let me ask you, how likely are you to go out tomorrow and buy yourself a new part of shoes (sneaker heads sit down)?

If you’re like me, and buy quality shoes that you can actually re-sole and polish, or rugged Merrell’s, it is probably not that likely.

Now consider this…

You wake up tomorrow to find that, like your kids, your foot has grown a size and a half by morning.

You’re running late and have an important meeting, job site, or pride parade to attend, and are forced to stuff your overgrown hooves in these things like Shaq trying to prank a friend by hiding under their kitchen sink.

How likely are you now to be making a trip to the store to buy some new shoes?

Being uncomfortable, nine times out of ten, is what spurs us into action.

Imagine making enough money to “get by” only to blow a gasket or a tranny (yes, I just said “blow a tranny”) on your car, your only way to work. How fast will you find a way to raise the loot to get you back cruising the strip for Tranny hookers?

If you’re a single guy who lives alone, how fast will you clean the shit out of your house or apartment, to R. Lee Ermey’s standards, after getting a text from a girl who says she’ll be over in an hour?

Discomfort is one of the most valuable, and powerful motivators in life.

We live in a society today where everyone is terrified of hurting other people’s feelings. In the eighties, who knew the term “fat shaming”?

Those who’ve followed my stuff for a while will remember that I was once a fat kid. I was a super skinny kid before that, then quit sports, picked up a two liter of Dr. Pepper and a large pizza, and was fat fucked through puberty quicker than I could finish with the twenty year old hustler I swiped from my Dad’s stash.

It took getting picked on by my “friends” and ultimately falling for a girl that was “out of my league” to get my ass in gear and whip myself into shape.

Ninety-nine percent of the people who contact me for Coaching do so because they experience an epiphany regarding comfort.

They wake up one day and say “enough is enough”. They’ve been comfortable for too long, and therefore have not produced the change that they desired in their life.

They’re tired of wearing their shirt in the pool at a family outing or on the beach.

They’re tired of being pigeon holed in a job that is going nowhere but that “pays the bills”.

They’re tired of being the “gray man” that blends into the crowd at the bar, that no female ever approaches.

They’re tired of making excuses to themselves about why they aren’t at their desired station in life.

These are the people I’ve worked with, and helped to make significant progress, over the last several years.

You see, like I said, comfort is a dangerous thing.

One day you’re going through your normal routine, living the life that your standards and habits have created, and the next morning it’s ten years later and you’re in the same damn place.

I don’t like to see that happen to anyone, but unfortunately, the plague of comfort claims more souls per year than heart disease, cancer, and erections lasting longer than four hours combined.

Are you comfortable right now?

If so, you may need to step back and have a better look.

Comfort kills. Get uncomfortable and produce some change.

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